Chaldea Eleven

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ID 1390
Cost 5
Base HP 0
Max HP 0
Base ATK 200
Max ATK 1,000


Gain 1 Critical Star each turn.
Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 2%.
Increase Critical Strength by 3%.

Increase Voyager Mug drops by 1.
[Chaldea Boys Collection 2023 Only]

Limit Break

Gain 2 Critical Stars each turn.
Increase Arts Card effectiveness by 3%.
Increase Critical Strength by 5%.

Increase Voyager Mug drops by 2.
[Chaldea Boys Collection 2023 Only]

Craft Essence Detail

Illustrator: kumita

Skill at soccer is everything in this world. One day, a mysterious man who is literally shrouded in menace suddenly appears before a group of boys who are supposed to pave the road to a new era.

“I'm not so weak as to be tossed around by that heavy tide...I can charge through."
"Sorry. I'll try to stop them."
"The only person who should be looking down on us from above is Sister!"

This match will see myriad schemes and tricks intended to undermine the strengths of humans go up against the numerous assassins (seeds) sent out to defeat them. Can the boys win!?

"Mmmmmm! How very amusing... How could mere humans possibly...overcome my schemes!?"

Numerous deadly Babylon Shots crisscross the field, there’s Jet Space Swing-by dribbling, the field erupts in flames like Honnoji, and mysterious evil gods are summoned to cause chaos... It is an apocalyptic scene.

The audience, while excited at this match, wonders: “They’re playing soccer, right?”

Drop Bonus Item