Striker (Protocol Assimilation)

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Non-Ringleader stats are determined by Rarity and Growth Factor. The stat range from XS to XL will be shown below. 

Level 100 5★ XS -> Level 100 5★ XL

Cost: 4

HP 687→733 Evasion 66→70
Damage 82→89 Rate of Fire 123→131
Accuracy 52→55 Armor 0
Critical Rate 5% Critical Damage 150%
Armor Pen 180 Move Speed 5

Rank Up Cost

Level Petri Dish Rarity
10 50 ★★
30 70 ★★★★
70 100 ★★★★
90 200 ★★★★★



Assault Order
ICD: 0 Seconds
Level 10 Effect From start of battle, increase Damage by 70% for 5 seconds. (Cooldown: 0 Seconds)


Strikers function similar to MGs in Coalition Echelons, intended to deliver Damage early on in the battle, with their performance falling off out of their Skill window. They do have some value by absolutely shredding Armor, but this role can be filled by other units who have greater general viability. 

SWAP Strikers eventually arrive and will completely make conventional Strikers obsolete, further reducing the value of the investment into vanilla units. 

Skill Priority

Assault Order
ICD: 0 seconds
Medium-Low Priority While the multiplier increase is not large, the extra two seconds of duration can add up to a rather large boost in damage. However, there is an expiration date on this investment, so be cautious.

Peak Value Analysis

Dummy Link Effect
1 Extra Link
2 Extra LInk
3 Extra Link
4 Extra LInk
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