New Unit Suggestion: Lianna, Aytolesian Princess

'Sup, guys. Been a while, eh? I'm back with another suggestion for a potential unit.

Lianna – Aytolesian Princess

HP: 33
ATK: 27
SPD: 35
DEF: 25
RES: 32

BST: 152

[WEAPON]: Facinna (sword, unique)
Might: 16. RES +3. Effective: Beaststones. Damage calculated using the lower of foe's Def or Res.
[SUPPORT]: Physic+
Restores HP = 50% of Atk. (Minimum of 8 HP.)
[A]: SPD/RES Bond
Grants SPD/RES+5 during combat if unit is adjacent to an ally.
[B]: Live to Serve
When healing allies with a staff, unit also recovers the same amount

One of the twin protagonists of Fire Emblem Warriors, Lianna is the princess of the Kingdom of Aytolis. She holds no desires to inherit the throne, and instead insists that her brother, Rowan, take up the mantle of king.

Given the blank-slate nature of most units in Warriors, Lianna was surprisingly difficult to build. Moreso than I had anticipated.

Ability Reasoning:
While Lianna can wield both Enliron and Facinna, in-game imagery as well as her own skill crest requirements imply that she is meant to use Facinna instead. If nothing else, she is at least more closely associated with Facinna than she is with Enliron. While this weapon can be forged to any specifications the player desires, the weapon has a built-in Beastslayer effect, meaning that she would likely come just before or sometime after the introduction of Beast units. I sought to make Lianna sword slightly different from how I will work Rowan’s, whenever I get to him, so I took the fact that Lianna has better MAG than he does and decided to build her sword with that in mind, giving her sword what appears to pass for the Levin Sword effect in Heroes, for now.

Lianna’s personal ability crest in Warriors, the only real skill of her I have to build off of, is Live to Serve. There’s no need for me to explain what that does, but that implies that she is more of a staff-wielder. Traditionally, sword units cannot wield healing staves in Heroes, I am aware, however staff wielders typically wield two different staves – healing and their weapon – so I figure the same basic principle would apply to specific units of other weapon types (certain fliers or cavaliers, for example). To make up to the fact that she has a sword and a staff, I lowered Lianna’s base ATK stat to be more in-line with typical Staff wielders than sword units. Even with Facinna, her ATK caps at 43 – on the low end for non-Brave sword units, and especially for Legendary weapons.

Lianna’s natural stats lend her to a more MAG/RES-based build in Warriors. So, mimicking that, I opted to give her more of a mage-tank role with her base kit. Seeing as how she will function as a healer, it made sense that she would often be in close proximity to other units, making bond seem like a natural choice to me.

Live to Serve
The skill crest associated with Lianna.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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Asked by TheEternalShade2 years 10 months ago


So she's, essentially, a melee healer? So that means that she does reduced damage without Wrathful Staff?

Does this also mean that Facinna would have Wrathful Staff and Dazzling Staff refinements, or would it have +stats and a +eff refine?



She's not a staff-wielder, so she can't use weapon staves. Staves are what deal the reduced damage, so Lianna, as a sword unit, would deal full damage, though she has reduced ATK (but access to specials such as Glacies).


A War Cleric? seems Game changing, I hope this Lianna can wield Staff and Sword. I know her weapon is effective against beast foes, but those aren't out yet, could the weapon be effective against cavaliers? Looks amazing though!

Just realised that she has low Atk and Hp, which makes her out classed by Genny in the topic of the best healer.( in Atk and Res) But she can wield a sword which is unique!

You know what would be great? If she had a skill called 'Decaying Staff'. This skill inflicts - 5 Atk/Spd/Def/Res on foe after combat.


She may be outclassed by Genny in terms of raw ATK, but she's faster than Genny, giving her increased odds of doubling her target. Also, as a sword wielder, she's capable of using non-healer Specials, such as Glacies, to increase her damage output.

I know the downside to her sword's effect is that she's reliant on the presence of Beaststones. I did mention that she would need them to be present, though that could take forever to occur.