Lycan Sanctuary - Signal Fire EX (e6ex)

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Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Flare the entire map

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • Scarecrow echelon


  • 1 RFSG that can handle a Patroller

Clear Steps

The goal of the map is to simply light up every node on the map, which is made more difficult by some nodes losing their lit status after the endturn.

We are highly likely to have to fight the Patroller at the end of the path to light up the last node, so I'm showcasing Scarecrow here. I did not use any chips for the showcase, but Night Vision Accuracy would've made it faster.

Scarecrow's echelon consists of:

  • Scarecrow - Free ringleader who is also has surehit, so she kills the Patroller (manual skill use for while it's jumping).
  • 1 Manticore - There to deal with frontline, through aoe and direct fire. If you don't have an armored linked unit to tank the Manticore will also tank the Gunners if you run into them.
  • 1 Jaeger - Extended range is nice to have, but this is optional, this could just be a Nemeum. A jaeger is better than a jaguar because backline is single link, but a jaguar could be used.
  • 1 Linked tank - This could be a Ripper, Guard, Aegis etc, obviously SWAP is much better. A SWAP Aegis is the best but the others also work.
  • 1 Empty slot, as this is just a showcase of the bare minimum, if you have a Nemeum just put that in as well.

We start from the right Helipad, and activate Flares on every node we walk through, moving up and then we make a trip over to the first helipad.
On the next turn we make our way all the way up and around to the top right and end up to the right of the second helipad, where we light up the last node.
If Mica fixes whatever is causing nodes to become unlit, this mission will end before engaging the Patroller.

For G&K echelons, you'd want backline targeting and surehit or a way to clear the Patroller's Shield.
A RFSG with LTLX and optionally M200 should easily be able to deal with this.

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