Lycan Sanctuary - Twilight Labyrinth IV (e4-4)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


  • Enter the Rabbit Hole

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 ARSMG equipped for Night

Clear Steps

An example of how to farm 1 bean per reset is added below the clear video.

This requires 5 Beans to clear decently with weaker teams.
If your teams are stronger or you have infinite beans, simply steamroll as you please.

To clear this map, we must go to the Substation in the top right of layer 2, activate it, make our way back and then go through the gate and drop to the final area and run to the exit.

The echelon used is:
Airstrike fairy, used to deal with Tarantulas on final layer. Skill should be sl2 and absolutely no higher (as that's a waste of data).
UMP45, given for free from 7 day login.
Star, given from Career Quests.
OTs-12, a weak AR that should be worse than whatever you have.
The two HGs are simply used as examples. You will need 1 HG for vision on later maps. M4A1 could be used instead of pos4 HG, Micro Uzi could be used instead of pos2 HG (though move her to pos8 in that case).

Video Guides:

Next Mission:

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