CT Ranking: 1.17m Run Analysis

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The #4 ranked (at the time of writing) player in GFL EN's CT Ranking stage, Kwespell, has taken the time to provide a detailed and in-depth analysis of everything that helped him achieve his 1.175m score run!

This doc goes through all the things I had to do to prepare for the map and all the runtime decisions I made over the course of my 1.17m Ranking run. I want to first point out that you do not need to copy every single little detail I describe in this document in order to get a high score (1M+). But I do hope that you can understand the decisions I made over the course of my run, so when it comes time for your run, you have the context to make the best move possible.

To learn more about advanced teambuilding, combat tactics, and miscellaneous tips & tricks that can help you achieve a great score, check out the full doc below!

Stream VOD

A full VOD of Kwespell's run is available on his Twitch channel and also embedded below.