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Article by Redarrix

Hello to all our readers! 

Our new tier list came out today, and along with the usual constructive discussions, there is one placement that our readers really focused on: the promotion of Laslow to Tier 1. This change may have confused many people, so I feel we do owe some explanations.

First, we will be re-evaluating Laslow's placement. The decision behind tiering Laslow at 1 was made as a team and came down to a very close vote. Unfortunately, the vote and tier lists info were also sent to our graphics designer before the stats for M!Shez became available. We hope to update you with the changes soon.

Since T1 is our most scrutinized tier, we have decided as a team to more closely analyze our decisions to place any unit in T1. While this may result in some overly powerful units being placed into T2, we believe that this will preserve the overall integrity of T1.

For more context on our decisions behind Laslow, here is his tier list explanation:

“The introduction of Godlike Reflexes means that Laslow essentially becomes a discount version of Brave Marth with the true damage on top of having a defensive mechanism that provides some level of protection should there be effects such as the likes of Hardy Bearing.”

Specifically, the build we tiered on T1 is an EP Vantage build which retains DR and bulk to deal with common Hardy Bearing users who would normally counter Vantage strategies. Laslow remains one of the only dual-phase Brave users in the game, and with his weapon and DFs, he has the highest Attack - the most relevant stat for Vantage sweeping - of any of them. This allows him to deal with meta threats such as A!Celica and Ymir compositions, who would otherwise destroy Vantage sweeps with their Miracle effect. Additionally, the advent of new supports such as S!Thorr, who offers true damage on each hit, drastically increases the viability of Vantage sweeping, particularly Brave Vantage sweeping.

Again, I would like to emphasize that the decisions for tiering were made as a team, and no specific individual has the ability to singlehandedly bias the tier list. The discussions were held prior to the reveal of M!Shez, and as such we will continue to update our tier list to best reflect the state of the game.

Thank you very much for your patience,

Redarrix, Site Lead for Fire Emblem Heroes

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