Enemy Introduction Index


There are a LOT of enemies in GFL. As they all are quite different and often require being dealt with in different ways, this page is a collection of all the enemies, sorted by the Major Event they were introduced in.

Bosses in general are too complicated for this and will not be included. Smashers are the exception as it's used almost like a regular enemy. Quick notes on other bosses may be included at a future time.

Any enemy with a default autoattack (1x DMG, affected by Armor/Eva) will not have it listed.

Girls' Frontline

Drone-Type Civilian Target

Can you kill a training dummy? You’re not supposed to punch it, shoot it!



Comes right at you!


Double-hits for some reason. Has decent Evasion.


Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG. After 12f, perform a second attack for 0.1x DMG with no variance. Both attacks are affected by Armor/Eva.


Dual-wielding SMGs. Still doesn’t shoot fast.


Cute and deadly.



Hits surprisingly hard.


Hits harder.


A bit tanky.


Somewhat tanky.


Tilepaint exhibit A.


Autoattack: Tilepaint the furthest enemy's location. After 3s, fire a missile that deals 1x DMG at the target location, affected by Armor/Eva. Not linksplash.


SF has Armor now?


So they do.


Tanky and Armored.

Arctic Warfare


A giant weapon emplacement, normally rather dangerous, but if the node it is on is converted to blue by surround capture, it becomes weakened.


Autoattack: Differs by node type.

Blue node: Deal 0.05x DMG, affected by Armor/Eva, no damage variance.

Other nodes: Deal 1x DMG in a tiny area around the target, ignores Armor/Eva, has damage variance. Not linksplash.


Runs at you to stab you. Has AP.


Shoots fast.

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG every 0.5s for 2s. Affected by Armor/Eva.


Armored Dinergates. Not as cute.

Deep Dive

Goliath (Bean)

Runs at you to explode, kill it.

Autoattack: None.

Skill1: 0.5s after stopping, explode and deal 999 linksplash DMG to all enemies in range, as well as 99.99x DMG to self. Both effects ignore Armor/Eva and do not have damage variance.

Red Self-Explosion Enemy (Red Bean)

Runs at you to explode, but this time with very high HP. 

Most frequently seen in Deathstacks, very rarely intended to be fought.

If there is only one Red Bean, a single Doll’s Crit Frames can win the battle, provided autoretreat is off.


Autoattack: None.

Skill1: 0.5s after stopping, explode and deal 999 linksplash DMG to all enemies in range, as well as 99.99x DMG to self. Both effects ignore Armor/Eva and do not have damage variance.

Chapter 10 and Singularity


Stumbles towards you and dies.

Cyclops AR


Skill1: (9s ICD, 9s CD) Aim for 0.9s, then launch a grenade at a random target dealing 0.8x linksplash DMG that ignores Armor/Eva. Prioritizes Taunt.

Cyclops SG

Armored, but also; Grenade!

Skill1: (9s ICD, 9s CD) Aim for 0.9s, then launch a grenade at a random target dealing 0.8x linksplash DMG that ignores Armor/Eva. Prioritizes Taunt.


Slowly approaching doom. Kill it before it reaches you.


Autoattack: Deal 2x DMG 9 times, affected by Armor/Eva, has no damage variance. Increase self Acc by 100% for 55m, stacking up to 10 times.

Skill1: After 3 autoattacks, remove 3 stacks of autoattack Acc buffs and perform a strafing attack that hits the entire column of its current target, dealing 3x DMG, affected by Armor/Eva. Has damage variance.

Aegis GA

Has AP for some reason.


Hits hard.


Places mines, refuses to elaborate, self-destructs.

It moves a set distance over its lifetime, meaning that if it spawns too close at the start of combat, it can walk past the autoloss line behind your Echelon.

Autoattack: None.

Skill1: Performs a preset action set, consisting of moving 7.3 units left, then repeating laying a mine and moving 2.4 units left 3 times, and then self-destructs.


Laser tank.

The area just in front of the Typhon does not trigger lasers, if you are close enough.


Autoattack: None.

Skill1: (2s ICD, 2s CD) Scan the row in front of it.

Skill2: If an enemy was found, charge laser cannon for 55f, then fire dealing exactly 20 DMG 14 times in the row. Ignores Armor/Eva. Not linksplash.

Continuum Turbulence


The weakest most generic Paradeus troop.


Jumps in front of you and lasers your face. Still cute.


Autoattack: (0s ICD, 8.33s CD) Jump to the nearest target and fire a laser that deals 0.25x linksplash DMG every 0.67s for 2.67s. Ignores Armor/Eva.

Doppelsöldner (Doppel, Gundam)

Peppers the battlefield with explosives if left alone.


Autoattack: Deal 1x linksplash DMG that ignores Armor/Eva.

Skill1: (6s ICD, 10s CD) After 55f, mark 8 random tiles (can mark the same tile multiple times). 1s after a tile is marked, fire a grenade at the targeted tile, dealing 0.8x linksplash DMG that ignores Armor/Eva.


Because these tanks don’t have swords, they ram you in the face instead.


Autoattack: (10s ICD, 15s CD) Fire a grenade at the closest target dealing 0.8x DMG that ignores Armor/Eva.

Skill1: Deal 0.25x DMG 4 times to the nearest target. Affected by Armor/Eva.

Skill2: Mark the 2 tiles in front of self. After 3s, move 5.5 units to the left. After 5f, deal 1.5x linksplash DMG that ignores Armor/Eva and Force Shields to enemies in the marked area. After 25f, move 4.5 units to the right.

ELID Infected Armed

Somehow still knows how to handle guns.

ELID Infected Unarmed

Doesn’t know how to handle guns, so it hits you instead.

BOSS Zombie (Smasher)

Technically a boss, but with how much they use it it’s just a miniboss at best so it will be included here. Take note that other bosses will not be included due to how complicated they are.

Due to how many Skills Smashers have, the priority and order can differ a lot.


Autoattack: Punches closest target for 1x DMG that is affected by Armor/Eva if any enemy is in range.

Skill1: (ICD 1.33s, 4s CD) If no enemies are in range, wait for 2.67s.

Skill2: (1s ICD, 16s CD) If no enemies are in range, move forward 1.2 units with the right foot, then stomp dealing 0.5x DMG in a large area that is affected by Armor but not Eva, and debuffs Acc/Mov by 30% for 2s.

Skill3: (1s ICD, 16s CD) If no enemies are in range and right stomp was used recently, move forward 1.2 units with the left foot, then stomp dealing 0.5x DMG in a large area that is affected by Armor but not Eva.

Skill4: (0s ICD, 55m CD) Pulsing aura that deals damage based on distance, can hit the same target with all AoE zones. 0.3x DMG at 2 distance, 0.2x DMG at 4 units distance, 0.1x DMG at 7 units distance.

Skill5: (10s ICD, 10s CD) Call in 2 3-link Unarmed ELID reinforcements with 1260 HP per link, 7 DMG and 60 Acc.

Skill6: (15s ICD, 15s CD) Call in 3 3-link Armed ELID reinforcements with 720 HP per link, 26 DMG and 30 Acc.

Skill7: (25s ICD, 25s CD) Kill all regular ELIDs, for each ELID killed grant self a 1350 HP Shield and increase self DMG by 3% for 5s. (Up to 99 stacks HP Shield, up to 5 stacks DMG increase.)

Skill8: Upon reaching 75/50/25% HP, reduce self Mov by 100% for 4s. Cannot use other Skills while active.


Prowler SWAP

Just looks fancier than normal Prowlers.

Jaeger SWAP

They can see your fear. Better retreat kite!


Skill1: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Aim for 2.5s, then deal 1.5x DMG that ignores Armor/Eva to the furthest target.

Guard SWAP

Unarmored SWAP Aegis.

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG, cannot be used while Skill1 HP Shields are active.

Skill1: (0s ICD, 12s CD) Grant self an HP Shield equal to 30% of max HP.

Dragoon SWAP (SWAP Goon)

The deadliest of deadly SWAP troops. Hits really hard and is rather tanky.


Skill1: (0s ICD, 55m CD) Move 5 units to the left. Grant self an HP Shield equal to 15% of max HP for 55m, and increase self DMG by 100% for 60s.

Skill2: When Skill1 HP Shields are broken, remove the DMG buff as well.

Striker SWAP

Just a stronger and fancier Striker.

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG every 0.5s for 2s. Affected by Armor/Eva. 

Aegis SWAP

Armored SWAP Aegis with bonus AP.

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG, cannot be used while Skill1 HP Shields are active.

Skill1: (0s ICD, 12s CD) Grant self an HP Shield equal to 30% of max HP.

Shattered Connexion

Gladiators, Patrollers and Gunners all have Abandoned and New (Carwashed) versions. The New ones have significantly higher stats.


Builds Force Shields over time. Forces you to hit them in the face.


Skill1: (4s ICD, 8s CD) Gain Taunt for 55m, and increase self Force Shield by 300 every second while in attack range for 5s.

Skill2: (6s ICD, 8s CD) After a 2s slam animation, deal 0.8x linksplash DMG that ignores Eva/Armor to enemies in front of self. Reduces RoF and Mov by 60% for 3s, can stack up to 5 times multiplicatively.

Patroller (Strider)

Lasers your team, jumps around, then lasers it some more. Mocks you with 1900% Eva self-buff.


Skill1: (0s ICD, 16s CD) Gain an HP Shield equal to 150% of max HP for 10s.

Skill2: (10s ICD, 16s CD) Increase self Eva by 1900% and reduce self RoF by 50% for 6s.

Skill3: After using Skill2, jump twice in front of the nearest target, each time firing a piercing laser that deals 1.5x DMG to enemies in that row. Ignores Eva/Armor, not linksplash.

Gunner (Strelet+)

Debuffs your Eva, shreds everything without Armor.


Skill1: (3s ICD, 3s CD) Aim for 1s, then fire a 1x DMG bullet affected by Armor/Eva, also debuff the target’s Eva and Acc by 20% for 3s regardless if the attack lands, can stack up to 3 times.

Abandoned Isomer (Raincoat)

Floats in your direction, stuns you, then keeps floating.


Autoattack: (4s ICD, 4s CD) Move 2 units left. After 1.5s, stun nearby enemies for 2s.

Pyxis (Potlid)

Shoots constantly at the closest 2 targets, requiring 2 SGs to prevent backline from dying.


Autoattack: Deal 0.5x DMG 4 times to the nearest 2 targets. Has no damage variance.

RecceCentre (Barn)

Barns with high Armor and infinite Pathfinders. Rumored to be impossible for EN to defeat.


Autoattack: Summon a 5-linked Pathfinder reinforcement that inherits 0.5% max HP, 1x DMG, 10x Acc, 10x Acc as Eva, 1x AP, 0.3x Armor and 2x RoF.

Skill1: After summoning a Pathfinder, stun it for 2s. Each pathfinder can only be stunned once by this Skill.

Pathfinder (Ball)

Tiny ball walks towards you and bonks you. Has minor Armor.

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG. After 12f, perform a second attack for 0.1x DMG with no variance. Both attacks are affected by Armor/Eva.

Centaurus (Archer)

KCCO Jaegers; hides in the back with their high range, peppers you with flaming arrows.


Skill1: (5s ICD, 6s CD) Target a random enemy, prioritizing taunt, and tilepaint their location. After 1.5s, shoot a fire arrow at the location, dealing 0.6x DMG on impact and creating a fire pool that deals 0.2x DMG every 0.33s for 3 seconds. Both effects ignore Armor/Eva and are linksplash. 

Skill2: If the fight is taking place on a waterlogged node, the fire arrow will only deal the initial impact damage and leave no fire pool.

Orthrus (Doggo)

Eats your tanks, then reduces all damage taken to 1 while staring into your soul. High RoF/multihit or LTLX strongly recommended.


Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG, ignores Armor, affected by Eva.

Skill1: (3s ICD, 8s CD) Grant self an HP Shield equal to 0.8% of current HP for 6s. While the HP Shield is active, all damage taken is reduced to 1.

Skill2: If Skill1’s HP Shield breaks before expiring, take 50% of max HP self-damage.

Minotaurus (Tasers)

Only takes damage when not having their shield up. Does one grenade barrage and is otherwise just blocking frontline targeters.


Autoattack: Deal 0.3x linksplash DMG every 0.33 seconds for 2 seconds. Affected by Armor, ignores Eva.

Skill1: (4s ICD, 8s CD) After 1s, gain 80% Damage Reduction for 5 seconds. Cannot perform other actions while active.

Skill2: (16s ICD, 55m CD) Mark 4 random tiles. After 1.5s fire missiles at the marked tiles, dealing 0.8x DMG that ignores Armor/Eva.

Polarized Light


Hits everything in front of it. Quite tanky, and stops attacking to put its shield up at low hp.


Autoattack: Deal 0.5x DMG that ignores Armor, is affected by Eva.

Skill1: If an HP Shield is active, perform a cleave attack instead of a normal autoattack. Deals 0.6x DMG that is affected by Armor and Eva. Enemies attacked by cleave have their DMG and Mov reduced by 30% for 5s, the attack does not need to land, does not stack.

Skill2: (4s ICD, 8s CD) Grant self an HP Shield equal to 20% of max HP for 8s.

Skill3: When reaching 30% HP, gain 50% Dmg Red as well as reducing Mov by 99%. Can no longer attack.


Sits far out of range and grants its allies HP Shields constantly.

Autoattack: None.

Skill1: (4.33s ICD, 9s CD) After a 50f delay, grant all allies an HP Shield equal to 6% of self max HP for 6s.


Annoying hovertank that kills your backline. Reset your fights more.


Autoattack: None.

Skill1: (1s ICD, 4s CD) Fire 5 bullets at a random target, prioritizing Taunt. Each bullet deals 0.3x DMG and is affected by Armor and Eva.

Skill2: (3s ICD, 8s CD) Fire a smoke grenade at a random enemy that lasts for 5s, prioritizing Taunt. Enemies in the smoke have their RoF and Mov decreased by 30%, can stack up to 5 times from multiple smoke grenades.

Skill3: (6s ICD, 8s CD) Aim at the nearest enemy for 59f, then fire cannon to deal 1x DMG to the target and 0.4x DMG to the tile behind the target. Affected by Armor and Eva.

Dual Randomness

Ripper SWAP

Gains iframes when losing a link, making them quite tanky.

Skill1: (0s ICD, 55m CD) Gain an HP Shield equal to 15% of max HP.

Skill2: (0s ICD, 6s CD) Upon losing a link, gain 1s of iframes.

Vespid SWAP

Buffs allies RoF, increases her own range and debuffs random targets.

Skill1: (5s ICD, 8s CD) Raise all allies’ RoF by 50% for 4 seconds. Cannot stack.

Skill2: After stopping, increase self Range by 30 units.

Skill3: After every third autoattack, debuff a random enemy’s DMG and RoF by 30% for 3 seconds. Affected by Taunt. Does not stack.

Brute SWAP

High AP, reduces Armor on hit, hits extra times.

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG. Reduce the target’s Armor by 10% for 5 seconds even if the attack does not land, stacking up to 3 times.

Skill1: After every third autoattack, hit an additional time.

Nemeum SWAP

Accuracy through the roof. Also has a bamboo skill that ignores Eva for some reason.


Skill1: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Aim for 50f, then deal 1x DMG that ignores Eva but is affected by Armor.

Mirror Stage

Defender (Switchaxe, Punisher)

Tanky until it stops, hits the current target and behind them.


Autoattack: Deal 2x DMG to target and 1x DMG to tile behind target.

Skill1: Has 50% Damage Reduction while moving.

Hymnal Organ (Cherub)

Damage scales as they hit the target multiple times, as well as increasing damage the lower link the link count of their target. Link counts below 4 means swift death.


Autoattack: Target the lowest link count target in range and deal 1x DMG that ignores Armor, and apply a mark for 55 min. Up to 10 marks.
Deals 25% additive more Damage per link below 5 for the target, and 5% additive more Damage per mark on the target. The two effects are multiplicative with each other. Has a fixed RoF of 100.

Quill of Patmos (Visjnoe)

It sees your buffs. You are no longer buffed.


Autoattack: None.

Skill1: (9s ICD, 10s CD) Cast for 2s, remove all standard multiplicative debuffs from allies. Also grant all allies an HP Shield equal to 6% of the Quill’s max HP for 6 seconds.

Skill2: (6s ICD, 10s CD) Cast for 2s, remove all standard multiplicative buffs from enemies. Also decrease enemies’ DMG by 10% for 5s.

Standard multiplicative buffs
Abbreviation Full Name
DMG/FP Damage
Eva Evasion
Acc Accuracy
RoF Rate of Fire
Mov Movement Speed
CRate Crit Rate
Arm Armor
HP Shield HP Shield
Dmg Red Damage Reduction
CDmg Crit Damage
Standard multiplicative debuffs
Abbreviation Full Name
DMG Damage
Eva Evasion
Acc Accuracy
RoF Rate of Fire
Mov Movement Speed
CRate Crit Rate
Armor Armor

Poincaré Recurrence

Asklepian (Obelisk B, Bs)


So OP that further uses of them had stats massively nerfed with Weakened Asklepian.

Targets randomly, pierces everything and then kills your backline even if you thought they were safe.


Autoattack: Attacks target randomly and pierce, dealing 1.5x DMG, ignore Eva and are affected by Armor. Apply 1 marker to self with each attack.

Skill1: Upon reaching 3 markers, remove all markers, debuff self Eva by 50% for 3s, and reload for 100f.

Aceso’s Flask (Obelisk A)

Pyxis attached to the bottom of a weak laser cannon. Has lower DMG than regular Pyxis and can be mostly ignored.


Autoattack: Deal 0.5x DMG to the nearest 2 targets, affected by Eva/Armor.

Skill1: (6s ICD, 10s CD) Fire a horizontal beam, dealing 0.5x DMG. Ignores Eva, is affected by Armor.

Sentinel (Riotguard)

Absolutely incredibly tanky, and helps nearby allies be more tanky too.


Skill1: (4s ICD, 15s CD) Grants self a shield marker that lasts for 5s.

Skill2: Grants all nearby allies HP Shields equal to 5% of Sentinel’s max HP every second for 6 seconds.

Maccabee (Metalmax)

Incredibly high Armor leads to high CE values. These are only dangerous if you forgot your SG at home and can be safely ignored if you didn’t.


Skill1: (6s ICD, 10s CD) Deal 1.5x DMG to nearest target, ignoring Eva and affected by Armor.


Anti single-link unit with large HP Shields. Well-timed Shield Cleanse or just outright nuking it recommended for general content.


Autoattack: 1x DMG. If the target is hit, apply a bleed marker for 3 seconds, stacking up to 10 times. Each stack causes damage equal to  0.3% max HP per second.

Skill1: (6s ICD, 8s CD) Deal (7/links - 1)x DMG to the target, ignoring Eva, Armor and HP Shields. Also apply 2 stacks of bleed marker. (0.4x DMG at 5 links, 6x DMG at 1 link.)

Skill2: (0s ICD, 10s CD) If unshielded, grant self HP Shields equal to 50% of max HP for 55 minutes.

Skill3: Upon losing HP Shield, grant self 50% Vuln for 10 seconds. While active, other actions cannot be performed.


Anti-mech unit. Largely irrelevant against regular Doll Echelons but has high DMG.


Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG to lowest current HP target in range.

Skill1: (8s ICD, 10s CD) Target the lowest current HP target in range and mark location. After 1s, throw a grenade that deals 0.3x linksplash DMG, ignoring Eva/Armor.

Skill2: (3s ICD, 10s CD) Fire a rocket at the lowest current HP target in range, dealing 0.1x linksplash DMG in a large area around the target, ignoring Eva/Armor. If the target is a Machine, deal 3x DMG instead.


Buffs and then buffs and then buffs… kill it to debuff your enemies!


Autoattack: None.

Skill1: (1s ICD, 8s CD) Grant all allies 50% Eva for 5 seconds. Can stack up to 2 times multiplicatively.

Skill2: (5s ICD, 3s CD) Grant all allies 20% DMG and RoF for 8 seconds. Can stack up to 5 times multiplicatively.

Skill3: On death: removes all buffs applied from Murat and debuffs all allies’ DMG and Eva by 50% for 10 seconds. Cannot stack.

Eleusinian Mysteries (Combined Obelisk)

When an Asklepian and an Aceso’s Flask touch… you get this monstrosity. Judge/Pyxis targeting, piercing lasers and random targeting AoE that can obliterate your backline.

Thankfully this is mostly a special ‘miniboss’ type enemy that doesn’t show up outside one specific mission.

combined obelisk

Fixed Point

Nyto - Patroller (Nyto SMG)

The bane of Evasion tanking. These annoying little assholes buff their own Accuracy into the stratosphere and then refuse to die, as every time they lose a link they gain iframes for a good second. SG tanks are a must for these.

nyto smg example
Note how AS Val cannot kill any of them, and Suomi’s HP disappears in seconds.

Skill2: On link-loss, gain 1 second iframes. Can activate even outside attack range.

Skill3: After each autoattack, increase self 50% Accuracy permanently. Can stack up to 5 times multiplicatively. (~750% Accuracy buff at 5 stacks.)

Nyto - Hammerer

Armored, and have a chance to stun on hit. Overall not a big problem but they can stunlock your tank which can be annoying.

nyto hammer

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG to target, plus 0.5% per self missing HP%. Has a 30% chance to stun for 2 seconds.

Skill1: Grant self damage reduction equal to 0.5% per self missing HP%. (35% damage reduction at 30% HP.)

Nyto - Hawkeye (Sniper Nyto, Snyto, Suffering)

If not immediately killed, jumps out of range, obliterates your team and then jumps a bit further away just to make sure you can’t kill them. Bringing something that can eliminate them immediately is a must. 


Autoattack: 1x DMG affected by Armor/Evasion, targeting highest current HP.

Skill1: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Aim for 33 frames, then fire a piercing shot towards the highest current HP target, dealing 2x DMG. Affected by Armor, ignores Evasion.

Skill2: Upon reaching 70%/40% HP, gain +20 Range and a Retreat Marker.

Skill3: Upon gaining a Retreat Marker, remove one stack, gain 1 second of iframes and jump back 2 units. Needs to be in attack range to activate.

Nyto - Supporter (Whyto Commander)

Buffs other Nyto units significantly. While not usually an immediate threat, still quite annoying needs to be eliminated.

nyto commander
Note how DP12 is immune to damage once the buff wears off.

Autoattack: Select a random target and debuff their DMG/RoF by 5% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times multiplicatively.

Skill1: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Count number of Nytos on the field. Grant all Nytos a (5+#Nytos)% DMG/Acc buff, lasting 5 seconds and stacking up to 5 times.

Skill2: (4s ICD, 8s CD) Count the number of enemies on the field. Grant all Nytos a (10*#Enemies)% Eva buff and (#Enemies) stacks of HP Shields. Each HP Shield stack is equal to 5% of each Nyto’s own max HP. All effects last 5s and stack up to 5 times.

Garmr (Paradog, White doggo)

Anything behind them takes so much less damage that frontline targeting is basically a requirement. These things absolutely shred SG tanks, so Evasion tanking is a necessity.

Note how M200 cannot kill a single Strelet behind the Garmr.

Autoattack: 1x DMG, ignores Armor and is affected by Evasion.

Skill1: Grant 70% Damage Reduction to allies behind self. Can stack up to 3 times.

Skill2: (15s ICD, 15s CD) Reduce Damage of nearby enemies by 30% for 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times.

Longitudinal Strain

 Aegis GA SWAP

Shields self, has linksplash attack, slightly higher stats than regular KCCO Aegis but no AP.

Skill1: (0s ICD, 12s CD) Shields self for 30% of max HP, lasting 6 seconds.

Skill2: (10s ICD, 12s CD) AoE linksplash attack that ignores Armor/Eva. 2x DMG if target has HP Shields, 1x otherwise.

Cerynitis SWAP

Practically identical to regular Cerynitis, you do not want to get hit by these

Skill1: After every 3rd attack, the next attack will debuff the target's Armor and Eva by 30% for 4 seconds and clear all standard multiplicative buffs.

Lycaon (Mini Ares)

Locks onto a the doll with the lowest HP's position (red marker) and fires repeatedly on that location for several seconds (use the illegal move of kiting to avoid death).

Autoattack: Deal 1x DMG to 2 nearest targets.

Skill1: (8s ICD, 10s CD) Lock onto the target with the lowest current HP's position. After 2.1s, launch 16 attacks at the position, each dealing 0.5x linksplash Damage that ignores Armor/Eva.

Cyclops MG

Massive AP gunners, no wind-up but will reload after a while.

Attacks spend 1 ammo to deal 1x Damage. Successful hits debuff the target's Damage/Accuracy by 10% for 3 seconds. Max 1 stack.

Skill1: Grant self 10 ammo at the start of battle. Upon running out of ammo, reload for 3.33s and grant self 10 ammo.

Aspis (Chariots)

Shields mechanical units.

Scans an area of three tiles in front of self, any unit detected in the area will cause a missile launch from ALL CHARIOTS in the fight, finding no units makes it move forward.

Cannot be knockbacked by LTLX while moving, can be while not moving. 

Skill1: (6s ICD, 10s CD) Grant all mechanical units an HP Shield equal to 5x of the Aspis' Armor, lasting 55 minutes.

Skill2: (8s ICD, 6s CD) Scan the area in front of self. After 0.86s, mark any targets within the scanning area.

Skill3: If no enemies were scanned, move forward 3 units.

Skill4: Fire 5 missiles, each dealing 0.5x linksplash Damage, ignoring Evasion/Armor.

Slow Shock

Cannoneer (Artillery)

Cannoneers will paralyze and target anyone in range, as such it is very important that you keep your tanks in the front column before they get in range. It may look like you can run away from the tilepaints but it actually follows you. HP Shields highly recommended.


Skill1: (4s ICD, 8s CD) Aim at a random target for 1s, then deal 1x DMG, and reduce RoF and Mov by 50% for 3 seconds. Max 5 stacks. (Damage can be evaded, debuffs cannot.)

Skill2: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Lock onto lowest HP, aim for 2s, then deal 50% linksplash DMG to target and adjacent tiles.

Arachne and Arachne's Clone (Mechanical Spider M and S)

Arachne constantly generate more small ones, and also enrage when they hit 50%, running up and slapping your tank in the face until they die.

The thing to be most wary of with these is that until they enrage, they spawn Clones in such a way that a tank in the middle row cannot grab the attention of ones spawning in the top row, necessitating two tanks.
Due to the large number of enemies being spawned, Armor tanking is the way to go.


Arachne (Spider M):

Skill1: Normal attacks deal 2 instances of 0.5x DMG. Each attack reduces RoF and Mov by 10% for 5 seconds. Max 5 stacks. (Debuffs cannot be evaded.)

Skill2: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Spawns 2 5x Spooder S with 5% HP, 50% FP, 200% Eva, 100% Acc/RoF.

Skill3: (50% HP) Enters melee mode, dealing 2x DMG per hit, no longer debuffs.

Arachne's Clone (Spider S):

Skill1: On hit, apply -1 DMG for 5s. Max 99 stacks.

Technician (Engineer)

Technicians constantly spawn drones which inherit the Engineer’s DMG. They also shield mechanical units. Similar to Arachne, these just spawn so many units that unless you eliminate them quickly, Armor tanking is the way to go.


Skill1: Normal attacks deal 0 DMG and grant 1 stack. Max 5 stacks.

Skill2: Consume 5 stacks to spawn a 5x Drone with 6% HP, 50% DMG, 150% Acc/RoF, 200% Eva/Mov.

Skill3: (6s ICD, 6s CD) Grant HP Shields equal to 10% of target’s missing HP to friendly mechanical units for 60s.

Troy (Fortress)

These gigantic mechs are actually HOC support for the enemy. If you fight enemies near one of them, they will shell you like any other support with their Skill2. They also grant damage reduction buffs to allies near them as well as having various annoying attacks.

Skill1: (6s ICD, 8s CD) Do 2 strafing shots down a random column for 1x DMG per hit.

Skill2: (9s ICD, 8s CD) Tilepaint lowest HP Doll's position, after 3s deal 2 instances of 0.5x linksplash DMG.

Skill3: (12s ICD, 8s CD) Reduce damage taken by 50% for surrounding units for 5s.


Did you ever feel like being able to kill your enemies was too easy? Did you ever want enemy units with infinite HP Shields that you cannot ever stop from regenerating? Do you want to stare at enemies' health bars never moving? Well congratulations, even if you didn’t want these things, Ladons are here!

These annoying mechs just constantly regenerate HP Shields and then blast your tank with AoEs.


Skill1: (6s ICD, 8s CD) Deal 1.5x DMG and lock onto closest target and aim for 2s, then deal 1.5x linksplash DMG to target and adjacent horizontal tiles.

Skill2: (8s ICD, 8s CD) Continuously replenish 5% of max HP as HP Shields every second for 5s.

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