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Update - 10/31/2021

Hey! I wanted to take the time today to thank you all for the support on the first episode of the Heroes of the Hour podcast. It went really well overall, and I'm glad that many of you seemed to enjoy it. I do have a couple of updates regarding the podcast and I'll be asking you all for a favor in a second :)

First off, during the premiere of the first episode, I had taken some notes on how we can improve the quality of the podcast going forward. This includes, but is not limited to, showing builds on screen for viewers to look at and see what we believe is their best set as well as showing off more general information on a topic we are covering. For example, if we're talking about Halloween Sophia, we'll show off their base kit, statline, and some builds.

Second, we'll be moving the release window of the podcast from the end of each month to the beginning of every month. This change is due in part to GamePress' need to maintain a balanced schedule of updated content. Seeing as there are multiple types of articles and updates that happen on the site at the end of the month, we determined that it would be best to move the timeframe of the podcast to the beginning of the month instead. This won't affect the topics covered in the podcast, but the next episode might be longer as a result.

Finally, we are taking suggestions on how to improve the overall quality of the podcast. This is where the favor comes into play. If you did watch the podcast or plan on watching it, please let us know what you liked, what you didn't like, and what improvements you would suggest. Any and all feedback is welcomed!

Again, I would like to thank you for all the support you've shown. It really meant a lot to us. I'll leave a link to the podcast in the comments below if you want to watch it. Until then, have a wonderful day!


"What is this?" you may be wondering. It's a podcast!

Near the end of each month, ZeShado and a guest will sit down, or stand depending on their preference, and discuss the latest month of FEH, generally starting from the last Legendary/Mythic hero. Topics in the podcast will include, but are not limited to, the last Legendary/Mythic hero, new refines for the month, new heroes, and new seasonals.

Moreover, once the discussion and topics are all wrapped up, ZeShado and the guest will engage in a "fun" activity. Generally, the activities will pertain to stuff related to FEH, whether that's making mini tier lists, blind drawing segments, or even a bootleg meme review. Anything is on the table, provided that it is legally abiding and falls under Fair Use :)

Anyway, we hope that you enjoy the Heroes of the Hour podcast, and feel free to leave feedback. Thank you for watching!


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