Client Update v3.02, New Features


Thanks to Pengu, Cosmic and Qwerty for sharing links and data as always, and Varz for checking my sanity.

Note that this client update changes weekly quest rewards and as such weekly progress should be reset with the update.

UI and Gameplay Changes

There's a plethora of minor UI changes in this update.

Auto Logistics

This example is showing 13-3, 24 hours base time times 6 for 144 hours.

Logistics can now be set up to run up to 6 times in a row.

Inspect UI Changes

The inspect UI has been changed.
There don’t appear to be any large changes here, only a UI revamp.

Selecting an enemy displays the details, same as before but easier to see all info at once, no more tapping to swap displayed things.

Deployment and formation/equipment changes

Before starting a mission; you can now go to formation and change an echelon, then come back to the map and your echelons won’t be un-deployed. This includes stuff like enhancing or skill training through the doll’s info screen.
You can also swap misplaced echelons without having to retreat and re-deploy them before starting the mission. Selecting Echelon 1 on the right helipad and selecting Echelon 2 (also deployed) will then let you just swap both instantly.

Example of swapping deployed echelons.

Example of editing echelon staying on map.

Retry button and restart mission

Clicking the retry button will re-place your teams where you had them in the previous run.
Note that the restart button also does the same, re-placing your teams where they were initially deployed.

Boss stages with multiple hp bars

All these have been reduced to 2 or 1, meaning that clearing old campaigns is now much more viable to clear. No more 4+ clears of a single map to actually clear it and get rewards.

Affection items cannot be gifted to Dolls deployed in a map

You used to be able to do this through the Dorm gifting menu, but this is no longer possible with v3.02.
This makes you unable to fix affection falling below 90% during a map.
This does not apply to Oath rings. As long as no affection is lost during combat (so no deaths) you can still perform Oath repairs.

Planning mode lag

Finally fixed.

Resource verification

This is now available in the options menu and not only during loading and login.

Fairy enhancement menu

No longer reverse sorts by default. Finally.

Friend Shop shortcut in Kalina’s shop

Bottom tab will take you there.
Additional changes have been made to the Friend Points in general, see that section further below for more details.

Doll tag system overhauled

No longer hide-able by a setting in the settings menu, and also no longer vote-able, making them more useful but annoying that we can't hide them anymore.

Coalition stat toggle moved, auto-formation added

It is now up top to accommodate needed space for auto-formation.

Mission deployment

Friend Echelon limit is moved to top to give room for formation recommendations at the bottom. You can also click on the CE in the top right to show mission recommendations.

The white line shows mission recommended tags, your echelon’s tags would be visible above this in orange but SCARs echelon isn’t real according to Mica.

Note that these tags are based on the new auto-formation system and doll tags, and won’t recognize specialized comps like an M4 exodia or anything else not in the list.

Example of Mica-approved… uh, things that should not be used.

Base Overview functionality

Time reductions and cost reductions are shown in green if you have bonuses from Base Overview.

Note that Skill training will be overhauled in 3.03.

Para debuff icon border is now blue

For some reason.

New repair UI in missions

Health bar colors

Any doll not at 100% health is now indicated in red. Critical health has the numbers in red in addition and the crit health text over the doll’s portrait but still with a red health bar.

Borrowed Dolls, like Coalition Drill

Dolls that are not your own (like Coalition drill) now have an icon indicating the dolls are not from your armory.

Linksplash showing as 1 number

This is now a new setting in the Combat settings. It can be turned off again if so desired (recommended).

The bottom setting here is Damage Number Simplification, which will merge linksplash into 1 number.

Dorm UI updates

Like counter showing how many of the “first 10 per day” are left.
Costume button in dorm.
Costume gifting screen is new.

Stat Changes

The new stats on the right are: Max RoF and Recovery below HP.

Recovery stat (wrench icon)

A new stat has been added that allows dolls to replenish hp at the end of each turn if they are not at crit health.

recover stat value * total link count = total healing

As such, a doll with 5 links that loses 3 links and has a recovery stat of 150 will still get 150*5 = 750 heal at the end of the turn.

Repair and Crit damage changes

Any deployed doll that is not at Crit health will repair to full when a mission ends or the echelon is retreated, doesn’t matter if the mission ends with a victory or loss.
Crit health is now 10% rather than 30%.

Note that taking advantage of crit frames will thus disable end turn healing.

Only critically damaged dolls may be repaired in the repair bay. Emergency repairs in missions are now free unless crit, and the 2x cost multiplier is gone entirely. Do note that repairing still counts as a loss for S-rank requirements.

Repair quests have been removed from Career Quests.

RoF changes

The RoF cap is now noted on each doll on the index page and differs from doll to doll.

It can go all the way to 150 but there are only two new frame breakpoints:

  • 126 RoF for 11 frames
  • 137 RoF for 10 frames

As such the new 125 cap is effectively useless, as it doesn’t change from the old 116 RoF cap for 12 frames, similarly the 135 cap has no benefit over the 130 cap.

The next breakpoint after 137 is at 151 RoF which is not possible to reach.

GFL v3.02 Doll RoF Caps

Tenacity for enemies

This stat, which currently appears on a select few enemies (a training dummy, Medium spiders (30 ten), Fortress (50 ten) and Pamzan (50 ten, but you don’t fight Pamzan), will be reducing the crit damage you deal to enemies with it.

The exact formula is CritDmg%*(1-(Tenacity/100))
So if we had 50% crit damage, something with 50 Tenacity would only take 25% crit damage.

In other words: 1 point of Tenacity is 1% crit damage bonus reduction, as such an enemy with 100 Tenacity will take the exact same damage from critical hits as non-crits. An enemy with 50 Tenacity will halve your bonus crit damage. (Ie if your crits do 200% damage normally, now it’s 150%, base damage is always 100%, anything past that is reduced percentage wise by Tenacity.)

Crit chance for enemies

Some enemies will be able to crit from now on. There are no such enemies yet.

Debuff resistance for enemies

This stat reduces the chance for your debuffs to apply. 1 point of Resistance equals 1% chance to resist; as such an enemy with 100 Resistance is immune to debuffs.

Knockbacks are not debuffs, but things like stuns, roots or stat reductions are debuffs.

Currently only a single boss from the major event SS has this stat, at 50 Resistance.

Shield value buffs

All shield values (other than Peko) have been significantly buffed.


  • P22 - 53 → 65
  • HS2k - 42 → 52
  • Rex - 32 → 45
  • Walker - 5 → 6
  • Makamod - 60% → 75% (40-41 → 50-51)
  • HBadger - 100 → 120
  • 100 Shiki - 42 → 52
  • Lusa - 20 → 28
  • SAT8 - 35 → 42
  • Nova - 12 → 16
  • SP9 - 50 → 60
  • MPL - 18 → 20
  • UMP9 - 25 → 30
  • Suomod - 150 → 165
  • MDR - 40 → 48
  • Howa 64 - 25 → 30
  • DP12 - 40 → 50
  • M6 ASW - 75 → 90
  • M500mod - 25 → 30

Coalition shield values have also been increased.

Other other

  • Coalition units now benefits up to 150 RoF like they were supposed to (Agent/Intruder still fucked by animation times).
  • T100mod and SIG556 have 150 RoF cap but auto attack duration still caps them at 12 frames.
  • There can be floating point errors where 100 RoF and a 16% tile is slower than having 116 RoF with equipment.

Gray Zone

Gray Zone (GZ) is a new Combat mode, added to the Combat menu and on the Main Screen (if no other running event is overwriting it). For this mode, you may use the new Entry Tickets from Weekly Quest progression boxes, or simply use resources to enter nodes and work towards a boss.

To unlock GZ you simply need to clear chapter 10 of Story and have 11-1 unlocked. Note that you can still earn Entry Tickets before unlocking GZ.

By clearing nodes, you gain Points towards the current GZ Banner, which rotates on a set schedule. Once a new Banner arrives, progress is reset and you can earn all rewards again.

The main rewards for GZ are earned through the Point Banner, where you can earn Selector Tickets allowing you to select from a set of SPEQs, including some new SPEQs unique to GZ that grant Dolls powerful 3-set bonuses.

A full guide on GZ can be found here:

Friend Point and Friend Echelon Changes

Friend Points are now gained in much larger quantities.

  • Using Friend Echelons now grants 60 points instead of 10, up to a cap of 300 per day
  • Others using your Friend Echelon now grants 60 points instead of 10, up to a cap of 300 per day
  • Daily quest bonus (6 stamps reward) now grants 100 points instead of 20

As you can see here, there’s a new discounted section here which also includes some limited supply items like cakes and an Extra Impulse. 
In addition, there are new unique frames, icons and id card backgrounds you can buy for Friend Points. New ones keep being added as time goes on. As of writing it’s PA-15, MK3A1, 416 and WA2000 on foreign.

The items available in the discounted section as well as new special frames and such change based on the timer seen on the items displayed.

Friend Echelon support

Cooldown for a specific friend is lowered from 6 to 2 hours. This makes it a bit easier for new players to abuse Friend Echelons rushing through campaign to make do with just a few strong ones.

Returnee PV, rewards and new Shop items

Inherently Problematic in current implementation

In its current implementation, the Returnee Rewards are almost a better source of FCCs than actively playing the game on their own; and then combine this with that you can still get all the regular FCCs from actively playing while not playing every 45 days by ensuring you buy out the Black Market and Battlepass FCCs during the windows of earning your Returnee rewards and you have a very problematic implementation.

Let’s break down how to do this:

  • You ensure you reach level 30 of the current Battlepass and have bought the current FCCs in the Black Market, and it's somewhere in the middle of the current month (to ensure you do not lose any Black Market FCCs while not playing).
  • You stop playing for 45 days.
  • You return as a Returnee, immediately start doing your weekly and daily quests for BP progress, buy out the Black Market and ensure you get all your Returnee rewards.
  • You continue playing until you get your level 30 BP FCC, then stop playing again and repeat the cycle.

This will effectively earn you +2 FCCs per cycle compared to someone who actively plays the game.

An easy solution to this would be to add some kind of FCC reward to the weekly quest progress reward box, or anything to make not playing the game for 45 days not be more rewarding.

Example of a weekly quest reward box with an FCC added.

Combine this with the fact that there is a Returnee Package with 5 FCCs and the pass has an additional 3 FCCs and you have some EXTREME differences in FCC income for those who actively play the game and those who don’t play for 45 days at a time and are willing to spend some money. There is no such package available if you actively play the game, and you can't pay for FCCs other than the 1 FCC extra from the Battlepass.

Returnee PV

A new returnee PV has been added, see this link for the video:

Translation example by Varz, note that this changes with what you have accomplished yourself on your account:


On May 13, 2018, you joined Griffin.

<all the majors between cube to fp>

Here, you experienced 215 battles.

In these battles, you defeated 1185 enemies.

There have been 114 T-Dolls fighting by your side.

They are waiting for you, waiting for you to make an oath with them.

You haven't experienced capturing Coalition Forces yet.

Commander, I'm very happy to meet you once again.


If you haven't logged in for 45 days or more and are commander 20 or higher you are eligible for rewards.
You are greeted by a PV upon returning and unlock a special login event, missions, and point rewards (gotten from said missions and login event).

Example of day 2 missions.

Note that you can click on the banner with Kalina to re-watch your PV.

Each day you will get a login reward, and a set of missions to complete for point reward progression, similar to your weekly quest progress or point events. Reaching certain point thresholds will give you a reward box. Exp is Returnee point event/progression exp.

Point/Exp Boxes:

50 pts: 5000x4 resources
100 pts: 500 CRs, 10 tickets each of Doll, Equip, Quick Prod
200 pts: 100 Cores, 100 Enh Pills, 100 Calibs
400 pts: 300 Frags
600 pts: Anchor shown below

Login rewards:

Day 1: 10 Doll Tickets, 10 Quick Prods, 1000 CRs
Day 2: 5 Quick Trains, 1000 Basic, 400 Inter, 200 Adv data, 30 exp
Day 3: 20 Tokens, 30 exp
Day 4: 10 Extra Energy, 10 Eq Tickets, 10 IOP tickets, 100 Eq pills, 30 exp
Day 5: 5 Extra Impulses, 5 Extra Coalition Drill Energy, 30 exp
Day 6: 2 Selector tickets, 30 exp
Day 7: 5 Quick Analysis, 200 Ordinary Samples, 50 Pure Samples, 30 exp

Missions (progress will count from the first day, even if not unlocked yet):

Day 1: 

Give 10 CRs to dolls: 1000 CRs, 20 exp
Craft 10 dolls: 10 Quick Prods, 20 exp
Enhance 10 dolls: 50 Pills, 20 exp

Day 2:

15 S Rank battles: 1000 CRs, 20 exp
Clear 10 maps: 50 Cores, 20 exp
3 Skill training: 1000 Basic, 20 exp

Day 3:

Collect 20 Hearts: 100 Cakes, 20 exp
Use 100 Batts: 500 Batts, 20 exp
Adopt a pet: 500 Batts, 20 exp

Day 4:

Craft 10 eq: 100 Calibs, 20 exp
Calib 10 times (eq or fairy): 200 Frags, 20 exp
Perform any 10 sims: 1 Selector ticket, 20 exp

Day 5:

Complete 5 Coalition Data Drills: 200 Basic Keycodes, 20 exp
10 Coalition Drills: 5 Extra Coalition Energy, 20 exp
Disassemble 8 times: 1 Svarog, 20 exp

Day 6:

Enhance HOC chips 10 times: 300 SCRs, 20 exp
3 Intelligence Missions: 200 Original Samples, 20 exp
Analyze samples 10 times: 5 Quick Analysis, 20 exp

Day 7:

Use 50 Tokens: 30 Tokens, 30 exp
Complete 20 Logistics: 5000 mp, 30 exp
Complete 5 expeditions: 2 FCCs, 30 exp

Selector tickets 5☆ equipment from the following list:
VFL, HV, #2 Chip, Focus Chip, Armor, Sniper, Ammo Box, T-exo

Returnee anchor

The returnee anchor is one of the rewards for progressing the returnee point rewards

Note how the special returnee anchor includes almost all the strong 6☆ mods.

Returnee pass

There is also a special paid pass available for returning players.

The main value from this pass seems to come from the 3 FCCs, an Oath Ring and 500 gems total.

The 4☆ selector ticket has the same name as the one that was previously sold, but it has a much much smaller pool of dolls, ultimately making it completely useless in comparison.
The ticket includes:
PPQ, Mk23, Springfield, AK74M, MP5, PP-19, Springfield, M1918, G36


There is also a special shop available that only has real money packages.

These packages are as follows (take note that actual cost does not match gem value even slightly):

  • 1 Oath
  • 100 Tokens
  • 1 Selector Ticket for SPEQs including: 416 Scope, MG4 Scope, Suomi Exo, Kar Scope and Lee Scope
  • 75 Cores, 5 FCCs, 2400 Memory Frags
  • 10 Extra Energy, 20 Doll/Equipment/Quickprod Tickets, 8k Resources x4
  • 3 Svarogs, 10 Coalition Energy, 10 Extra Impulses
  • 1500 Basic/Advanced Coalition Data, 1000 Inter Data, 500 Adv Data

Minor Event Shop Changes

Minor event shops seem to have been massively improved as of one of the newer minor events on foreign (Mind Voyage or such, EN name pending).

In addition to the old Tokens, CRs, SCRs and Cakes, there’s now also Frags, Cores, Doll/Equip Ticks and Calibs. In addition, everything except for tokens have had a massive cost reduction: CRs and SCRs are now 1 event token for 10 reports, cakes cost 1 per 3 cakes and the newer items have similar costs.

The totals are:

  • 100 Tokens (3 for 1)
  • 10 Doll Ticks (3 for 1)
  • 10 Eq Ticks (3 for 2)
  • 40 Cores (1 for 2)
  • 200 Memory Frags (1 for 4)
  • 500 CRs (1 for 10)
  • 500 SCRs (1 for 10)
  • 300 Calibs (1 for 6)
  • 150 Cakes (1 for 3)


Logistics results screen can only show 1 item per logistics (there’s easily room for 2), but you will still get the items even if they don’t show up. Example:

Piercing attacks have some major issues causing the client to lag horribly if you hit many enemies. Mostly a Hanyangmod, Kord and Boys issue.

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