Unit Suggestion: Reina, the War-crazy

'Sup, guys. I'm back, hopefully sooner than last time. I'm drafting this unit ahead of time because I've honestly been kind of eager to giver her a shot. I released Astram earlier today, though, so I won't release her until tomorrow. Hello from the past.

Reina - Morbid Fixation

HP: 35
ATK: 29
SPD: 31
DEF: 25
RES: 30

BST: 150

[WEAPON]: Spellbane Yumi (Bow, inheritable. Effective: Tomes)
Might: 11. Effective against foe using magic.
Grants Spd +4 to an adjacent ally until the end of the turn
[B]: Lifetaker
When this unit defeats an enemy in battle, restores 15 HP.
[C]: Amaterasu
At the start of every second turn, restores 10 HP to all allies within 2 space of unit.

I had a bit of a dilemma while drafting Reina, and that was which weapon to use. Do I give her spears and the Air Superiroity ability, granting her bonus damage against Fliers regardless? Do I give her the Pursuer with Brash Assault (stronger than Brave, but conditional)? The choice of weapon isn't settled yet, so let's hear what you think.
A colorless, ranged flier, Reina is built to take a bit of an offensive role against fliers and Ranged units alike, similar to her role in Fates. Because she still counts as a flier, and is therefore susceptible to Bows, she takes on more of an anti-flier/anti-mage role, so you may want to consider Iote's Shield or to tank bows with a Raven Adept user (hoping they don't have Cancel Affinity).

Ability Reasoning:
Spellbane Yumi
A bow in Fates that is effective against tomes and scrolls. This was probably my hardest decision when it came to creating Reina. Initially, I wanted to give her a Lance to use and fill her A-ability with her Air Superiority skill, which would essentially treat any weapon she uses like a bow and grant bonus damage against fliers. However, Kinshi Knights have a higher proficiency with Bows, so I began looking at those instead. Ultimately, my choice came down to the Spellbane Yumi, which would cause bonus damage to Mages like H!Sakura's Kitty Paddle, or the Pursuer. In the end, I felt like the Spellbane Yumi met with Reina's personality and stat spread better, making her fit well as an anti-mage flier. All three options are still possible. What do you think?

Rally SPD
I wanted to give Reina Rend Heaven, like I did on my initial draft, Kaze. Between her Bow and Amaterasu, however, I decided to follow my own rule of no more than two self-made skill per character. However, as I drafted that one a while ago, I believe I would be toeing the line there instead of crossing it.
Rally SPD is a skill that Reina is capable of learning when you reclass her to the Falcon Knight class.

Toeing that line with this one.
Reina's personal skill in Fates, Morbid Celebration, is effectively Lifetaker Lite. Since it's her skill, I felt I should include it. Luckily, drafted this for Gharnef, so I didn't technically create it to put it on Reina. She just ended up using it.

A skill learned by the Kinshi Knights. As I said, I wanted Air Superiority at first, but since Bows already come with the Wingslayer effect, it would just be wasted space. Instead, I chose to give her an AoE support skill that she learna naturally. It's essentially an AoE Renewal that doesn't affect the user. It's kind of like a reverse Savage Blow.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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by Zelph 3 years 6 months ago

Your unit imo is really good,she doesn't look that op,has decent stats,and her skill are good without being broken,would like to see that kind of units in game.A support Healer-Archer looks amazing on every team comp+she is a good mage killer.


Far too many bases covered by one unit.
Flying AND bow-wielding would already make her unique... then she recovers 15 hp each kill (30 with a dancer or heaven forbid, inherited Galeforce), AND heals her entire team for 10 every turn, AND deals bonus damage to mages (who typically have low def anyway, making her underwhelming atk not a problem). You would have to give her some MAJOR weaknesses to compensate for the unrealistic amount of power in her base kit. Major as in, 0 def/0 res major.
I get that you're trying to remain true to the main line games, but you also have to consider how such a unit would fit into the FEH meta... and this draft of Reina would break it several times over.


Her ATK comes out on what (far as I can tell) is generally perceived to be the low end of the offensive spectrum, capping at 40 with neutral IVs and Spellbane) making her all but useless against moderately bulky units, her SPD is on the lower end of the middling spectrum, and her DEF leaves her exceptionally vulnerable to melee units and especially other archers (unless you give her Iote's Shield). For most of the attackers you see in the meta, many of which are notably speedier than Reina, it would only take roughly 43 ATK to one-round her, which virtually all attackers have. That's if the foe doesn't have a bow.

Her real main niche, as far as actual combat goes, is picking off mages; and to that extent her lower ATK and okay-at-best SPD leaves her very limited when it comes to combating anything else, and still gives her the GLARING weakness of Wingslayer. To that extent, Lifetaker would be harder for her to proc on anything tankier than a mage. Amaterasu requires units to be within range, and given her mobility as a flier would make that more difficult outside of a flier team.

That's just theory, however. In practice, her SPD would most likely prompt many players to opt for a Brave Bow in place of the Spellbane Yumi, to guarantee that she doubles. This would remove her effectiveness against mages and re-open her vulnerability to the popular Raven Adept combination as she no longer procs bonus damage to counter while reducing her ATK farther. Yes, she may resist it with her RES, but her damage would be nearly nonexistent while their gets a nice boost to overpower her RES.

Really, she deals situational damage with a situational heal, prompting her focus, and only real viable use, to be mage-hunting with a supportive heal. She simply doesn't have the bulk or power to duel anything tankier.


Even as just a mage-hunter, she can crush entire teams. Yes, it's silly to run all-magic teams, but given the ubiquity of armor emblem and other high-defense teams in arena (and 50+ def armor units in GHB/BHB/later lunatic story and paralogue maps), it's well within the realm of possibility. Reina would effectively annihilate every mage in the game, regardless of color, by herself. And there is no way for them to attack her without her countering, making it impossible to approach her with magic damage. Of course, all of this is assuming she has zero buffs, highly unusual at this point in the game.

Even outside of all of that, her 2-square radius heal is far from situational. With her mobility, she could move up, kill a mage over a wall, get refreshed by a dancer, then move down to heal the entire team. Since the rest of her team likely won't be fliers as you said, they would likely move together to get around mountains/water/etc, while she can sit basically anywhere and heal them as long as she's within 2 squares. It isn't that the *rest* of her team needs to be super mobile to take advantage of her heal, it's that the combination of her movement range, movement type, and the huge range of her heal all make it far easier to use(abuse) than any 'situational' ability. I could see adding this Reina to an armor team, just to have her sit behind her armor teammates at a chokepoint and wait until they clean up.

Finally, as you said, it's unlikely she'll be taking out anything tankier than a low-defense mage, but even if those are her only targets, that's still a large portion of the units in the game. At neutral IVs, the highest defense mages in the game are Henry and Boey, tied at 32, then S!Camille at 30, then everyone else is <30. In fact, most of the highest-rated mages have less than 20 defense: Delthea, Linde, Katarina, Sonya, Dierdre, Lute, Mae, Arvis, Julia, Soren, S!Elise AND Nino are all <20 def. Olwen, Cecilia, Celica, S!Lucina, S!Corrin and Tharja all below 25. Reina would make over 2/3 of the mage roster in the game obsolete. And giving her a 15 hp heal after every kill (because she WILL kill them, attacking or countering) would effectively nullify any damage they do to her.

Yeah, she wouldn't be useful against anything with physical bulk, but when you have a one-size-fits-all solution to almost every mage in the game in just one unit, you have plenty of room to build the rest of your team to protect her and counter physical damage. All while she heals them every turn with her huge radius renewal 3.

As to brave bow builds... that's not even worth addressing, because as you said, they wouldn't work for her, and why would anyone intentionally give up their hard counter to all mages in the game?

Simply put... she has far more utility and mobility than any one unit should have. She can't fight anything bulkier than mages, but with her kit and the other 75% of her team... she doesn't have to.


You act like Reina, with the right weapon, is the only unit capable of handling a subgroup. Felicia with the Kitty Paddle can do the exact same thing, but far more effectively than this suggestion for Reina can, since Felicia's RES is notably higher. Though with Felicia, you can add Warding Blow or Warding Stance to increase her RES ecen further while doing it, assuring that she takes all but no damage from even the nukiest of mages, without leaving a major weakness unattended. Or for Cavalier units, the Ridersbane in the hands of Abel, or Clair, or - for the sake of argument - Camus could easily sweep through Cavalry teams. Even on Mathilda, the only unit who learns it naturally, it can easily break a Horse Emblem team, arguably the most notorious of team to fight. And Armored units are far from the only kind of unit that could survive anything Reina could throw at them. Most Cavaliers could, as well as a large number of even mid-tier Infantry. Chrom would laugh her off, for example. That's the point of an anti-unit, they excel at combating the one unit they have the advantage against but are awful against others. Mathilda and her Ridersbane are phenomenal against cavalry. Not nearly as much against flier. Bows destroy fliers, not so much Armored. Hammers destroy Armor, not so easily Infantry. That's Reina's weakness, she can't reliably combat anything outside of mages, and you said it yourself: it's silly to run all-magic teams. Halloween Sakura, a unit that exists to wipe out mages with low-damage shuriken, would be critical to them. And she already exists.

The situational heal is Lifetaker, not Amaterasu. It procs only in the event of a kill, which in all likelihood will only be against mages unless you specifically set up the unit for her to kill. Realistically, we're looking at it procing once, MAYBE twice in any given battle against any team worth it's ranking unless you're using her as your only means of offense, but you'll have a bad time trying that. That's ignoring the general AI gameplay, because AIs are not smart and randomly generated.

As for Amaterasu, you're greatly overstating its healing ability. You talk about it as if it heals every turn, it doesn't. It activates once for 10HP every two turns, just like Renewal does, only it doesn't affect the wielder in question. With her mobility as a flier, it is much easier for her to become separated from the group, especially on more terrain-heavy maps. You *could* try using that as your only heal, but it won't go over so well for you. Honestly, having a healer like Elise with Rehabilitate or Physic would help wall off a choke point better than Reina could. Staff-users can heal for more HP every turn, especially if they have Heavenly Light, which heals for 10HP map-wide. Reina gets 10 every 2, max.

Mages may be a large number, but they're far from the only demographic in the game. They're also not the only threat. As I said, Bows or any competent physical unit would completely shred Reina, given her HP, SPD, and DEF. Cavaliers, widely considered one of the biggest potential threats, given their range, can both outrange and outdamage Reina, putting her down with ease. As for the mages you listed, they share the exact same disadvantage against Sakura's Kitty Paddle, low DEF and a bonus against their weapons. Even if you don't keep it on Sakura, passing it to a high-leve, Mage threat like Felicia will put down virtually any mage. Thing is, just like every other threat in this game, planning for them and fighting them appropriately is the key. Of course you don't throw a mage at a mage-killer, it doesn't matter who. Just like you don't throw a Cavalier at the Ridersbane or Armor at a Dragon. You fight them with your best counter to them. In this case, literally any unit that's not a mage. Again, as you said earlier, an all-mage team is a dumb move to begin with. If your team is competent, you would have two, maybe three units that could eqsily handle her. Or, alternatively, the Raven Adept combination still puts a large damper on her output. Yes, she still gets a bonus against Tomes, but the bonus isn't enough to overpower the combination. This coming from someone who uses Raven Adept on S!Camilla, S!Kamui, and Cecilia (who can easily take the Ridersbane with it). Yeah, you could give her Cancel Affinity, though doing that negates your complaint about Lifetaker since the two can't be used together.

The same could be said of any unit in the game. Ayra is a danger to anything unarmored. B!Lyn is a danger to anything with wings. The entire point of this game is to build a team with units you enjoy that can cover each other's weaknesses. That's how building an effective team works. Using a powerful mage? Make sure to pack someone who can counter Reina. Again, virtually any non-mage unit can with a good amount of ease. Using a low-Res nuker? Pack a counter against mages.

I wouldn't say a Brave Bow build wouldn't work, it would just change her target.

Her utility is much more limited than you seem to believe. Again against anything but a mage she's quite vulnerable, same with Felicia, and her Amaterasu doesn't proc every turn. Basically any damage dealer can outpace it, really, but the top-tier units especially. Yeah, she's a threat to mages. She wouldn't be the only one in the game to be. If your team centers around your mage, then a good team would be prepared to deal with a mage-counter. With Lifetaker procing only on kills, her only real benefits are the Spellbane and Amaterasu. Anti-mage and healing, literally nothing that can't already be done with H!Sakura and Breath of Life. The only real difference is the trigger of their heals and the range. In the same number of turns, Sakura can heal more HP, but Reina has a slightly larger range for it.

As for the whole "with her kit and the other 75% of her team," that argument can apply to literally any powerful unit in the game. Sure, Reinhardt can easily wipe most low-mid-RES units. That's why you bring someone to cover for it. Reina a threat to your team? Like most any flier, pack a bow. Or a half-decent melee (AKA 50% of the cast).


I would definitely use that Reina on most teams. Add the Guidance 3 SS, or have her learn Flier Formation 3 from Elincia or any future unit that learns it.

Given the aforementioned kit, she would mostly excel at checking mages, and technically pseudo-healing, or debuffing, assuming summoners decide to run a debuffing set like some Clarisse's do.

The possibilities aren't endless, but I'd definitely raise one and use her on teams.