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With 3.0 the previously very minor rewards for collecting dolls for the Base Overview section have been overhauled and made much more substantial.

Base Overview Shortcut
Base Overview Shortcut

The shortcut is available either by clicking on the Base button on the main screen or by going into the Index.

Always active bonuses are granted by collecting and leveling members of each section of the base.

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Collection and Functionality

Previously this only counted having a unit or not, but with 3.0 this has been overhauled to a point system allowing you to reach milestones (more on these below) by maxing out units as well.

Each doll or unit collected for a specific section increases the points as follows:

Point Increase Table
T-Doll Fairy HOC Coalition Others
Collection 10 10 20 20 10
Level 100 1 1 2 2 -

Collecting a unit will grant the Collection bonus of 10 points for Dolls, Fairies and Other (being the Commander and Kalina) or 20 points for HOC and Coalition Ringleaders. For every ten units you bring to level 100 you will essentially have gotten points equal to another collected doll.

Collection Milestones

As you collect more units in a section you will reach breakpoints at every 50 points, some of which increase your bonuses for that section.

Note that Integrated Logistics reward does NOT also increase forward base exploration rewards. It only increases Logistics rewards. The Border Surveillance section increases Expedition rewards.

The maxed out rewards are as follows:
Area Maxed Reward
Area S09 Tactical Command Center Increase Commander EXP gain through combat by 5%
Frontline Combat Team Reduce Skill Training time by 11%
Response Combat Team Reduce Auto-battle resource cost by 11%
Border Surveillance Corps Increase Expedition rewards by 10%
General Support Team Reduce the recovery time of Fairy Command Points by 13% Reduce Data Hub Sample generation time by 8%
Assimilated Forces Increase Coalition Drill rewards by 7%
Integrated Logistics Department Increase Logistics rewards by 11%
T-Doll Club Increase dorm Battery generation by 8%
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