The Dantes Files: A New Chapter

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ID 1199
Cost 9
Base HP 600
Max HP 2,250
Base ATK 0
Max ATK 0


Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 8%.
Increase Critical Strength by 10%.
Apply Damage Cut of 100.

Increase Ominous Herb drops by 1.
[Chaldea Boys 2022 Only]

Limit Break

Increase Quick Card effectiveness by 10%.
Increase Critical Strength by 15%.
Apply Damage Cut of 200.

Increase Ominous Herb drops by 2.
[Chaldea Boys 2022 Only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: Kazuki Yone

"Even a detective needs a moment of respite. That does not mean mysteries follow suit, however."

With the conclusion of the Case of the Masked Man, Detective Dantès takes a quick trip.
He visits a coffee shop run by an old acquaintance of his.
And while the detective reminisces about the good old days, a new request comes in from a mysterious Frenchman.

This particular request brings the detective back to his homeland, leading him to yet another grand case...

Drop Bonus Item