Currently running a RF/HG Echelon of:
SVD, Stechkin, Welrod, M14 and PPK.
Who can be replaced and with whom to maximize dps within the Echelon? thanks

Asked by ExoticColor1 year ago


You have an RF/HG echelon of SVD, Stenchkin, Welrod, M14, and PPK, so can I assume that you are using this formation?

SVD | Welrod | None
Stenchkin | PPK | None
M14 | None | None

If you are using this, I have quite a few to recommend. I will list them.

(1) Wa-chan (Wa2000) for SVD.
You should have already know that she is the superior form of SVD right, so she is an obvious choice, much better stats overall and a better skill. One plus point, she is quite a common drop for 5 stars.

SVD | Welrod | None
Stenchkin | PPK | None
M14 | None | None

(2) Grizzly, SAA, Contender, M1895 for Stenchkin
You said that you want extra DPS, and since M14 has such a high RoF and SVD skill is Self RoF buff, you don’t really need Stenchkin here. And you shouldn’t look down on M1895 too, 32% damage buff and 16% critical rate, very good for an RF/HG echelon, though she sees more use at night with Welrod and PPK because of her skill.
Grizzly sees more use along with PPK and Welrod, since her buff is a damage and evasion buff. PPK being a glass tank with super evasive ability, a bit of her buff and Welrod skill is enough for her to reduce her damage take in. Her skill is a damage buff so more dps.
SAA damage buff is really nice and so is her skill, basically a 4-star Grizzly without the evasion buff.
Contender, if you have her. Her buff is really nice, the only one gun that has a Critical rate and damage buff aside from M1895, from what I remember. Her skill is more for a bamboo team so if you really really like her, use her, or else just use SAA or Grizzly. Just replace Stenchkin with any of them

SVD or Wa-chan | Welrod | None
Stenchkin | PPK | None
M14 or Wa-chan | None | None

(3) A straightforward DPS team with IWS.
Well, if you have IWS and Five-Seven use this IWS team.

Stenchkin | Welrod | None
IWS | PPK | None
Five-Seven | Calico | None

But hey, chances are, you don’t have Five-Seven right?

(4) For an easier DPS RF/HG, change SVD with Lee, and PPK with Calico.
Basically, use the buff for a faster shooting RF. Self-damage buff and ROF skill buff, pfft, just wait and see them destroy everything.

Lee | Welrod | None
Stenchkin | Calico | None
M14 | None | None

Lee needs more attention because her RoF is not as fast as M14 (obviously).

That’s all I recommend really

I do have IWS-2000 unfortunately no 57 or W2K
Also no Calico so no Exodia as yet for me, but looking into what you said I see my problem was trying to utilize ROF buff HGs when the RF's I chose had RoF buffs already, so I'm thinking replacement of with the SAA or my grizzly is currently on my MG echelon I'll also try the M18, thank you so much for your help simply amazing.

I'm just curious on your opinion on your IWS squad, do you actually think this is the best way to use her, rather than a 2 RF squad? I know this is the popular way to run her, but I've found better results on 5-4 Night pairing her with another RF, I prefer Springfield. Albeit I don't have Calico no matter how hard I try, so MAYBE that makes all the difference.

I have a couple of advices too. It somehow happened that i am currently running the same echelon, so i know its disadvantages. So...

First: placement. If you want a better buff distribution, place your units like this:
None | SVD | None
Stechkin | Welrod | PPK
None | M14 | None
Now both RFs are buffed equally good. The pressure on ppk will slightly go up, but that won't be a problem when she'll become around 80 lvl and will be equipped with t-type exo.

Second: M14. Your HG setup is quite good, so there's no need to change it. But with buffs like that SVD's rof, because of her skil, will reach RoF cap after all party's skills activation, and M14's rof will not, so her (m14's) effectiveness will suffer. I personally advice you to swap m14 with Wa2000 or, if you want a more budget variant that won't be outclassed much by wa2k, with orsis t-5000 (she'll be added after the maintenance on 4th of December. Also, her drop rate will be increased, so she'll be easier to get than wa2k. Plus she is cute).

Hope i helped. Good luck my fellow commander)

As a general rule, in a given team you want HG's that buff the opposite of what the rifle skill buff is. So if your rifles buff RoF (WA2k, SVD) you want damage buffs, and if you're rifle buffs DMG(Lee, m14) you want HG's to buff RoF. Nuke/bamboo RF's need damage.

Since you said you don't have WA2K, in your case I would advise replacing SVD, as once she gets lvl 100, she will be hitting way over cap. (141 rof assuming max skill/dummy links). Lee is pretty much best choice for standard mob-grinding dmg RFs next to m14, a close second being Springfield with special ammo.

If you wanna go the RoF route, honestly BM59 isn't all that bad, but you'd wanna replace stech with grizzly/SAA.

Secret flex pick: If you're doing night battles, G43 is seriously beast for a 2* @ max skill lvl. 85% RoF buff, with relatively high base. She sometimes even steals MVP from WA2k in my night battles (I don't have SVD, so I've been using her for nights) .