Springfield's Cafe and Luffberry Chess


Cafe is Cafe. Has Springfield. 13/10.

The Cafe

  • The Gramophone allows you to swap out which dolls are in the Cafe at any time, allowing you to view specific Gacha banner costume stories.
  • Mod stories can be viewed at the Coffee Machine, see the neural upgrade page for more info.
  • The Notebook allows you to see and collect bonuses for costume sets.
  • The Projector has old PVs and Posters for events available at a 1000 battery cost each. You can preview what the poster looks like in advance. The PVs are available on Mica’s youtube channel.
  • The Comic Stand has official 4-Koma by AC130 for 600 batteries each. 
    • Additionally the 3☆ HG Gsh-18 is granted as a reward for buying any 5 of these (3000 batteries total). 
    • There is a second reward for buying 10 4-Koma, a costume for Gsh-18.
  • The Luffberry minigame is available on the tabletop.

Luffberry Chess

Luffberry Chess is a minigame added with 2.09 with some similarity to 100% Orange Juice. Compete against bots or other players to gain points and earn gacha Tickets.

Outside the one Simulation you must do as a tutorial, you should never touch this mode as it does not grant Tickets. If you wish to earn your Tickets playing against Bots, simply Create a private room, set player count and start the match with no other players active.

The Data index has all the specific card effects and stats for dolls as well as descriptions of various game mechanics.


Rewards from the Luffberry Gacha include a Commander costume set, the current doll skin as well as various minor prizes.

It costs 200 tickets to do a 10-pull on the Luffberry Gacha, which includes commander costumes, a doll skin and plenty of other rewards. Note that Luffberry gacha does not require 10-pulls like doll skin gachas, as there is no bonus for pulling 10 at once.

Note that the amount of Tickets earned is based on match time, up to a maximum of 100 for one match. Winning or losing does not matter. Playing in tournament mode also gives a small amount of tickets which ignore the daily limit. First place winners will earn 7 tickets, second place gets 5, third place gets 4, and fourth gets 3.

Every day grants you +100 Tickets available to be earned, stacking up to a maximum of 700. This means you could play one match every day or 7 matches each Saturday or whatever in between and earn the same amount of Tickets.

The doll skin has a hard pity of 4500 gachapon tickets, guaranteeing the skin as you pass this threshold. Note that the doll skin changes occasionally and the old one will be purchasable through exchange instead, costing 3000 Tickets instead of being in the Gacha.

Simply getting your weekly allotment of Tickets can sum up to quite a lot of resources over the course of a month.

Expected monthly rewards from getting your weekly 700 gasha Tickets.

Miniguide: How to Luffberry Chess

Turn order, picking faction.

At the start of a match each player rolls a dice and turn order and faction picking order is decided by the highest rolls.


There are 4 Factions in Luffberry, each of which has its own faction ability when used:

  • IOP Tech
    • Supplies Delivery
      Enhance 1 friendly piece. Can be used multiple times a turn, but costs 5 tokens per use starting with the 2nd.
      Cooldown: 0 Turns
  • Svarog Heavy Industries
    • Targeted Bombing
      Deals 2 damage to a selected piece.
      Cooldown: 2 Turns
  • 16LAB Tech
    • Armament Alteration
      Remove 1 friendly piece from play. Removing different doll types has different effects:
      • HG: Gain 1 additional movement die this turn.
      • RF: Gain a devastation-related Item Card.
      • SMG: All pieces gain 2 shield points.
      • AR: Gain an enhancement-related Item Card.

Cooldown: 2 Turns.

  • Sangvis Ferri
    • Heavy Reinforcement
      Regenerate 2 HP and grant 1 shield point to 1 piece on the board.
      Cooldown: 1 Turn.

Short on doll types

Each doll type has their own skill and statline. For stat specifics see Data in game, note that movement for each type is different. When initially deployed, a piece has 1 turn lower than max cooldown.

  • Handgun ability:
    Mobility +2 for 1 turn.
    Cooldown: 2 Turns.
  • Submachine Gun ability:
    Target a grid within 6 grids and deal 3 damage to all enemies within 1 grid of the target location.
    Cooldown: 2 Turns.
  • Rifle ability:
    Deal 4 points of damage to an enemy piece within 6 grids.
    Cooldown: 3 Turns.
  • Assault Rifle ability:
    Special Assault
    Enhance self once.
    Cooldown: 2 Turn.


Movement around the board is based on dice rolls, the movement stat and landing on grids of your color. Landing on your own colored grid spaces is called Turbo and moves you forward by 4 plus extra based on your turbo stat.

Rolling a 1 or a 6 allows you to optionally deploy a piece instead of moving. A roll of 6 allows you to roll again after your action up to 3 total actions in one turn.

The movement stat can be altered and additional die can be gained through card effects.

Shop at start of each turn

Before each turn’s player phases, the Shop is open to allow you to buy cards. Card cost scales with rarity and rerolling the shop costs 2 tokens.
You can also lock your current shop if there is a card you really want to keep for the next shop phase. Note that this forfeits your free reroll, and empty spaces will not refill.


Most cards only affect a specific doll type or require a specific doll type to be on the board to take effect.

You can view all cards and their effects in the Data menu.


The currency used in a match in Luffberry is known as Tokens and there are various sources.

  • 10 Tokens at the start of the match.
  • Airdrop Supply on the first two turns and every 3 turns after has the choice between Targeted Deployment granting a Troop Carrier card (allows you to deploy a piece) and Wealth Detection for 5 Tokens.
  • Per turn you gain 3 Tokens base, +2 per doll fielded for a maximum of 9.
  • Various card effects grant Tokens.
  • A lap around the board gives 6 Tokens.
  • A kill gives 3 Tokens.

Win condition and Final Turn

When any player reaches 5 Points the game enters its Final Turn and whoever has the most Points at the end of this turn will win.

Farming Gachapon Tickets

Gachapon tickets are gained at a speed of 5 a minute spent in a match. Meaning for your daily limit of 100 gachapon tickets you only need to spend 20 minutes playing Luffberry.
(We are going to ignore the additional tickets gained from tournament match placement here).

To spend the minimum time required in a match it is easiest to do a private game against bots, as you are not reliant on the player queue.
The map Two-Pronged Attack I found easiest to do this on, because of its shape SMG and RF skills can hit many more tiles than you might expect, making it easier to snipe kills across the map.

Then either farm kills with your RFs or run laps SMGs, while waiting out your turn timers as much as possible to get the 20 minutes.
You can check how long the match has been going on by clicking the “i” in the top left.
If you are approaching 20 minutes and no player has come close to winning yet you can stop waiting out the timers to hurry the entire process along.
With a bit of experience and timing you should be able to get most matches to last 20~25 minutes.

infographic on how to quit game

Alternatively you can simply force quit your match at 20 minutes, which will end the match if you are fighting only bots. This will grant you last place and give you your gachapon tickets, though they may only show up after restarting the game. If you don’t care about achievement progress for winning this is a quick and easy way to make sure matches only last 20 minutes.

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