Unit Suggestion: Rudolf, Rigelian Emperor

'Sup, guys. I'm back again. Had to take a little break after drafting Reina because I was running a bit low on units that I wanted to draft. Because of that, I'm probably gonna space my suggestions out more than I have been.

Rudolf - Rigelian Emperor

HP: 40
ATK: 34
SPD: 26
DEF: 35
RES: 25

BST: 160

[WEAPON]: Emperor Lance (lance, unique)
Might: 16. Grants Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2. Unit takes 4 damage after combat
[SUPPORT]: Shove
Push adjacent ally 1 space farther away.
[ACTIVE]: Emperor Shield (unique)
CD: 5. Reduces damage inflicted to unit by 50%.
[C]: Fortify Cavalry
Grants adjacent cavalry allies Def/Res+6 through their next actions at the start of each turn.

I've been meaning to draft Emperor Rudolf of Rigel for a while now. Problem is that I always had a bit of difficulty balancing his abilities without making him too overly broken in ine way or another. So I decided to start from scratch, working with his two primary items, the Emperor Lance and Shield. From there, I tried to set up a functioning defensive kit that would fit with the nigh-invincible Emperor.

Ability Reasoning:
Emperor Lance
Rudolf's Lance. Even now, I'm still battling with the idea of what ability to give Rudolf's lance. His shield grants him +4 to DEF and RES, so I initially intended to have it function like Roy's Binding Sword and grant +2 when attacked. But there's one ability that the spear grants, called Lionine Poise. It's a damaging ability, which (in Echoes) costs a bit of HP to cast. So I instead decided to combine the Shield's boosts and this ability into one, which came out to basically be Fury. So, Fury 2. It grants the defensive buffs that Rudolf gets from his Shield, while offering the HP-draining offense granted by his spear's abilities.

An ability granted to Rudolf through both his Lance and his Shield. It's like it was begging to be used.

Emperor Shield
Rudolf's Shield.
As I stated before, the Emperor Shield grants Rudolf a boost to his DEF and RES. It also grants him use of the ability "Defensive," which reduces the amount of physical damage he takes in combat. Since this is essentially Pavise, I decided to up the ante just anlittle bit by having it affect all damage for a longer cooldown. Alternatively, I could give Rudolf Pavise instead of this ability and replace his empty B slot with Angel Ring, which would function identically to Arvis' Recover Ring.

Fortify Cavalry
Needed an ability that is a bit more toned-down than the others. Wanted DEF Tactics, but it doesn't exist in Heroes yet and my rule is to make only two new abilities per unit. As Rudolf is a defensive cavalier unit, a defensice cavalier ability seemed fitting.

Thoughts? Comments? Concerns?

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Asked by TheEternalShade3 years 7 months ago


You're not the only one who thinks Rudolf would make for a good GHB unit, though I suggested him as an armor unit and his lance to be inheritable. XD

Also thought Ashnard would make for a good unit with an ability to reverse the weapon triangle as both a nod to his insanity in his home game and the Reaver weapons from the GBA games.


The problem with making Rudolf an Armored unit is that he is, canonically, a Gold Knight-class cavalier, so he's more in-line with the Great Knight units like Frederick than he would be units like Sheena or Effie.