Fire Emblem Heroes Event Calendar October 2019

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Article by Nick Thandi

New Event Calendar

On October 11 2019,  a new event calendar for the month of October through to November was released on the official FEH Twitter.

Of immediate importance, the Tempest Trials+ event offering Rolf: Tricky Archer as a reward will begin on the 13th of October.

The calendar also reveals that the next new hero banners will arrive on the 20th of October, and the 6th of November. A Legendary Hero banner will arrive on the 28th of October, and will be accompanied by a Legendary Hero Battle.

It also confirms a new Grand Hero Battle on October 23rd, seemingly coinciding with the new hero banner just several days earlier.

Other noteworthy events include:

  • New Forging Bonds events releasing alongside the banners on October 20th and November 6th.

  • A new Bound Hero Battle, Alm & Faye will begin November 1st, and the accompanying banner is almost guaranteed to feature Alm: Hero of Prophecy and Faye: Devoted Heart.

  • Both previous Halloween banners will have month-long revivals during October.

  • A new Grand Conquest event will begin on October 25th.

  • A Voting Gauntlet event will begin on October 30th.

  • Bound Hero Battle Bartre & Fir will rerun starting on October 17th.

  • Skill banners featuring Null Skills and Guard Skills will run during October.

  • A New Power banner will begin October 14th. It will feature Frederick: Polite Knight, Hawkeye: Desert Guardian, Lute: Prodigy, and Virion: Elite Archer, as they were the units who received weapon refines at the start of October.
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