Brute (Protocol Assimilation)

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Non-Ringleader stats are determined by Rarity and Growth Factor. The stat range from XS to XL will be shown below. 

Level 100 5★ XS -> Level 100 5★ XL

Cost: 6

HP 677→723 Evasion 132→141
Damage 66→72 Rate of Fire 86→91
Accuracy 101→108 Armor 0
Critical Rate 10% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 180 Move Speed 20

Rank Up Cost

Level Petri Dish Rarity
30 100 ★★★
70 150 ★★★★
90 300 ★★★★★



Wrathful Combo
A Brute's normal attacks inflict two instaces of 60% melee damage. Every 4 seconds, one normal attack reduces enemy armor by 20% of the Brute's AP for 4 seconds, stacking up to three times. (Cooldown: 4 seconds)
Extermination Order
In Destroy and Charge Mode, each attack increases own Evasion by 25%, for 3 seconds, up to 6 stacks. Additionally, melee attacks increase Damage taken by enemies by 7 points for 3 seconds, up to 3 stacks.


The problems for Brutes start right out of the gates, with a low HP stat, only moderate Evasion, and no Armor, or Shield Skill to patch up this weakness. Worse, Brutes have low base Damage, and a Skill that divides that Damage yet further. A high Armor Penetration does little to patch up the Brutes' issues, as rushing forwards simply shortens the time to their inevitable deaths. 

Skill-wise, Brutes are in a confusing place. Their normal attacks deal two hits, each inflicting a portion of their Damage (between 80% and 120%) depending on Skill level. Due to a low Base Damage this can hinder the DPS of a Brute quite a bit, and the secondary Effect is poor. Reducing enemy Armor sounds good in theory, in cases where this Skill might matter, the enemy is likely to have killed the Brute long before this debuff becomes relevant. Their second Skill is more impressive, in Charge and Destroy AI states, they gain a stacking Evasion Buff, and stacking flat Damage increases to Melee attacks. The Flat Damage increase is lackluster, but the Evasion boost will give the Brute a fighting chance at survival when fully leveled.

Skill Priority

Wrathful Combo
Medium Priority If you wish to use Brutes, you will want to level this skill to at least SL3 as soon as possible, to at least match their output up to the number listed on the card.
Extermination Order
Medium-High Priority Also a high leveling priority for Brutes as they need every bit of help surviving that they can get. Stopping at mid levels can be a compromise position, but this should be maxed relatively quickly.

Peak Value Analysis

Dummy Link Effect
1 Extra Link
2 Extra LInk
3 Extra Link
4 Extra LInk
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