Slow Shock - F12 The Architectonic Angelus of Millet UX (e3-4ux)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Prevent Nemhran from reaching the radar node in 4 turns


Kill Nemhran

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Combat Echelon
    • SG tank w/ flash ammo recommended
  • Scarecrow
  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

For the neural cloud layer, we will need a SG tank with Flash, or M26-Mass. Any DPS will do, so I just used the same RFSG as in the previous map.

DEFY can kill both the Alert enemies near the console in the real world (make sure to use your EMP on one of them, preferably the first one so you stay fully linked for the second fight), before making sure the signal is below 50, and then opening the gates. Doing this prevents Nehmran from getting a double-move and this map is thus easy peasy to complete.

I used a bug where, if you try send Scarecrow into the Neural Cloud while the Echelon inside hasn't moved, she'll also get infinite AP, but it is not needed.

Just use Scarecrow's Shadow every 2 turns and Nemhran will never reach the radar, easy win.

Video Guides:

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