SC+ Ranking Rerun: Flowers of the End+ (2024)

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This is a rerun of the Shattered Connexion Ranking.

The big reward is Lee Enfield's scope SPEQ. It is highly recommended that you get this, both as it is quite good and it may be needed in the future if she gets a SPEQ-set.

The ranking map remains mostly the same with some minor changes, and this time we also have Cumulative so the Fairy and SPEQ are both possible to get even if you do not want to do actual Ranking.

As apparently it needs to be said: Ranking maps are not the place to farm Dolls. Ranking maps are for either farming Cumulative rewards or doing actual Ranking runs. Farming Dolls should be done on other regular maps (for older Major Events) or dedicated farming maps.

Point Farming

Like recent ones, simply deploying a dummy and settling is enough to get your points. 69k per settle

Actual Ranking Runs

We got v3.02 just before this ranking rerun, something other servers did not. This means that we have access to the end turn recovery and there may be some other differences. Also make note that there were a significant amount of bugs available for Foreign, and some are fixed while others may still exist.

Ranking notes by xVarz including translations of ameth's ppt and sheet.

Pacifist run by AE:

Scuffed 2.41m no-dupe run by randomqwerty:

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