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Hello there everyone! I’m Redarrix, formerly known as RedFerrari1998, though feel free to just call me Red. I’m the third and current lead for the Fire Emblem Heroes team here at GamePress. A pleasure to meet you all.

So, I’ll try to keep the formalities to a minimum here. I want to talk more as myself rather than acting in full business mode. I first ventured into guide writing on Reddit, Alm had just come out and I fancied having a go at writing a guide to all four Falchions users. I did just that and titled it “Battle of the Falchions”. You can go read it here if you want, I don’t really recommend it haha. While the guide seemed to get a positive reception overall, I look back on it still and even at the time, I don’t think it was that good of a guide. I didn’t even consider Skill Inheritance for it, I’m surprised I wasn’t shot down for that alone. Maybe it was just positively received since it was my first try and people were being lenient, I don’t know.

Anyway, after that I started to make individual character analysis posts, starting with Chrom and Alm since they were the two biggest points of contention from the Falchion guide. These already went a LOT better in my opinion, I started considering Skill Inheritance and were much more accurate for the time. For the next few months I continued to produce these analysis posts, all of which you can find on my Reddit account if you are interested. Eventually, come November 2017, I was contacted by GamePress and lo and behold, that was the beginning of my time here.

I became the lead for the site on the 1st July 2019. Not gonna lie, to this day I’m still surprised the lead at the time offered the position to me. I was 20 at the time, not to mention one of the only team members that wasn’t from the US. Nevertheless, I accepted the offer and I’m so glad I did. If I may get a bit emotional here, these past years leading the team have been some of the best for me. I believe all the members of my team are genuinely amazing people and I have the utmost love and respect for all of them, which is the main reason why I wanted to make this article here.

Ok, with that out of my system, let’s talk a bit about Fire Emblem itself. I first experienced the franchise with Awakening in 2014 and have loved it since. I’ve since played most of the games in the series bar a couple. I played Heroes from day 1 and while I don’t personally play the game anymore, I still enjoy keeping up to date on the happenings not just to make sure I lead the team effectively, but also to just talk about it with the crew.

I play a variety of other games too. In terms of gacha, I play Genshin Impact, Girls Frontline, Azur Lane, Fate/Grand Order, and Punishing Gray Raven. As for non-gacha gaming, shooters and strategy games are my favourite usually. I really enjoy co-op games in particular, I play a lot of Destiny 2 for example, and I’ve also got over 1000 hours in PAYDAY 2 on Steam. Naturally I don’t just stick to these, I like a variety of other genres from time to time like RPGs, Simulation, and even Visual Novels occasionally. My current favourite game of all time is Subnautica, which I seriously cannot recommend enough.

Outside of GamePress and Gaming, I graduated from University with a First Class Honours degree in Computer Science in 2020 and currently work as an IT Analyst since February 2021. I really enjoy pretty much anything to do with space or the ocean, both in terms of learning about them and pieces of media around them. I also enjoy traveling and visiting new places, though sadly I haven’t been able to do much since the Pandemic naturally.

Well, I feel this ramble about myself has already gone on for long enough, haha. I’ll leave it here and allow my team to have their chances in the spotlights. I want to thank all of you in advance for taking the team to read this page and I hope you all continue to read and support our work in the future. Until next time!

Hello readers. I’m Maskilraid, people call me Mask. I have been a writer for the Fire Emblem Heroes team here at GamePress since May 2017 (my gosh it has been such a long time). Since January 2022, I have also taken over as the Aether Raids Tier List Manager.  

I am from the little red dot known as Singapore, graduated from University with a Bachelor's in Quantitative Finance in 2019, and I am about to graduate with a Master's in Computer Science this year. I am currently working as a Quantitative Developer, with hopes of becoming a Quantitative Researcher in the near future. (It is okay if you do not understand half of what I just wrote lol.)

Before I started on Fire Emblem Heroes, I was a Wiki Contributor for another Gacha game (Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz) under the name Masqueraid. The game was shut down in January 2017, which leads me into starting a new Gacha adventure in Fire Emblem Heroes during its first month of launch. I wrote a couple of opinion pieces on Reddit, and I was contacted by GamePress soon after. I formally joined the team in May 2017 under my current alias, and I am glad to say that I am still here almost five years later.

In all honesty, my experience with Fire Emblem is rather limited compared to most of the players. Most of the games that I play regularly are rhythm games such as the likes of Deemo, Cytus, and DJMAX. In fact, the first Fire Emblem game I played was Fire Emblem Heroes. Since then, I also briefly played Shadows of Valentia and Three Houses, with plans to play the GBA titles such as Blazing Blade and Binding Blade in the future. Hence, the reason why Fae is my favorite character can be considered superficial; her childlike innocence gives me the fuzzies and her dragon form is a f*cking chicken. 

In terms of my experiences in Fire Emblem Heroes, I used to be a fan of Aether Raids due to the ability to express myself in defensive map creation. However, with recent developments in the game, I find it a little bit more difficult to be as gung-ho in the mode compared to before. Nevertheless,  I try my best to be well-versed in the meta and at the very least maintain my status in the Vault of Heaven in this mode. I believe it is my duty as the Aether Raids Tier List manager as I hope that I could have a constructive discussion with the tier list contributors and the readers.

With that said, I hope that you guys enjoyed the content we have here on GamePress. You can find me either on Discord, on Reddit (I usually lurk around the GamePress Tier List threads), or on Twitch. Hope to see you all here again.

Hey, I'm Chibi—FEH GamePress' youngest member, resident good boy, and suffering college freshman. Nice to meet you guys!

Starting with FEH-related things, I've been playing since day one and writing for GamePress since late August of 2019. Fire Emblem is my favorite video game series, so I was ecstatic to hear about a mobile Fire Emblem game; what I didn't know was that it was going to be a gacha game (or really, I didn't even know what a gacha game was, since FEH was my first one). It's kinda funny thinking back to 8th grade Chibi, who was innocent about gacha to the point that he would complain about not getting focus units in 60 Orbs. Imagine getting a focus unit every 60 Orbs...crazy.

The most enjoyable way for me to play FEH is the way most people play: using their favorite characters. Personal favorites include Marth, Catria, Linde, Alm, Celica, Ethlyn, Leif (first 5*-exclusive +10!), Nanna, Ishtar, Asbel (current S-Support!), Guinivere, Thea, Pent, Louise, L'Arachel, Elincia, Lucina, Azura, Dorothea, Ashe, Ingrid, Lysithea...and more. At the same time, though, I like to do decently in Aether Raids, and I acknowledge that some of my favorites are far from the best, so I've succumbed to meta strats here and there. Using favorites just gives a certain satisfaction and happiness, so if possible, I do so; and of course, it's great when some of your favorites happen to be amazing (shoutout to Bridal Catria in particular <3).

FEH aside, I'm invested in a lot of other things, too. Game-wise, I enjoy playing a couple other gachas that I've heavily invested into (Dragalia Lost and Genshin Impact), RPGs of all kinds, platformers, visual novels, mystery games, indie games (go play Omori), tower defense games, shooters, and some other random stuff. Other than games, I also like sports, anime, listening to all sorts of music, reading, writing, cleaning, baking, and spending time and talking with my friends. Like every other student, I try my best to juggle all this stuff with schoolwork; at the moment, my goals are to major in Psychology and maybe minor in English. Funnily enough, being a GamePress writer and having a lot of friends that play FEH help with those goals! I get to work on my analytical writing in addition to seeing sunk cost fallacy and fear of missing out right before my very eyes.

Anyway though, I think that's enough about me. Thank you guys for reading, and I hope this page is a good opportunity to get to know us better. Have a great day/night! :)

Discord: ChibiChu#2334 -> feel free to PM! Would be happy to make some more friends or answer any questions/concerns.

Oh, and one final thing: here’s a small unit showcase of one of my favorite units for each color!

Yo I'm Kaz! I've been datamining since the very first update of the game. My favorite things to do are sketching and gaming. My favorite games are Smash, Ace Attorney, and Fire Emblem. Kana and Morgan = best daughters. 

You can view my sketches at
You can view my gaming at

Shoutouts to all the FEH dataminers who we lost along the way.

Hello hellooooooo! I’ve been writing for the Fire Emblem Heroes section of GamePress since March 2018, though I was actually involved a little earlier than that as a moderator for the main Discord server beforehand. Currently, I’m in college as well and working towards my degree in Psychology.

I very much enjoy what I do on GamePress so it doesn't feel like it’s been long at all, and my work as a writer has definitely contributed to my enjoyment of FEH. Truthfully, though, I don’t know if I would’ve stayed nearly as involved and engaged if it wasn’t for the fact that the series has just always been one of my favorites, starting with my first playthrough of Blazing Blade as a kid. With both the main series and FEH, making my favorites work has been my preferred approach over anything else as it’s not really fun for me otherwise; my +10 Bridal Ninian, in particular, is a little non-negotiable and she tends to be crammed in every team most of the time. I try to stay competitive nonetheless (well, sorta), but you still need to add that flavor, you know?

Stay positive! Lord out.

Ahoy! A Gamepress writer! You might think it involves having absolutely no intelligence, being a justified target of weird death threats, or even having zero sense of budget — because Joint Drive Atk needs to be on absolutely everything, riiiiiight? But nope! I'm just here vibing. Anyhooooo, the Meet the Team thing! 

Even way back, I've been on the Fire Emblem train since my little brother spontaneously bought Awakening after Lucina and Robin's Smash 4 reveal (yes, yes, you can throw your Kaga era boomer stones for later). Naturally, I have pretty deep-rooted attachments to Heroes and the general Fire Emblem fandom at large, and have witnessed numerous shifts in its communities as well as the latest character and fandom discourses. 

Naturally, I opened Fire Emblem Heroes on Day 1 and have been playing since then. I had a rather weird start with it, though: being a fresh player with absolutely no idea what a gacha game entailed, I pretty much just rolled with my first 5 Star Hero — a mere Lucius when Wrathful Staff wasn't even a concept — and took the rather long and difficult road on some of the game's earliest quests none the wiser. 

My fate was sealed when I pulled on Book I's Bridal Banner and came out only with a -ATK +DEF Bridal Cordelia — something that was obviously not ideal for her famed Brave Bow build back then. Being the min-maxing Fire Emblem tactician I was, it took a 75 Orb pack to get me on the Dark Side™. Being a more seasoned and experienced player now, I've gotten some nice kicks out of this long and turbulent roller coaster ride, and overall pretty much adopted an idyllic relationship with the game's continuous yet oddly peaceful powercreep. 

As for writing here, how I got to this point seems like a flash and a half. Back when Book III's summer seasonal event was going on, the Gamepress staff was hiring for experienced players and writers at the time. So, I thought, hey, 1) I'm pretty into Heroes, 2) I've previously written non-profit Smogon analyses back in the day as some pretty neat experience, and 3) I did wanna get rewarded for spending so much time *thinking* how Shield Pulse Karla was this secret omegabrain tactic (an obviously dated sentiment now with Vital Astra and Dodge skills existing). Fast forward one resume and interview later, and I've written more unit builds and analyses than I could have ever fathomed back then. Anyway, as long as life rolls fine and the game does the same, you'll be seeing me here. 

All that being said, a few miscellaneous closing notes:

  • When we say "Positional Assist", we really mean Reposition, Draw Back, and Swap (for armored units)! The game…just isn't easy without those, seriously.
  • We assume most of you are probably smart enough to expand build descriptions to see more agreeable, budget alternatives and on why certain skills are chosen — without screenshotting out of context, of course. Probably.
  • I personally take an optimized favorites-over-all approach with Heroes. Generally, with the increasing amount of incredible inheritable weapons and passive skills in the game, I find it's a perfectly doable and enjoyable way to play with any unit you like. 
  • I've dipped into other gachas, though my featherbrained-yet-focused nature allows me to only play a couple at a time. With Dragalia Lost reaching End of Service this year (admittedly, I haven't played seriously since Time Attacks and a sour-ended summoning session with Thor) and having dipped my toes in a certain other Cygames gacha a few months beforehand, I'm naturally now a main player in World Flipper (Global)! Praise be to Nimbus, you adorable tiger man, you.

Hello! I’m Rae, and I’ve been a part of the GamePress Fire Emblem Heroes team since 2017. I’ve loved Fire Emblem ever since I was gifted a copy of FE7 as a child and have since played most of the franchise games, with my favorite game being FE8/Sacred Stones. While I’ve been head over heels for Three Houses for the past few years, I’m really excited for the future of the series and have high hopes for both Fire Emblem Heroes and the franchise’s next installment.

In terms of FEH, I’ve been writing articles and unit pages for five years and, together with Mask and Red, have been here on the team the longest, which we joke makes me the grandma of the team… well, I’ll wear that title with pride!

I was picked up by GamePress due to a comprehensive flier guide I wrote for the subreddit, and I spent the first few years of FEH very focused on fliers - at one point, I was solely responsible for every flier page on Gamepress, as well as the flier guide! I have since branched out (in part because fliers are IS’s least-loved movement type, in part because Dimitri doesn’t have a flier alt and he’s my fave…) and utilized all movement types, though for the most part my strategy in FEH just involves braindead strats with my Yuri and Legendary Dimitri.

I love writing guides to help people score higher in game modes like Arena and Aether Raids! When I’m not on hiatus from the game (which happens sometimes due to really bad summoning luck…) I maintain VoH in AR and Tier 20-21 in Arena. You can generally find me on reddit commenting about various video game strategies at r/mindovermacabre, or follow me on Twitter @raelet.

Thanks for reading!

What’s happenin, it’s your man the Woz here to dish out some hot tips and tricks. I got all the top strats. Gotta start every day with the breakfast of true gamers, Mountain Dew and Doritos, get that gamer fuel pumping through your veins before you go whaling. Pray to Reinhardt for a lucky dodge or crit, and then remember that FEH doesn’t actually have those and no man or god can save you from the wrath of an angry Chrom when you say you can’t change fate.

But for real, I’m a semi-competitive player of FEH focused primarily on Aether Raids but dabbling in everything. I started playing Heroes in mid 2018. Keeping up with the meta, building interesting teams, cool defenses, and working to keep reliably winning has kept the game pretty interesting since then; there’s always something to work towards.

As a writer, I want to offer insight to help people make smarter decisions, better builds, and play well. As much as some parts of Heroes are frustrating - we’ve all gotten screwed over by summoning luck at least once, it’s like a rite of passage - the combat mechanics have a lot of tactical and build potential and there is a lot of fun to be had if you can find it.

Salutations! The name is Umbra Corvus, lately on most of my other social medias I’ve been going by “Umbra Shilly”, though for the sake of convenience just Umbra is fine since that’s what everyone ends up calling me anyways (even though the original name was supposed to be Corvus…) I’ve been with the GamePress Fire Emblem Heroes writing team since 2019, though I was active on their discord server starting with I believe around 2017 or 2018, I can’t quite recall. As for my work outside of GamePress, I ended up in the trades and now am an Eyelash Extension technician so I definitely have a thing for beauty! I’m probably going to stick with this career for a while, though a part of me does wonder what could have been had I stuck to my writing careers I once wanted to pursue when I was younger. Ah well, at least being here with GamePress helps satisfy that writing itch I often have.

It feels so surreal that so much time has passed being a part of GamePress as it feels like just yesterday that I wound up in their Discord server after being invited by some of my friends in real life that played Fire Emblem Heroes. While those friends have moved onto other gacha games like Genshin Impact, I found myself sticking around due to newer friends that I was able to make. The GamePress discord was actually my first major online community, so there was certainly a lot I had to learn and deal with while I was there! Plenty of friends and enemies made along the way, but never did I expect myself to end up applying to become one of the writing team members. I almost didn’t hand in my application at all, though with some encouragement from a close friend I met there that I still hold near and dear to my heart to the point where I consider her as close as a sister, I mustered the courage to hand in my application. The last thing I expected was to get asked for an interview, and the rest is history!

To be honest my relationship with Fire Emblem has been a bit of a mixed bag, what with me initially watching a playthrough of Blazing Blade and falling in love with Lyn, and then starting my first playthrough of a Fire Emblem title with Sacred Stones which is supposedly one of the easier titles but I was not able to finish it. However, Fire Emblem Awakening is what brought me back to finally end up becoming part of the Fire Emblem fandom and Fates, contrary to the opinions of most, is a game I genuinely enjoyed and consider to be my personal favorite entry of the Fire Emblem franchise barring spinoffs like Fire Emblem Warriors which just plays on my undying love for the Warriors franchise. Unfortunately, being a Fates + Awakening fan has resulted in experiencing a lot of problems with certain people in the fandom, so I’ve just sorta fallen out of it and become a bit more low key with my love of modern Fire Emblem just to avoid any more drama, my emotion driven nature can’t really take any more of that. Regardless, I absolutely love the series and while I can’t personally play any of the older games, I do enjoy hearing about them from other people. My three favorite characters in the series would be Lyn, Sonia, and Loki! Outside of Fire Emblem, I’m into series like Pokémon, Fate, Genshin Impact, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter, Blazblue, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Pokémon in particular is a huge part of my life, and I’ve been devoted to collecting a lot of Pokémon plush as of recently to the point where I definitely think I need to start investing into more shelf space.

While there’s been some ups and downs throughout my experience with GamePress as a whole, I’ve more or less enjoyed my time being part of the staff. While I personally think there’s a lot more I could be doing as I have a hard time balancing things in my life as it is, let alone remembering a lot of finer details of things what with my scatterbrained nature, I’d like to think I do a decent enough job and hope that my character analyses have been able to help inform people about how to use their favorite units in the game! Thanks for taking time out of your days to read through this, let’s keep doing our best!

Hey look people, I’m a Gamepress Writer, and that means I solve problems. Not problems like “Why isn’t Brave Claude Tier 1?” Because that would fall within the purview of your conundrums of Tier Lists. Now jokes aside, I'm Wecondo. I’ve been a Gamepress writer for a little over two years and I've thoroughly enjoyed it, and I have to give a shoutout to each of my coworkers here as they’re all a blast to work with and just to talk to in general. Typically I stick to unit pages, but every so often I’ll write an article when the opportunity presents itself. 

In regards to Fire Emblem, I'm a diehard Jugdral fan (Although I fully recognize FE4’s flaws). Fire Emblem 4 and 5 are probably some of my favorite Fire Emblem games, although the Fire Emblems (Read: SRPGs) I’d consider the best aren’t actually Fire Emblem at all (Ex: Final Fantasy Tactics). I’m also a fan of Fire Emblem Fates Revelation, but mainly because it hits that “So bad it’s good.” Territory perfectly in my eyes thanks to the absurd plot and unbalanced gameplay. As for Fire Emblem Heroes, I definitely preferred the past metagames, but I can’t complain too much considering the introduction of Legendary Sigurd (+10’d btw).

As far as other games go, I'm a fan of fighting games, some of my recent favorites being Guilty Gear Strive and Blazblue Cross Tag Battle. I also play Arknights (Hence you’ll see me semi-often on the Ak_Gen Channel), as well as RPGs in general. Also if you couldn’t tell from the intro I really like Team Fortress 2.

My introduction is a fairly short one, but I'd rather keep things short and sweet in regards to me. Keep on rocking.

I am a regular dude that freelances at GamePress and makes YouTube videos. It’s nothing too grand, to be honest. However, I enjoy what I do and wouldn’t be doing either if I didn’t enjoy them. Writing is a nice pastime for me when I find myself contemplating what to do, and I wouldn’t be here at GamePress if I wasn’t reached out to, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to provide my insights. Most people visiting the FEH site may know me more for my YouTube content. Even so, I hope that my work at GamePress can allow me to provide more to the community. Anyway, I’ll do my best, and I hope that my efforts won’t be in vain. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel >:)

And The Rest

Hey, it’s Red again here. I want to take this section at the end to talk about the remaining members of the team that were unfortunately unavailable to write their own sections above.


If I remember correctly, Naz started as one of our data miners and he showed an interest in being part of the writing team. He went through the same recruitment process as we all did and really proved himself over time. Dude really tried hard to improve and meet our standards, which he made in the end. Sadly, he is the only member of the active writing team that wasn’t available for this article.

Nevertheless, he’s one of our longer standing writers and a fun guy to talk to and work with. While he doesn’t write as often anymore, what he offers is still of great quality.


Mopop is quite possibly the most important member of the entire team, and that’s no exaggeration! Besides being a part of our datamine team, she also handles the creation of unit pages and uploading all the necessary data into the backend for the rest of us to do our jobs properly. It’s thanks to all of her hard work that we can operate as smoothly as we do.

Besides that, Mop is simply a very nice person to chat and work with. She’s always lovely, great to talk to about most anything, and extremely helpful. A true star within the team.

MrGengar, Tsukasa, and Xanek

I’m talking about these three together. These are the remaining members of our datamine team (Besides Mop and Kaz) and they all do their jobs well and they’re all nice people. Sadly, I don’t really get to talk to any of them much since they’re technically not part of my team. The datamine team and writing team are typically handled separately, with the datamine team reporting directly to my own boss. Still, they’re pivotal to the success of our data mining and their contributions are much appreciated.

Finally, I also want to talk about two now retired team members that I think deserve special mention.


A name I’m sure some of you are familiar with. Until just before the end of 2021, Lunare was our Tier List Manager for Fire Emblem Heroes. He was one of the few team members who were in GamePress before I was, in fact I remember Lunare asking me questions at my own interview. One of the questions was what tier do I think Reinhardt should be in. Man, early day FEH, I do miss it sometimes.

Of course, as the Tier List manager, Lunare had one of the most important jobs available. It’s no shocking revelation that the Tier List is our most popular feature by far. With the roster constantly and rapidly expanding, with new characters and new skills and new modes and whatnot, maintaining it was no simple task. Over the years, Lunare did a bang up job keeping it in shape and I commend him so much for his work.

Besides that, I feel me and Lunare had a fairly close bond since we were the only two British members of the team. If nothing else, it certainly made time scheduling interesting since most of the team is from North America. It was always a pleasure to talk with him about work or real life or anything really. It was fun to make jokes with him that pretty much nobody else on the team understood haha.

He ended up retiring from the team simply due to real life commitments, and his torch was passed to Maskilraid. Even then, he still hangs out with us here, and continues to be always a pleasure to talk to. Myself and all of GamePress wish him the very best of luck in his future endeavors!


I think it’s fair to say that Stazz was a truly exceptional member of our team. Even though she retired in mid 2020, what she did for the team cannot be understated.

So Stazz (formerly known as Milkyytoast or simply Milky) joined not too long after I did. I started in November 2017, while she started in December that same year. From the start, she was extremely nice and pleasant to talk to, always up for helping the others. Over time, Stazz became one of the best friends I’ve made at GamePress. Even to this day, she is constantly talking with me and the rest of the team over Discord, still remaining as supportive and helpful as she always was.

Stazz’s contributions to the team go far beyond just that though. Shortly after I became the site lead, I asked her if she would be the co-lead and support me with the leadership, to which she agreed. Over the next year, she would help and teach me so much that I can attribute a large portion of my leadership style to her. Through some of the toughest moments of my early site lead days, she was always there to offer her amazing support. Frankly, I definitely couldn’t have run the team as well as I did without her and I cannot thank her enough. To this day, I still use pretty much all the lessons she taught me.

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GP Fire Emblem Heroes Site Lead. Also aids the Girls Frontline team with Doll analysis and guides. Has been with GamePress since November 2017 and became FEH Site Lead in July 2019. From the UK.

Maskilraid is a writer specialising in Fire Emblem Heroes. He situates in the tiny island of Singapore, and is a fanatic in crafting Aether Raids Defence teams. He also has academic background in Statistics, providing statistical analysis of the pull rates in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Hey there! I'm Chibi, a Fire Emblem Heroes Gamepress writer. Along with Fire Emblem, I'm also pretty into Dragalia Lost, Omori, Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Ace Attorney, and Kingdom Hearts among some other stuff. That aside, hopefully whatever I end up writing proves to be helpful; to anyone reading this, hope you have a good day/night. :)
Lordhelpme (a.k.a Carlos Rivera) is a content contributor for the GP Fire Emblem Heroes site. Has been part of the team since March 2018 and is actively involved in the community. Avid fan of all things cute, eccentric, and related to the Fire Emblem and Legend of Zelda series.
A Flier Emblem enthusiast, Rae has been a content creator for the FEH Gamepress site since 2017 with a special interest in fliers and competitive scoring, as well as new unit analysis.
the real Fire Emblem was the bonds we Fjorged along the way
Hello hello! I'm UmbraCorvus, though you can just call me Umbra. I play Fire Emblem Heroes and Fate/Grand Order quite a bit, and am pretty much a semi-retired whale. I'm often known for being that nerd who has way too much inherited onto his Sword Lyn, by all means feel free to ask about what wacky shenanigans I'm up to with her. My discord tag is Umbra Corvus 💜#2003 if you need to reach out to me there, as I'm quite often more active on the GamePress discord in comparison to the site itself. Thanks for dropping by and reading this, hope to please you all!

An Enigma who frequently plays Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Arknights. Also plays Fire Emblem Heroes sometimes.

I am pro gamer