Lycan Sanctuary - Twilight Labyrinth II (e4-2)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


  • Farm Enough Beans
  • Enter the Rabbit Hole

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 ARSMG equipped for Night

Clear Steps

First is an example of farming Beans. These can be collected repeatedly and will stay between other maps in the Twilight Labyrinth. If you have weaker echelons it is highly recommended you farm some Beans before proceeding.

Second is an example of clearing the map.

The important thing to note here is that in Labyrinth II it is possible to farm Bean items that can be used for the rest of the run.
If your echelons are weaker or you just don't want to deal with anything, I highly recommend farming Beans before clearing Labyrinth II. If you clear Labyrinth II you will be locked out of it until you clear Labyrinth V, and farming possibilities on the later maps are much much worse.

The echelon used is:
UMP45, given for free from 7 day login.
Star, given from Career Quests.
OTs-12, a weak AR that should be worse than whatever you have.
The two HGs are simply used as examples. You will need 1 HG for vision on later maps. M4A1 could be used instead of pos4 HG, Micro Uzi could be used instead of pos2 HG (though move her to pos8 in that case).

Video Guides:

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