Client Update v3.04 (and v3.03)

Vehicle System (Mobile Armor)

Two new vehicles added, you have one of each that can be deployed:

  • Tank (Unlocked with Vehicle system when 12-1 is unlocked)
  • Mecha (Unlocked by clearing 13-6)

The Tank can shell enemies from afar and some minor HOC Support as well as Direct Combat, the Mecha is Direct Combat only.

For extra details on Vehicles, see the Vehicle page.

Gray Zone Update

A new area will be added to Gray Zone, where you can farm Vehicle Parts for the new Vehicle System. The new area is unlocked by obtaining any Vehicle.

When you defeat the Boss at the end of Crystal-Hell difficulty you get 3 attempts in the Armored Assault Tower. The Armored Assault Tower requires the use of Vehicles for combat.

The first clear of each floor of the Tower will grant you Tickets for 5☆ Vehicle Parts. Lower floors give 2 Tickets, while later floors grant more, up to 4 by floor 35.

Planning mode can be used in Gray Zone, with an extra button to simply planning mode over the entire map. Be aware that enabling the use of Vehicles in Planning Mode it will start using the Bombardment which wastes resources and time.

Auto-Mode Planning

Auto-mode AI improvements were added on Foreign in 3.04, these should be implemented immediately for EN.

These improvements include making the AI capable of solving puzzle maps and enforcing stricter Echelon CE checks before allowing them to be deployed (not killing dummies).

Auto-Mode Planning allows you to tell the game to play GZ by itself. It will automatically repair units and resupply as needed.

GZ Planning Mode tagging

Echelons can be flagged for specific uses for GZ Planning mode. You can enable specific Echelons only as well as if you only want an Echelon used for Day/Night battles.

This menu is available in the Formation menu as well as from GZ itself through the Flag + Cog button:

HOC Changes

The Hangar has been repurposed for Vehicle use and all HOC related things are now in the Intelligence Center. The Intel Questboard is gone as part of this, taking with it Intelligence Quests into the grave. The rewards are now just simply part of the Weekly Quest progression boxes, with an added 3 Pure Samples to make the number round.

Due to the changes to HOCs, HOC Career Quests are reset.

As the Training Ground is gone, training for leveling is instant, still requiring the same materials.

The Analysis system and Chips are all gone. Old progress will be compensated with mail.

First one is certain achievements being removed, second is chips being removed.

Skill training is part of an overall skill training overhaul, all skills up to sl5 are instant, after that the time required is reduced, but you can queue up all the way to sl10 and it’ll use 5 QTs.

Unlocking and Upgrading HOC are done through the use of Data or Pure Samples, it now takes time to promote HOCs.

Quick Analysis Tickets can be used to instantly promote HOCs. Promotion grants Chip Pieces to that HOC. You can click the - button to instantly max out each promotion.

By hitting 5☆ you will have enough Chip Pieces to unlock the entire board.

Unlocking and Upgrading HOC-specific preset “chips” is done through the use of Original Samples and Chip Pieces (gained through promotion). (If you are out of Original Samples, Pure Samples can be used but not advised unless all HOCs are maxed.) After unlocking a Chip, holding down the button will quickly spend Original Samples to level the Chip up.

You can unlock multiple chips at once with the Lock button in the bottom left.

Chip exp required to upgrade scales with size, so a 2-tile Chip for example needs 20 exp for level 1, while an 8-tile chip needs 80 exp for level 1.

Above is a table showing costs to upgrade chips, the cost is based on the chip size, scaling linearly with size.

For just a total cost per HOC:


Iteration is done through the same way as before, but there are no Data Patches. Instead you can just use Pure Samples and Central Data directly. Central Data is worth 50 exp each, Pure Samples is worth 1.

Foreign had a bug where Mk 47 was impossible to iterate after the patch, it is possible this will also happen on EN.

HOC quick-enhance

HOC quick-unlock functionality for Chips now also exists for enhancing Chips to max. This was part of 3.04.

Armory/Echelon Improvements

This was part of the 3.04 update for foreign.

Unit Selection Update

Echelon selection now functions like Coalition (you can select all 5 dolls at once). This may cause some minor inconveniences with dragging and swapping units (as you can’t just select another copy of the same doll anymore, you have to remove them from the Echelon first). Favorite menu will make it easier to find your drag dolls though.

This also applies to HOC in target practice, no longer do you need to unselect the specific HOC one at the time, you can simply remove them all from the selection in the bottom left.

Search Bar

Search bar for armory, so you can search for Dolls with X in name or such.

Favoriting Dolls

Favoriting units is now a thing: Opening up a Doll’s info page there is a new Star icon next to their name to toggle Favorite status. Favorite Dolls can be filtered for (top right Star option in Filter menu) but do not automatically end up at the top of your list.

Import/Export functionality

Echelon Import/Export functionality has been added. A QR code or long alphanumeric line can be used to share your Echelon setup. 

This is surprisingly bug-free. If you try to give it multiple of the same unit or change equipment to things that shouldn’t be possible the game will just refuse to fill those spots.


Sorting options now include Mov, Max RoF and Recov.

Login SPEQ effect info

Equipment Index/Info pages now include login SPEQ effects in another tab.

The equipment type line has been removed and more empty space for equipment effects have taken the space.

Wifi Blips or "Mastery Rating"

G&K and Coalition Echelons, HOCs and Vehicles all have a new “Mastery Rating” system, noted through Wifi Blips that can be clicked on to see the actual conditions.

For HOCs, each blip has the following conditions:

  • Level 100, 5☆
  • Maxed Iteration
  • Maxed Skill Levels
  • All Chips Unlocked
  • All Chips Upgraded

For Coalition echelons, each blip has the following conditions:

  • Everyone at level 10+
  • Everyone at level 30+ and 1☆
  • Everyone at level 50+ and 2☆, spare cost at most 1
  • Everyone at level 70+ and 3☆, spare cost at most 1, skill levels at least 2+
  • Everyone at level 90+ and 4☆, spare cost at most 1, skill levels at least 4+

For G&K echelons, each blip has the following conditions:

  • 4+ Dolls in the echelon, level 10+, 2+ Links
  • 5+ Dolls in the echelon, level 30+, 3+ Links, enhanced to level 30 stats
  • 5+ Dolls in the echelon, level 50+, 3+ Links, enhanced to level 50 stats, all equipment slots filled with 4/5☆ equipment
  • 5+ Dolls in the echelon, level 70+, 4+ Links, enhanced to level 70 stats, all equipment slots filled with 4/5☆ equipment, all Skill1s at sl4+
  • 5+ Dolls in the echelon, level 90+, 5+ Links, enhanced to level 90 stats, all equipment slots filled with 4/5☆ equipment enhanced to +4 or higher, all Skill1s at sl7+

Note how G&K echelons have no Fairy requirement here and thus this is a pointless metric.

Note that the third blip onwards requires level 80 as it checks for “all equipment slots filled”.

For Vehicles, each blip has the following conditions:

  • 30k CE
  • 40k CE
  • 50k CE
  • 65k CE
  • 80k CE

Permanent Ranking

Permanent ranking is here. Initially it is just AW but more will be added later.

You can earn Point Threshold Rewards from this (older Rankings will have Point Threshold Rewards added).

Adjutant Update

New adjutants can be unlocked from certain tasks. Tareus (non-Capture version) shown as example. Tareus is obtained from clearing a specific LS mission, Sana from a specific SS mission.

Take note that Mica cannot keep their naming uniform and in the patch notes calls this "Assistants". Mica plz.


Map Overview Updates

Simplification of Echelon display (so your map isn’t covered with echelon markers).

Surround capture warnings have been added.

You can now toggle between CE and Levels for enemies.

Enemy Targeting Logic

Enemy targeting order is now based on echelon member order instead of acquire order.

Skill Training

All skill training up to SL5 is instant, the rest are shorter, all being 10 hours each before bonus reductions from Base Overview now.

You can also batch skill training, but this requires the use of QTs past SL5, still very useful for quickly skilling up anything.

Selector Tickets

The selector ticket ui got an update, no longer scrolling horizontally and now also displays how many of the items you have. Very convenient.

Mail and etc

Mail can now be locked to prevent deletion of a few you actually care about. This does not allow you to retrieve items attached to the Mail after the expiration date, only keep the text. The moment the Mail expires it will no longer be possible to gain the items attached.

As such, this feature is mostly useless other than fluff.

Combat Reports

Combat report crafting capacity has been increased and the amount you can craft at once has also been increased. As a side effect, quick-complete CR crafting cost has been increased from 450 to 1800 batts.

HOC/Vehicle stuff

HOC and Vehicle long-press UI in a map has been improved. (3.04 details for foreign.)

Vehicle Energy is now separated from AP in planning mode. Energy is only visible while a Vehicle is selected.

Vehicles and HOC can be quick-repaired using the one-click repair button.

Vehicle UI improvements

There supposedly were some. 

So far the only new bit seems to be Set Filtering akin to Commander Costumes or Furniture Sets in the Vehicle skin shop. 

No-Vehicle paths have been added with floors 31-35 in GZ4 Tower.

The node itself is tagged as vehicle/no-vehicle, so all connections to said nodes would be locked for other units.

Combat Sims

You can now select which Data you want for Decoding Practice (Coalition Drill Skill Data).

Sims and Vehicle Tower Sweeps

All Sims and reclears of Vehicle Tower now have an auto-complete option after they’ve been cleared once. This simply grants you the rewards for X attempts without having to actually do them.

This includes: Capsules, Data, EXP, NCC, DD, Drills.

Sweeps do not count as actual combat, and can as such be completed even while you have a map in progress, for example Ranking.

Repeating it 4 times at once still completes daily quests requiring 3+ runs.

Coalition Drills require you to clear that week’s versions once before letting you Sweep them. It does not matter what time you get for the drill, sweeps always rewards -10% scores. Even if you get a +45% timer the sweep is always -10%.

AoE Issues in v3.03

When initially release on foreign, 3.03 had some major jank in AoE functionality, where hitboxes changed based on number of total mainframes in a battle.

This was fixed with 3.04, and hopefully will never see the light of day on EN.

If AoEs are jank on EN, complain and tell them to fix it.

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