Unit suggestion: Kellam, the Oft-Forgotten.

'Sup. I'm back again with another unit idea, this time at the request of user "Wintuwa"on my Velouria draft. Next will be a draft for Walhart, also on request.

Kellam - Oft Forgotten.

HP: 50
ATK: 35
SPD: 20
DEF: 35
RES: 30

BST: 170

[WEAPON]: Spear (Lance, inheritable)
Might: 10. This weapon can attack units two spaces away from the wielder. Cannot target adjacent enemies.
[ACTIVE]: Miracle
If HP > 1, survive a lethal attack with 1 HP remaining.
[A] Natural Cover
If unit is on a defensive tile, grants DEF/RES+3 during combat.
[B] Wary Fighter
Prevents follow up attack in combat from unit and foes if unit's HP ≥ 50%

Honestly, I never really planned on drafting Kellam, mostly because I'm not super-attached to any tank units other than Kjelle; so I found myself in a bit of a bind when the abilities I drafted for Kjelle would work better on him than they would on her. Maybe I'll go back and switch her up a bit. Then again, it's been long enough nobody will probably care. However, Kjelle is designed to fill a dual DPS/Defensive role like Effie, whereas Kellam is more set to fill a straight wall role like Sheena. He may seem a bit overpowered at first, but keep in mind that I specifically designed him to have a gaping hole in his defenses that can be exploited.

Ability Reasoning:
Typically, I try to draft units using the weapons they are wielding in their official artwork. As Kellam has a Steel Lance, I had to improvise. Instead, I opted to gice him a Spear. In similar style to the Tomahawk that the Vaike I drafted had, it functions as it does in Fates where it can target and counter against units two spaces away, but cannot be used against adjacent enemies. In essence, this makes him somewhat similar to Hector in that it makes him an effective wall against ranged units.

An ability Kellam learns in the Priest class that he can switch to. This ability may take a bit to charge, but it adds to his overall tankimg ability by giving him a chance to ignore fatal damage. Perhaps enough time for a healer to reach him. If not, it allows him to wall off for one more turn.

Natural Cover
Took this from Kjelle.
Natural Cover would normally provide a flat damage mitigation instead of a defensive boost; but for the sake of balancing I decided that a spur ability that would activate only while she stands on a defensive tile solidifies her position as a physical wall meant to hold the line. This makes Kellam an even more effective tank when using the terrain to his advantage.

Wary Fighter
A staple ability of Knight-class units, this is the ultimate defensive ability that maximizes Kellam's longevity.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

To view my previous suggestions, including the ones I mentioned in this draft, my first batch can be viewed through Velouria, for space-saving reasons.
Velouria, the Wolf Cub

Asked by TheEternalShade3 years 8 months ago


by Guts 3 years 8 months ago

I like this suggestion. I wonder if IS will ever release a ranged physical dmg weapon that's within a certain color. I guess it would be tough to balance it correctly tho when you consider the fact that such weapons could be inheritable (mostly concerns of cavalry and flier inheritance in this case).


My ideal would be for him to have a skill that plays off his shtick of never being noticed. Like, a special called "nondescript" which makes attacks "miss" (aka do no damage) when it activates (5-turn charge). I realize that would be a ridiculous mechanic to introduce, but it would make me happy anyway.


Man I've been talking about this on Gampress every now and then. I swear I've been crossing my fingers for him since the game started. I really like your layout for his skills.

Spear -
I was thinking about your suggestion. I really like it and I was looking at the Fire Emblem Wiki and remembered that spears in Awakening had a 1-2 range. I was thinking that if we only applied Awakening logic to Kellam, then he could either attack at 1 or 2 spaces and then counter the opposite. But, thinking about it now the use of distant or close counter might limit its inheritability, yet it might prove cause for it to have higher might. I don't know, there are infinite possibilities.

Special -
I agree wholeheartedly.

Natural Cover -
I'm thinking that Natural Cover would be an amazing new skill, but instead of it needing to be a defensive tile (which are often rarely seen) it could be that the skill grants +3 Def/Res on forest spaces. This way the skill would see more usage, and it still wouldn't be broken.

I am just thinking outside the box here, but what if Kellam was not equipped with Wary Fighter, but rather he brought with him another new exclusive skill (special) called "Transparency?" The skill would allow him to be unattacked (receive no damage) every certain number of turns?

I really like what you have going here.


by Daily 3 years 6 months ago

I'd swap out Natural Cover for something like Vanish: If this unit ends their turn without moving, enemies will not attack him. This may seem broken, but he will need to move around in order to attack. This is best used as a means of having a safe chip character who will provide support to bait characters. Considering his offenses aren't spectacular, this won't be something easily abused.


Unfortunately, an ability like that is still abusable. There are a good number of maps where a team of ranged attackers could hole up in a section with one way in, having Kellam plug up the hole behind them. With this ability, Kellam become unkillable against the AI while these nukes are untouchable and rain damage out from areas that, generally, only fliers would be able to access. They may as well be dealing damage from outside the map, since only other ranged characters will be able to target them back. And with a team built like that around Kellam walling off sections, there will likely be far more ranged damage on Kellam's side than against him.

It just seems too unbalanced to me, honestly.