Episode 8 (Aug. 2022) - Dawn of the Final Month

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Article by ZeShado


Welcome to the Heroes of the Hour podcast. Each month, we'll be discussing the month of FEH, generally beginning with the last Legendary/Mythic hero to everything right before the following Legendary/Mythic hero. Moreover, each episode will contain additional content not necessarily related to new updates in FEH, whether that's making Tier Lists, doing challenges, etc.

This month had quite a bit leading up to the soon-to-be CYL6 banner. As per our usual refine batch we get each month, we also got a remix in the form of Legendary Roy, a second summer banner focusing around OCs and Sacred Stones characters, the one and only Brigand Boss as well as some new Shadows of Valentia units, and a new Mythic. Did I mention the FEH Channel by chance? I hope that you enjoy this series. If you have any feedback, feel free to let us know in the comments. Thank you for watching!

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