T-Doll Basics


T-dolls are your main fighting force in GFL, the reason you are here. Them drawn waifus… and now you just gotta catch ‘em all.


  • Hit Points (HP) - Health, how much damage your doll can take.
  • Damage (DMG/FP) - Also known as Firepower, how much damage your doll will do with attacks.
  • Accuracy (Acc) - Hit rate, how likely your doll is to hit with attacks.
  • Evasion (Eva) - Dodge, how likely your doll is to avoid being hit by attacks.
  • Rate of Fire (RoF) - Attack speed, how fast your doll will attack.
  • Max Rate of Fire (Max RoF) - The maximum Rate of Fire a doll can have. Note that RoF is not a 1-1 on how fast a doll attacks.
  • Armor - Flat damage reduction, reduces damage by 1 per point, down to a minimum of 1.
  • Mobility (Mov) - Movement speed, how fast you can move your doll around in combat.
  • Rounds - Clip size, how many times an MG or SG can shoot before having to reload.
  • Armor Penetration (AP) - Counteracts enemy armor up to the value, allowing attacks to deal full damage.
  • Critical rate (Crit%) - Critical chance, how likely you are to land a critical hit.
  • Critical damage (CritD) - How much damage your critical hits will do.
  • Night (PEQ) - Night maps come with a 90% accuracy penalty, only counteracted through equipping PEQs on your dolls.
  • Repair (Recovery) - This stat determines how much HP a doll will recover at the start of each turn. [HP recovered = repair * max links]

A quick note on Combat Effectiveness (CE) is that it is grossly inflated by large enemy stats and does not tell you in any way how well your team can fight the enemy, as that mostly comes down to teambuilding and knowing your enemies. Relying on CE is pointless, it does not give you a good indication of how hard it will be to fight enemies and inspecting enemies with a long click is a much better tool that one should get into the habit of using.


The different doll types have different base movement speed. Some equipment types also affect the move speed of the doll equipping them, but the base movement of each class is as follows:

  • MG - 4
  • SG - 6
  • RF - 7
  • AR - 10
  • SMG - 12
  • HG - 15

This mostly matters for when you are kiting dolls in combat, lower movement speed units are harder to get out of danger in time if they are targeted.

A notable difference here is that RFs do not actually have this high movement speed when properly equipped with Capes, as the Cape comes with a -3 Mov penalty, bringing them down to MG movement speed at 4 Mov.


Dolls come in 6 different gun types that usually follow their type norms:

  • ARs: General frontline targeting attack doll, medium damage per shot.
  • SMGs: Evasion tanks.
  • RFs: Backline targeting high damage per shot.
  • HGs: Buffers and debuffers.
  • MGs: Random targeting, high burst damage that needs reloading.
  • SGs: Armor tanks.

Doll types usually have types that interact with the other part of a pair, for example most ARs will have tile effects for SMGs and vice versa. HG tiles affect any type of doll and some dolls affect more than one type. For the early game, matching dolls with their matching tile effect is generally the go-to; SMGs with ARs and RFs with HGs. 

SGs and MGs are not recommended for the early game.

The base stats for each doll type differ as well. For example, only SGs have base Armor and the base crit chance of dolls depends on their type.

Note that there are some unique dolls that can equip equipment and have different base stats from other dolls of their type, so make sure to check what your doll does before using her.

Only HGs specifically have scaling tile effect potency based on their link count making them far less effective below level 90 compared to other doll types.

Raising Dolls

To get the most out of your dolls you must raise them, which includes leveling, dummy linking, enhancing and skill training them.


As with most games, dolls can be leveled, in GFL this is done through fielding them into battle or feeding them Combat Reports (CRs). By gaining levels, their hit points and stat potential increase based on their rarity and type.

Levels are one of the most important things for a doll, as both stats and links are tied to them.

Dummy Linking

Dolls generally come unlinked and you must feed them cores or duplicates to link them up. Each link is essentially another copy of the doll on the field that will attack simultaneously, which effectively multiplies your health and damage output. For example, a 2-linked doll will have twice the health and damage of a 1-linked doll.

Dolls can gain an additional link at each of the level 10, 30, 70 and 90 maxing out at 5-link there.

More links means more dakka!

More details under the factory menu.


While dolls gain their health increase directly as they level up, they do not gain other stats automatically and must be enhanced in the factory menu to gain the full benefits from leveling up.

Example showing doll stats not being enhanced. This makes the doll perform badly in combat.

More details under the factory menu.

Skill training

The skills of your dolls increase in effectiveness as they are skill trained, often increasing multipliers and reducing cooldowns. Make sure that you skill train the dolls that need skill levels. While most dolls have skills that simply increase their buffs as the skill level increases, some oddballs do not require skill levels to do their job, so check their individual pages to make sure they need the skill levels first.

Skill levels can drastically increase the power and uptime of your skills.

More on skill training in the research menu.


Equipment is a crucial part of getting the most out of your dolls, often drastically increasing their stats and effectiveness in battle. These usually need to be enhanced and calibrated to get the most out of them.

Crit constantly instead of never

For more on equipment see equipment basics page.

Equipment enhancement is unlocked after clearing 1-4n.

Equipment calibration is unlocked after clearing 2-4n.


Fairies are your 6th echelon members, increasing the echelon’s stats through their aura, their talent activation in battle and their active skill.

Each fairy has a different aura and skill, making some more suitable to some jobs than others.

Well raised fairies are crucial to fielding strong echelons and should not be neglected.

Battlefield supremacy through power and utility.

More on fairies here.

Unlocked after clearing 60 separate main Combat missions.


Affection has a couple of thresholds where it will affect the Damage, Accuracy and Evasion stats of a T-Doll. It is gained through various means and is generally recommended to be kept above 90.

Affection can be gained through:

  • Affection items, such as Cakes, Ice Creams and Lollipops. (Cakes give 1 Affection, Ice Creams give 0.3 Affection, Lollipops give 0.1 Affection.)
  • Being assigned to an Echelon with a Dorm. (Echelon 1 = Dorm 1 and so on.)
  • Collecting hearts in Dorms.
  • Winning battles.

Affection is lost through:

  • Dying in a non-Boss battle is -10 Affection (Boss battles negate this penalty).
  • Another echelon member dying in a non-Boss battle is -5 Affection.

Note that only a single loss instance can occur per battle, so if the entire echelon gets wiped out every Doll will only lose 10 Affection each. If multiple Dolls die in the same battle a surviving Doll will only lose -5 Affection once.

Example of Affection affecting stats. Note how M4A1 has +15%, but it’s only +8 DMG as the +40 DMG from Equipment doesn’t count.

Affection gives 5% increments of base stats depending on the value when near a limit. The 5% is based on the base stats of a Doll and Equipment does not count. As this bonus is rather small (nice to have, but not the end of the world if you don’t have it), Oaths are considered completely Optional, even if they do give you more stats. 

A Mod III Doll that is Oathed will give a total bonus of +15% base stats, which is nice and all but it still does not include Equipment, which are a significant portion of why Dolls are strong.

The various thresholds and requirements are as follows:

  • At 10 or lower Affection, -5% DMG/ACC/EVA.
  • At 90 or above Affection, +5% DMG/ACC/EVA.
  • At 140 or above Affection, +10% DMG/ACC/EVA. Possible with Oath.
  • At 190 or above Affection, +15% DMG/ACC/EVA. Possible with Oath AND Mod III.

Cakes are most easily gained through the Dark Star Kernel shop for Protocol Assimilation.

Explanation of actual calculations for Affection

Internal values of Affection goes from 0 to 1,000,000 for non-oathed dolls. Affection is linear, a doll with 100 displayed Affection has 1,000,000 internal affection, while an Oathed one at 150 Affection will have 1,500,000 internal Affection and so on. 
1 point of Affection thus equals 10k internal points.

Maps have Affection based on their base EXP. For example, 1-2 has a base Affection gain of 130 per battle, and 0-2 has a base Affection gain of 480 per battle. 

Based on conditions, the Affection gain is changed slightly:
Being below 50 Affection has a base multiplier of 1x.
Being at or above 50 Affection has a base multiplier of 0.3x.
Being the leader of an echelon has a base multiplier of 1x.
Getting MVP adds 0.7x to your multiplier.

The formula works as follows:
affection_gain = base * (mod + mvp)

The highest applicable [mod] will determine the Affection multiplier, so a Doll below 50 Affection and an echelon leader will both gain the same Affection.
Being the MVP is an additional +0.7x on top of whichever mod applies.

As such a non-leader MVP above 50 Affection will gain 0.3x from non-leader above 50 Affection, plus 0.7x from being MVP, totalling 1x.
If the MVP is the leader or is below 50 Affection, they will gain the base rate of 1x + 0.7x from MVP totalling 1.7x.

Tapping on a doll in the dorm gives 2500 internal Affection (or 1/4th of an Affection point). 

Higher comfort (including the +1k comfort per pet) gives you a higher rate of passive Affection.

Based on a mix of datamining and testing, the exact formula appears to be floor{(2500+comfort)/2500*8}/10000 passive Affection every ~3 min, so a full 21k comfort should give you ~3.6 Affection per day (actual numbers may differ slightly since it’s hard to nail down the exact refresh rate).

Mods (Neural Upgrade)

Certain dolls have Neural Upgrades (MODs) that allow you to upgrade them further past level 100. Note that the power and effectiveness of each mod varies wildly and reading up on recommended mods is highly advised.

Mods are unlocked at Commander level 60.

The weapon to surpass Metal Gear.

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