Girls' Frontline Events; Major, Minor Rate-ups and Others, Explained

GFL story has the main chapters that are always available, and then there are Major Events which eventually go into the Campaign tab under the Combat menu, Theater, the Anniversary event, as well as minor Seasonal events.

There are also Collab events, where you can get Dolls and possibly Fairies related to the Collab, as well as other exclusive rewards. In opposition to other events, if you miss out on these you are very unlikely to be able to get them again. 

Events are also the only way to get Limited Dolls in GFL, being dolls that aren’t available to farm from specific maps. If a doll can be farmed in a specific map in Campaign, she is not considered a ‘Limited Doll’.

Seeing as Mica’s method of deciding which doll will be available is just a Dart Board without serious thinking about when they were last available, you can sometimes go years between the availability of some of these dolls.

BSJ has a full list of these and when the Limited Event Dolls were last available here.

Major Events

Major Events are large main story events introducing new dolls and new enemies as well as often new mods. While the Major events are active there are extra rewards available, as well as Ranking, for those who wish to push themselves in endgame. These extra rewards go away as the Event goes into Campaign.

Major events also come with a True Core Mask for clearing the final mission on any difficulty.

For EN, the release schedule for these is extremely erratic and it’s impossible to tell how frequently we get them, at least until we potentially catch up with Foreign. Foreign has 2 Major events a year, one in Winter (shortly after New Year’s) and one in Summer (shortly after July) and this has been the norm for several years.

Major Events are also a source of both Limited Dolls and newer dolls, or dolls that used to be Monthly Login related. As of writing, all Login dolls have already been distributed across events and are all available to farm in their respective Campaigns.

BSJ has a very comprehensive list of all this: Campaign Rewards


General Rate-up

General rate-up is a recurring event that happens 3 times a year; once just after new year in January, once during Anniv around May and once in fall somewhere between August and November though it used to be consistently around September.

During this event production rate for 4☆ and 5☆ units and equipment is increased. The order is as follows:

  • T-Doll production (does not include Heavy/SG production)
  • Equipment
  • T-Doll Heavy production

Take note that this is a rate-down for 3☆ SGs, lowering their odds as they are not 4☆ or 5☆.

There used to be heavy equipment production rate-ups as well, though with 3.0 moving fairies to a dedicated crafting menu this is no longer a thing.

Additionally HOC rate-ups will run concurrently with the normal production rate-ups, though as these don’t actually increase the chance to get Central Data it is usually ignored by older players. For newer players who want to max out a few of the strongest HOC this can be useful to get some more Data for specific HOC. The HOC rate-up is based on their introduction order.

Saving up resources and tickets in the month leading up to the General Rate-up to dump it all during the event is a common way of optimizing resource investments.

An example of a previous general rate-up during 2022:

Production Doll Rate-up

When a new Skin Gacha is introduced or when a new batch of T-Dolls is added there will usually be a Production Rate-up as well. 

For any production rate-up that does not introduce new dolls, it will simply improve the rates slightly for those dolls and while useful isn’t that easy to make use of.

When new production T-Dolls are added however, this will include an Anchor system which you can read more about on the Factory page.

Seasonal Events

These come about 4 times a year split into; Halloween, Christmas, White Day and Summer.

The themes fit the seasons, but the general structure stays the same.

Usually 4 maps that can be grinded for limited dolls, as well as Event Currency.

Anniversary Event

This comes around May each year, coming with a Core Mask login event, free Boxes and other free stuff. This is also when the Gem purchases in the shop reset their bonus if you are spending money on that.

This is also supposed to include the Coalition Anniversary Banner, a special banner where you get 10 free Svarogs a day while a random unknown Ringleader out of a selection of 6 will be. If the Ringleader currently in the zone is captured, the zone will reset and a random Ringleader is again put there. This can allow you to pick up Ringleaders you have missed if you are lucky.

As of the time of writing, Mica messed up completely and didn’t give EN this with our last Anniversary, and after some community uproar announced we would get it in October instead. Hopefully, the next one will come with Anniversary.

Boxes and Event Currency


For Major events, you can clear maps for usually up to 60 boxes a day, which can be opened through the Event menu on the main screen. In these boxes you will be able to get furniture, resources and rarely T-Dolls, including one of the newest Dolls added with the event which only comes from said boxes before going into the Limited Dolls list. She will also be guaranteed at the 777th box as a pity. It is highly recommended that you collect your boxes.

Example, Mirror Stage boxes:

Event Currency

For seasonal events, there is instead daily currency available and you can spend this in Kalina’s Shop. Usually 60 per day if the event is full length, more if the event is a rerun with shorter duration. These shops usually have a Skin in the Shop, allowing those who have played it before to get 1 free Black Card by re-purchasing this skin.

Other shop items generally include Tokens, equipment, Friend Card items, among other things.


Corrupted Heart Masks

These are rewards for clearing the events on the highest difficulties and are simply anti-farm measures. They allow you to skip farming the new farmable dolls added with any Major Event, instead letting you exchange the Corrupted Heart Mask for 1 T-doll each. For example FP had 3 new farmable dolls and 3 Corrupted Heart Masks rewarded for clearing UX eliminating the need to farm these if you cleared the highest difficulty.


Pity System

When farming maps while a major event is active, every time you defeat an enemy that could drop an event drop 3☆, 4☆ or 5☆ dolls you will also get Nova or Platinum medals which function as a Pity system.

3☆ dolls can be exchanged for 300 Nova medals, 4☆ dolls can be exchanged for 400 Nova medals, while 5☆ dolls exchange for 500 Platinum medals.

Excess medals, or medals that are not needed for dolls can also be exchanged for Cakes, and older guides will state this is one of the better sources of cakes. As of writing this, we have the Coalition shop where you can buy thousands of Cakes for a pretty cheap price, so this is far from important anymore.


True Core Mask

Granted by clearing the last map while a Major Event is ongoing, as well as during the Anniversary. It is used to exchange for a production 5☆ doll in Kalina’s Shop under the Event tab. This is one of the better ways to get very powerful dolls that are hard to craft, especially SGs as these are extremely expensive to craft. 

For more details, as well as who to Core Mask and such, see the Core Mask page

Other events

Point Events

This is a limited time event that generally grants a skin or doll, where you must do tasks that unlock over 3 weeks to gain enough Points to get your reward boxes, accessed through the Time-limited Event button.

The initial set of tasks are generally long-term ones that take several weeks to complete like gathering large amounts of likes, producing 5☆ dolls or logging in several times throughout the event.

Each of these tasks grant you points, which in turn grant you your rewards.

It is important to note that the quests in the later Phases do not retroactively count, but the later Phases are also generally easier to complete quickly. Remember that the event lasts several weeks and the Phase 1 tasks are meant to take a while to complete.

Finally, spending Tokens is entirely optional, and the only reward you cannot get without spending tokens is just a Badge for your friend card, completely useless for anything but bragging rights.

Example: Old Event That Is Already Over 

Bingo Events

This is a limited time event that generally grants a skin, where you are granted your rewards by filling out a Bingo board, accessed similarly to Point Events by clicking on the Time-Limited Event button..

For these you get a set of 9 minor daily tasks that must be checked through the Bingo Event menu by clicking on the [Obtain More] button, and for each completed task you gain 1 Keycard. Each Keycard can be used to roll a random number on your Bingo board, and your goal is to fill it up entirely to gain all the rewards. Getting duplicate numbers grants you 10 Targeted Draw points, which can be consumed in sets of 100 to target a specific number.

The optimal way to complete these events is to keep drawing cards until your total Targeted Draws can fill out the board, and then immediately fill out the board.

As long as you complete all your tasks each day, you will get your skin through the dupe system.

Example of an almost filled board with 8 missing numbers, and 71 duplicate rolls for 710 points. (Stolen from Blazi.)

Random Login Events or other

At some points throughout the year there will be login events where you get extra rewards for logging in each day for the duration of the event until you have all the rewards.


Veteran Callback

Veteran Callback events happen occasionally with some extra rewards for players who have not been playing the game for a while. (Note that you would always have gained more by actively playing than you get from these.) These also include some minor rewards for befriending a returning player. This often involves removing someone on your friends list with the [Returnee] tag on their icon, and then re-adding them to get your rewards, or finding someone in any of the social groups that has an alt account they bring in for this purpose.



Collab events differ in scale, though somewhere between Major events and Seasonal events seems to be the norm.

At the moment, the collabs that have been on EN thus far are:

  • Operation Rabbit Hunt
  • DJMAX Glory Day
  • Va11 Hall-A
  • Gunslinger Girl
  • The Division: Bounty Feast
  • Jashin-chan Frontline

If you have missed these events, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to get the rewards, as reruns of Collabs are extremely rare. As such it is highly recommended that you make sure to get everything while one of these events is ongoing as it is highly unlikely you’ll be able to get it again later.

The only two Collabs that have reran thus far is DJMAX and Va11-Hall-A, and Mica has stated that these two are the only ones likely to rerun again in the future. (Read, copyright and lawyer nonsense.)


Theater is how new HOC are introduced to the game, and is basically going up against preset waves of enemies that get progressively harder as the event goes on, with each stage having special effects and conditions for score as of theater 7/8.

Note that while the reward structure for Theater highly favors older players and those with extremely well established armories, you can still gain plentiful rewards simply by completing stages, and should not be skipped just because you are new and don’t think you can rank highly.

It is basically a special alternative ranking event that is by many not considered “real” ranking. Ranking high enough to get your new HOC to 5* is generally not too difficult if you know what you’re doing and have a decently raised armory.

As these are never on a set schedule and EN is now caught up to Foreign on these, you can either refer to theater 8 on how this worked or wait until theater 9 is announced and a page explaining this will be going over changes and mechanics at that point.

An example of rewards from the previous Theater 8

Other Rate-up Events

Great Success

Increases your Great Success rate by +50%. This lasts for usually a week and is a great way to gather up resources swiftly for when new dolls are introduced or in preparation for General Rate-ups.

Combat Sims Double Yield and All Drills Open

Increases the yield of Combat Sims, note that only Data and Exp gain the actual full benefit.

Neural Cloud Corridor random nodes are not increased and these are about 1/3rd of the total normal rewards.

Defense Drill rewards are not increased at all.

Coalition Drills during this week are all at x3 allowing you to choose which ones you wish to do similar to regular Sundays.

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