Battle Pass (Frontline Protocol) and Daily/Weekly Quest System


The Battlepass works similarly to how other games handle this, in that you do your daily and weekly quests to gain progression exp, with each level being a flat 30 exp. This means you need 1350 exp to get to level 45, which is not exactly difficult to achieve.

Thanks to Jesse for helping with the infographics for this page.

The skin is part of the premium ticket and the converted costs for the two paid passes are as follows:

  • Tier 1 costs ~10 USD.
  • Tier 2 costs ~15 USD.
  • Tier 2 has an Icon frame, a card background and 10 levels worth of exp, for an additional 50% in cost.

The paid ticket has a large amount of rewards, and could be considered a higher effort monthly gem card for higher rewards

High effort speed completion:

~3 weeks to hit level 45. Faster with paid due to one extra weekly quest (which is far from needed, as you see).

Minimum effort requirement to hit level 45:

Weekly quests for 25 levels. Remaining 20 levels for ~3.5 dailies a day.

While it is technically possible to skip this many daily quests, it is absolutely not recommended as you will not be completing your weekly quest progression this way

For the paid BP, on levels 15 and 35 there will be tickets that allow you to select equipment from a set of options. These seem to change with each BP. Similarly at level 45 there is a doll ticket that first checks if you have all the dolls in the set, if you are missing any in your index, you get one of the missing ones. If you have all of them you get a random one.

Again this ticket’s set of dolls seems to change with each BP.

Finally, while the final normal reward is level 45. You can keep leveling as far as your exp will take you, with each level past 45 granting you an Additional Reward Ticket.

The Additional Reward Ticket randomly grants you one of the following items:

  • 10 Combat Reports
  • 5 Cores
  • 10 Special Combat Reports
  • 300x4 Resources
  • 3 Equip production tickets
  • 3 Doll production tickets
  • 3 Quick production tickets
  • 1 Svarog
  • 1 Oath certificate

Note that as of time of writing, Mica has not disclosed rates for these and the Svarog and Oath are extremely rare compared to the rest. It is not even remotely worth it to gamble on these tickets with buying extra levels. You are better off just buying Oaths or Svarogs in the store.

Listed below are the rewards for the first Battlepass, keep in mind that the skin changes with each BP, and some of the other rewards are also likely to change, but this can be used as somewhat of a reference on what a BP contains reward-wise.

Free rewards

Paid rewards


Quests are overhauled with 3.0 to accompany the Battlepass system.

Where before we had completely predetermined daily and weekly quests, in 3.0 you will get 8 random daily quests and 4 random weekly quests. One of the weekly quests is locked behind paid Battlepass, but it is by no means required and only helps expedite your Battlepass progress.

You can also reroll any quest once, granting a different one from the pool, but each quest slot can only be rerolled once. For example, if you reroll your first daily quest, you will get a new one (not matching your other 7), but you will now be stuck with this new one. You can still reroll your other 7 daily quests after this. This enables you to avoid certain daily and weekly quests you don’t want to do, but at the risk of getting another one you also don’t want to do. As such it becomes somewhat a gamble and you should know which quests you most definitely do not want to do before you reroll them.

In 3.0 the reward structure for weekly and daily quests has changed from each quest giving a set amount of rewards, to all quests simply granting progression exp; making all quests equally rewarding.

Each daily quest grants 5 weekly exp and 5 BP exp. The daily quest reward box is granted after filling 6 quest stamps (completing any 6 daily quests) for any particular day and contains a larger amount of your weekly resources than before. The total weekly rewards remain similar to before, but resources are distributed equally instead of skewed towards MP and Ammo.

Weekly quests now grant 30 weekly reward progression exp as well as 50 BP exp when completed.

Weekly reward progression is the bar up top above your daily quests, and you can click on the boxes to display the rewards they contain. The weekly exp progresses this bar.

Keep in mind that the most notable rewards (your Tokens, Extra Impulse, and Svarog) are all in the weekly 200-point and 250-point boxes, highly incentivizing you to complete the weekly progression.

All quests are listed below, and you need to make your own decision on which of these you do not want to do. Keep in mind that all daily quests are extremely easy and almost all are just old quests with lower requirements. Weekly quests are similarly quite easy, being mostly old ones with slightly lower requirements with only two new ones, being the weekly quests “waste your tokens” and “play some Luffberry”. Which quest you want to avoid should be carefully considered before rerolling, as you could lock yourself into one you do not want to do.

Daily quests

Daily quests are split into categories. You will receive 2 Battle quests, 2 Other quests and the rest are 1 from each remaining category. Rerolling a quest will give you another quest in the same category, as such you can usually pick one quest you really don't want to do in each category and always roll out of that one.

list of all daily quests with categories

Weekly quests

Weekly quests are all random with no categories, but you should be able to roll out of one or two you absolutely do not want to do. Just be aware that rerolling into somthing means you are now stuck with it.

  1. Collect batteries from your own dorm 3 times.
  2. Roll once in a skin gacha. (Single roll in radiant works. So 6 tokens cost.)
  3. Eliminate 150 armored units. (Similar as old one)
  4. Complete 8 Coalition captures. (Same as old one)
  5. Complete 3 Luffberry Chess matches. (Simulation does not count, custom match does.)
  6. Perform skill training 3 times. (Similar to old; Doll, Fairy, HOC, Coalition all count.)
  7. Perform 4 Heavy Doll or Fairy constructions. (You should be crafting fairies anyway.)
  8. Occupy a total of 20 nodes in Gray Zone Exploration. (You should be doing some GZ anyway.)

First Battle Pass: Invitation From The Wilderness

Breeze in a Summer Afternoon

Breeze in a Summer Afternoon



The level 15 paid ticket allows you to choose between the following 5* items:

  • PEQ
  • AP ammo
  • HV ammo
  • Armor plate
  • Suppressor
  • HP ammo
  • Cape

The level 35 paid ticket allows you to choose between the following 5* items:

  • VFL
  • EOT
  • ITI
  • PEQ
  • Suppressor
  • RMR

The level 45 paid ticket will grant you one of the following dolls not in your index, or if you have all, a random one: 

  • SCR
  • HS.50
  • Negev
  • Grape
  • 89 Shiki
  • RFB
  • 100 Shiki
  • NZ75

Second Battle Pass Skin

Materialistic Fad



The level 45 ticket doll lineup has changed to: 

  • SR-2
  • MG4
  • IWS 2000
  • PKP
  • MG5
  • Welrod Mk II
  • Kar98k
  • Px4 Storm

The level 35 equip ticket has changed to:

  • AP 
  • HV
  • HP
  • Buckshot
  • Slug
  • Flare
  • Sniper
  • Birdshot
  • Flash
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