Monthly Roadmap: December 2023

Frontline Protocol

The next Frontline Protocol banner preview features a skin for SPAS-15.

Major Event

The new Major Event Slow Shock will be arriving sometime during December.

This is the latest Major Event on foreign as well, meaning EN will be fully caught up in regards to Major Events.

Gacha Skin

The gacha batch is the Christmas batch foreign had last year.

This batch includes an L2D for De Lisle as well as regular skins for Lusa, KSVK, MPK, MPL and a Point Event for a Bren Ten skin.


There will be a rerun of Ski Destroyer as well as a new seasonal ringleader Tareus.

Monthly SPEQ

The new Monthly SPEQ is for M1887.

Neural Upgrade Batch

Mica also did not put this on the roadmap, but said it was coming during SS in a discord comment and in Q&As.

Clearly they don't consider Mod Batches important.

This Neural Upgrade batch includes the following T-Dolls:

General Rate-Up

For some reason we are having General Rate-Ups almost back-to-back now. Instead of the usual January Rate-Up we instead are having it during December because being consistent is impossible.

Christmas Minor Event Rerun

There will be a rerun of the Minor Event One Coin Short.


1: QBZ-191 Mooncake earbuds? Not promoting it?
- marketing doesn't want to promote it.

2: Translations for voicelines already???
- lmao no

3: Tareus when?
- after SS 
Note that this seems to not be true as she is on the December roadmap so she will be DURING SS instead.

4: 3.03 when?
- not started translation yet, will be started after SS

5: earphones and codes?
- Only Moondrop's merch store will have EN codes, EN codes will not be usable on other servers than EN and vice versa, don't order foreign earphones and beg for en codes, you won't get them

6: DP-12 batch when?
- during SS

7: seasonal event rerun before or after SS?
- before SS

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