Unit Suggestion: Astram, Midia's Pride

'Sup, guys. I'm back with the last of my previously requested character suggestions. It's been a while since Gharnef, my previous suggestion. I wanted to have this suggestion out sooner, but I'm totally not addicted to FE: Warriors and NoA2. I'm totally fine, there's absolutely no reason to SEND me any form of HELP at all.

Astram - Midia's Pride

HP: 45
ATK: 34
SPD: 38
DEF: 33
RES: 28

BST: 178

[WEAPON]: Mercurius
Might: 16. At the start of every third turn, unit recovers 10 HP.
[SUPPORT]: Pivot
Unit moves to opposite side of adjacent ally.
Heal 50% of damage dealt.
[B]: Vantage
Unit counterattacks first when attacked at HP ≤ 75%.

Astram was a bit difficult. Not because of balancing reasons, but because there isn't a lot to work with in the games he appears in. I had to take some small liberties even with Mercurius. As for his BST, I set it to sit just slightly beneath Ayra's so that he fits within already-established limits.

Ability Reasoning:
Astram's signature weapon. In the games he appears, the weapon has no real special effects to it, it's just powerful. So instead, I opted to give it the effect that the weapon bears in Echoes. Namely, Recovery.

Since Mercurius is the only set skill from the base games that could possibly be considered transferrable to Heroes, I had to take some liberties. I opted to give him Pivot because it would grant Astram some utility when it comes to battlefield mobility.

Another liberty taken by me.
As Astram's base class is the Hero class, it made sense to me to give him the Special ability most often associated with the Hero class: Sol.

I was torn between the use of Desperation, Vantage, and Quick Riposte. As Astram already has fairly high speed, Quick Riposte would be rather unnecessary, and I also didn't want to make his base kit TOO powerful, so Imopted out of Desperation, leaving Vantage the only option of my main three choices, although I did consider giving him a Seal ability.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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Asked by TheEternalShade3 years 6 months ago


Nice work. i read through a few of your previoius hero suggestions, and have some commentary on the beast stone users.
I do like your idea for the Fox/Hare/Wolf weapon triangle, but this is based on the Awakening game alone. It may be more feasible if you open it up a little to the other beast characters, namely the laguz from PoR.

You could split them in the following categories, with colors assigned accordingly:
Beast tribe - felines (green), would include the lion, cat, tiger
bird tribe (blue), would include hawk, raven and heron
beast tribe - canines (red), would include wolf and fox (and hare maybe, or she can be colorless)

Just a continuation thought. I do appreciate the effort you put into your suggestions.


Thanks, I'm glad you enjoy them. Knowing that people do like them males making them that much more fun. :3

I've never played PoR, so I have no idea what a "Laguz" is. I've played all the games from Awakening on, with Echoes being my favorite. That's where my ideas for the beast units have to come from. Luckily, just like Dragonstones, the stones as they are now don't necessarily lock out any other type of beaststone that I'm not aware of, so your suggestions for bird and feline stones can still fit in just fine with the standard triangle alongside the others.