Girls' Frontline NPCs

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Griffin & Kryuger

Russian State Security

Russian Military - KCCO

German Stasi & Military

German Politicians

German Civilians

K's personal maid Doll.

I.O.P. & Sangvis Ferri


This NPC is used for various different children in story events and costume stories.

Used as:
-Head of Bohndorf village
-Madam Isabella, Headmaster of Burley Orphanage

A celebrity who looks strikingly similar to Lewis.

So far only been seen in Bizon's mod story.

Featured in KSVK Mod Story.

Seen in PPK's mod story.

Paradeus - Spoiler Warning


An abandoned Nyto subject in Talinn, found in Shattered Connexion.

Main body of the Isomer Collective in Talinn, found in Shattered Connexion.

(Not to be confused with Dandelion!)

Sister to Nimogen, found in Isomer event.

Sister to Mercurows, found in Isomer event.


Mole within the Soviet Government for Paradeus.

The Father of Nytos.


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