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Taunt Fairy CG
Taunt Fairy CG 2
Taunt Fairy CG 3
Craft Time
3 hours 10 minutes

Potential Buffs

Damage 18.00%
Accuracy 58.00%
Evasion 28.00%
Crit Damage 25.00%
Armor 8.00%


Taunt Target
Level 10 Effect
Cost: 3 Fairy Commands

In the next battle deploy a target dummy to attract enemy fire the dummy will have 1600 HP.

Cooldown: N/A


Taunt Fairy is best known for her ability to deploy a target dummy that tanks enemy hits.

Her aura gives a decent amount of everything, but if you're looking for a fairy aura to do as much damage as possible, an offensive oriented fairy is better.

The way her active skill works is, you will deploy a target dummy in front of your echelon for the next battle. This dummy does not count as "active" until your echelon stops moving, and does not prevent AOE damage. In fact, if you are fighting enemies with AOE, those enemies will stop moving earlier, and also cast their skill earlier. This can sometimes lead to your echelon taking heavy damage. Also, the dummy moves slowly, and will slow down the entire echelon even if they were faster moving units such as HGs, SMGs, or ARs.

Taunt Fairy can be a very good choice against enemies your tanks are vulnerable to, or when you need to fight a high volume of battles without repairing.

Due to Taunt Fairy being primarily taken for her skill, it's important to train it before using her. It has 1600 health at level 10 but only 400 at level 1. Do note that the dummy has 0 evasion and 0 armor, so don't expect it to last as long as your tanks in most cases.

I recommend taking Fervor talent on her.