Lycan Sanctuary - Twilight Labyrinth III (e4-3)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


  • Enter the Rabbit Hole

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 ARSMG equipped for Night

Clear Steps

This is the 'intended' route for clearing this map. My echelon is very weak (bad equipment, some weak doll choices and while I do have Taunt I'm not using it (you absolutely should use it if you are struggling!)) and struggles a bit here, but it's doable. Remember to equip PEQs for night.

If you farmed up additional Beans in map 2, you can simply blast your way down to the bottom area through the patrols and skip most of this map.

The exit elevator must be activated by powering the substation on the second layer. As such the goal is: Reach elevator in bottom left, activate substation, go back to upper layer and go down exit elevator in bottom right.

The echelon used is:
UMP45, given for free from 7 day login.
Star, given from Career Quests.
OTs-12, a weak AR that should be worse than whatever you have.
The two HGs are simply used as examples. You will need 1 HG for vision on later maps. M4A1 could be used instead of pos4 HG, Micro Uzi could be used instead of pos2 HG (though move her to pos8 in that case).

Video Guides:

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