Osakabehime (Archer)

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Max HP 12,476
HP Rank
Max ATK 8,895
ATK Rank
Base Atk1,482Base HP1,996
Max Atk 8,895 Max HP 12,476
Lvl 100 Atk 10,770 Lvl 100 HP 15,127
Lvl 120 Atk 12,645 Lvl 120 HP 17,778
NP per Hit (%) 0.62%
NP when Attacked (%) 3%
Star Absorption 153
Star Generation per Hit 8.0%

Table of Contents

Servant Skills

Shooting (FPS) B

Increase own Critical Strength (3 times, 3 turns).
Apply Evade to self (1 time, 1 turn).

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Crit Damage + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Available from the start

Princess Summer Vacation (Fake) A

Apply Target Focus to a single enemy (3 turns). [Demerit]
Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns).
Apply Sure Hit to all allies (3 turns).

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Attack + 10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%20%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after 1st Ascension

Chiyogami Battalion Commander EX

Increase own Arts Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (3 turns).

Show Info
Arts + 20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
Buster + 20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

Unlocks after 3rd Ascension

Append Skills

Anti-Assassin (ATK Up)

Deal extra Special ATK damage to [Assassin] class enemies.

Show Info
Special ATK +20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%

Class Skills

Magic Resistance B

Increase your Debuff Resist by 17.5%.

Independent Action A

Increase your Critical Strength by 10%.

Divinity C-

Apply Damage Plus for yourself (Total Card Damage +145).

Fortress Construction B

Increase your Arts Card effectiveness by 8%.
Apply Damage Cut by 200 for yourself.

Noble Phantasm

Thousand Origami of Hakuro, Milli-Mili Night Fever EX EX

Deal damage to all enemies.


Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies (3 turns).
Increase Critical Strength for all allies (3 turns).

Show Info/Video

Thousand Origami of Hakuro, Milli-Mili Night Fever EX

Hakurojou - Senshiki Million Military Night Fever

Rank Classification Hit-Count
EX Anti-Army (One Battalion) 4

Deal damage to all enemies.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
300% 400% 450% 475% 500%
Overcharge Effect

Increase Buster Card effectiveness for all allies (3 turns).
Increase Critical Strength for all allies (3 turns).

Charge 100% 200% 300% 400% 500%
20% 25% 30% 35% 40%
30% 35% 40% 45% 50%

Assorted Info

ID 262
Cost 12
Gender Female
Growth S
Inst. Death Chance 27.00%
Damage Distribution Quick 10,20,30,40
Damage Distribution Arts 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Buster 16,33,51
Damage Distribution Extra 6,13,20,26,35
Damage Distribution NP 10,20,30,40

Attack / HP Growth

Stat Ratings

Ascension Materials


Skill Enhancement Materials

1 → 2 100,000
2 → 3 200,000
3 → 4 600,000
4 → 5 800,000
5 → 6 2,000,000
6 → 7 2,500,000
7 → 8 5,000,000
8 → 9 6,000,000
9 → 10 10,000,000

Append Skill Materials

1 → 2 100000
2 → 3 200000
3 → 4 600000
4 → 5 800000
5 → 6 2000000
6 → 7 2500000
7 → 8 5000000
8 → 9 6000000
9 → 10 10000000

Total Materials Required

Append Skill
Asc + Skill

Costume Dress Materials

Costume Cost Materials
April Fool's 0

Bond CE

Bond Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Bond Pts Req. 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 210,000 230,000 270,000 350,000 400,000
The Battle Ends and the Sun Sets

When equipped on Osakabehime (Archer),
Increase Arts card effectiveness by 10% and Buster card effectiveness by 10% for all allies while on the field.

Table of Contents


Summer is the best! From Assassin to Archer, from Indoor to Outdoor. Alright, let’s play! (Has anyone seen my manuscript?)

After nearly two years of unyielding effort, she has finally succeeded.
Saint Graph swimsuit transformation, complete!

Changing her class from Assassin to Archer and also becoming a bit more active, Osakabehime makes her appearance!
To be specific, she’s crazy about wargames, and her battle royale unfolds day after day and night after night.


“Eh? My manuscript? Oh. Doing well. I really have it so it’s doing well. Eh? You know it’s a lie even without licking my sweat?”

While Osakabehime’s decision to adopt a swimsuit has made her slightly more confident, the underlying person is still the same Servant at heart. Nevertheless, having chosen to indulge in summer’s liberating mood, she brings her battle royale-honed FPS skills to bear down on her enemies, acting as a well-rounded damage dealer who also has notable supporting capabilities!

Despite having an AoE Buster NP, Osakabehime comes with a QAAAB deck, and she complements this setup with Chiyogami Battalion Commander, which grants a 3-turn performance buff to both her Buster and Arts cards. Critical hits form her other main source of damage. Aside from her naturally high Star Weight, Osakabehime has two Critical Damage buffs from her NP and second skill Shooting (FPS), the latter of which also acts as a hard defensive skill. Osakabehime also boasts significant supporting capabilities, courtesy of her NP’s party-wide Buster and Critical Damage buffs as well as Princess Summer Vacation (Fake)’s Attack Up and Sure Hit.

As with many 4-star Servants with an unupgraded AoE NP, Osakabehime’s biggest problem is her generally unimpressive damage, which means that she is hard-pressed to qualify for a primary damage dealer slot. Furthermore, despite having a sizable amount of party-wide damage buffs on paper, half of said buffs are locked behind her NP, and as she otherwise offers little in regards to sustain or NP charge, it is often more efficient to simply bring along a dedicated support instead.

While Osakabehime is far from being a perfect Servant, her all-rounder nature makes her a viable choice for most stages, especially those featuring Saber enemies. Not only that, but her allies will also be grateful for the support she provides, be it in the form of guns or her splendid army of origami!


Flexible Damage Dealer

With the capability to deal AoE NP damage as well as critical hits for single-target, Osakabehime is able to deal damage in a versatile manner. She is also able to gain NP rather easily thanks to her QAAAB deck, which gives her easier access to Arts chains. 

Damage Support Capability

A maxed Osakabehime is able to provide a total of 20% Attack Up, 20% Buster Up, 30% Critical Damage Up on top of Sure Hit to her entire party for 3 turns, which is rather competitive as far as damage support goes. In addition, as a damage dealer, Osakabehime herself also benefits from these buffs, which can be considered hitting two birds with one stone.


Low NP Damage

Despite Osakabehime’s various buffs, there are limits to the damage she can deal with an unupgraded AoE NP, especially as her NP’s own buffs are applied only after its damage is calculated. As a supporting damage dealer, the damage she deals is generally sufficient for waves with lower-health Saber mobs, but boss waves will often see her damage fall short, especially without the aid of external buffs.

One-Dimensional Support

While Osakabehime’s party-wide damage buffs can definitely be seen as a selling point, it can also be argued that bringing along more dedicated supports is more effective, as they can also cover the party’s other needs, such as Critical Star Generation, NP Charge or healing. Furthermore, Osakabehime’s high Star Weight can interfere with a critical-oriented main damage dealer, which can be a problem with limited critical star supply.

Focus Target (Demerit)

Osakabehime’s second skill applies a 3-turn Focus Target debuff on a selected enemy target, meaning that the party cannot target other enemies until the debuffed enemy is defeated. While normally a non-issue in most farming stages, this may cause a problem in stages with multiple boss enemies.

Level Up Skill Recommendation

Skill Priority
Shooting (FPS) B

Increase own Critical Strength (3 times, 3 turns).
Apply Evade to self (1 time, 1 turn).

Show Info
Crit Damage + 30% 32% 34% 36% 38% 40% 42% 44% 46% 50%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5
Princess Summer Vacation (Fake) A

Apply Target Focus to a single enemy (3 turns). [Demerit]
Increase ATK for all allies (3 turns).
Apply Sure Hit to all allies (3 turns).

Show Info
Attack + 10%11%12%13%14%15%16%17%18%20%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5
Chiyogami Battalion Commander EX

Increase own Arts Card effectiveness (3 turns).
Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (3 turns).

Show Info
Arts + 20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
Buster + 20%21%22%23%24%25%26%27%28%30%
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 6 5

As all three of Osakabehime’s skills give her some kind of offensive advantage, it is recommended to get them to as high a level as possible. At the same time, none of the skills are ‘mandatory’ to max, and can generally be left at any level the Master considers sufficient.

  • Aside from acting as Osakabehime’s hard defensive skill, Shooting (FPS) also increases her Critical Damage for 3 hits, with an effect duration of 3 turns. While the Critical Damage Up does increase with additional levels, it is more situational compared to the buffs offered by Osakabehime’s other two skills. This skill should be leveled last.
  • Princess Summer Vacation (Fake) applies 3-turn Sure Hit and Attack Up to Osakabehime’s entire party, at the cost of applying a Focus Target debuff to an enemy target for 3 turns. For the most part, this skill should be leveled second, as only the Attack Up component meaningfully increases in effectiveness when leveled. As this skill also benefits Osakabehime’s allies, however, it may be leveled first if she is to be used together with other damage dealers.
  • As Osakabehime (Archer)’s primary damage boosting skill, Chiyogami Battalion Commander increases the performance of her Buster and Arts cards for 3 turns. Reducing this skill’s cooldown over that of Princess Summer Vacation (Fake) gives more personal damage for Osakabehime due to its higher overall modifier, so it should generally be prioritized first.

Craft Essence Recommendation

As a damage dealer, Osakabehime loves Starting NP Gauge Craft Essences, preferably with NP Damage Up and Attack Up as secondary offensive effects, or to a lesser extent Buster Performance Up and Arts Performance Up. Instant Star Generation is also an option when she is to be used as a switch-in damage support.

  • Kaleidoscope / The Imaginary Element (MLB) / Dragon’s Meridian (MLB): These CEs are useful regardless of whether Osakabehime is used as a main or supporting damage dealer, as the high Starting NP they give allows her to perform an early NP with little to no external support.
  • Holy Night Supper / Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament / Aerial Drive / Welcome to Oniland! / Starry Nights / First Sunrise / Partake with the King : These CEs give a respectable amount of Starting NP while also providing some offensive benefits. They are great picks in general, especially if Osakabehime is not expected to use her NP on the very first turn.
  • The Black Grail: In the case that Osakabehime has to be used as a main damage dealer, the damage boost provided by the Black Grail helps her NP in taking care of stronger enemy waves, which it might have failed to defeat otherwise.
  • Golden Captures the Carp / Scenic Beauty: These CEs may be used if she is used as a switch-in Servant (which typically happens when her party-wide Sure Hit buff is needed).
  • Joint Recital / Victor of the Moon / Limited/Zero Over / True Samadhi Fire / Verdant Sound of Destruction: These CEs offer high direct offensive benefits in exchange for a lack of Starting NP; as such, they should be used only with a well-supported team, or alternatively when other Starting NP CEs are somehow unavailable.

Table of Contents

Other Info

Release Date 7/29/2021
Country/Place of Origin Japan
Illustrator Moriyama Daisuke
Seiyuu (CV) Fukuen Misato
Series Fate/Grand Order




Character Info

After struggling for a little less than two years, she has finally done it. After making some changes to her Spirit Origin, Osakabehime dons a swimsuit!

Changing her class from Assassin to Archer has helped make her a bit more active. In particular, this Osakabehime developed something of an addiction to survival games, and spends her every waking hour hurling herself into every battle royale she can!

Profile 1

Height/Weight: 158cm, 50.4kg
Origin: History
Region: Japan (Himeji Castle)
Alignment: Neutral-Summer
Gender: Female
She claims that she succeeded in losing 1kg...if you round down. But it can also be said that her Morph skill has not been affected either.

Profile 2

Okki suddenly found herself wondering: Is this how my life should be?
Her encounter with Master was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea if she mustered up her all her courage to try an outdoor mode. And it might be inspiration for her next manga.
So she decided.
With the help of her friend Kiyo-yo giving her seventy percent encouragement, twenty percent support, and ten percent covering fire, Osakabehime finally managed to transform into a swimsuit of her own.
And thanks to a certain boxing workout regime created by a boxing Servant who was also one of the original swimsuited Servants, she managed to lose a little bit of weight.
All she has to do is to resist gaining back all the weight during the fall.

Profile 3

Fortress Construction: B
Another iteration of Territory Creation.
Using her experience as the guardian deity of Himeji Castle, she is able to create fortresses.
At B rank, it can surely withstand even bombardment.

Shooting (FPS): B
Reflexes gained by playing games.
At times she may repeatedly jump to evade attacks, but don't think too hard about it.

Princess Summer Vacation (Fake): A
Why would there be a (Fake) even though I'm a princess!?
Hellooo! I'm a bona fide princess here!
Oh, that (Fake) is for the vacation part!? Manuscript? Eh? ...Eh?

Chiyogami Battalion Commander: EX
She controls small animals made from chiyogami, utilizing them to provide continuous fire, cover fire, and bombardment.
See? Don't you think the princess's battalion makes beautiful geometrical patterns?

Profile 4

[Thousand Origami of Hakuro, Milli-Mili Night Fever]
Rank: EX
NP Type: Anti-Army (1 Battalion)
Range: 1 - 10
Maximum Target: 1000 (unit of measure is origami)

Hakurojou Senshiki Mirimiri Naito Fiibaa.
A battalion of origami (1000 sheets) that shoots, gives cover, and unleashes bombs.
It's a truly massive assault!
By the way, milli-mili is short for "million military," which is meant to represent the amount of origami she used in her Noble Phantasm.
...Okki hasn't realized that "milli" actually means a thousand. Master understood the moment she explained, but didn't have the heart to point it out to her.

Profile 5

There are a total of a thousand origami soldiers.
Hermit crab tanks and flying fish fighter jets also count as one, so it may not look like much, but their combat efficiency has her, seal of approval.
The overwhelming surge of their attack is the embodiment of her idea that quantity reigns supreme over quality, and such strength is second to none.
...Actually, their sheer volume is no laughing matter.

After all, the miniature sized soldiers assault the enemy by flying through the air in fighter jets and barreling through the land on tanks. There are just so many of them, their paper bodies fluttering about, easily evading incoming attacks.

Their strength is in their numbers, though they are quite vulnerable to fire, being made of paper...

Profile 6

She has become a tad more active since donning a swimsuit, but her basic nature hasn't changed. In other words, she prefers playing and having fun to backbreaking labor. That's Osakabehime for you... She really does love events.

Her outfit's coloring makes all her military hardware look like toys, but since the bullets are made of magical energy, they have more destructive power than more normal weapons.

As a side note, her attitude towards Master is no different than when she's an Assassin. A maiden's feelings are complicated, mysterious, blind, and merciless.

Voice Lines

Battle Start 1 Fall in! Line up! Okay, let's get to it!
Battle Start 2 Ha ha! The newly born Okki has arrived! I'm also proud that I lost some weight, too!
Skill 1 Go go go!
Skill 2 Contact!
Skill 3 Reload!
Command Card 1 Roger!
Command Card 2 Understood.
Command Card 3 Okay!
Noble Phantasm Card All units, move in! Guns blazing!
Attack 1 Fire!
Attack 2 Frag out!
Attack 3 Give 'em a volley!
Attack 4 Firing!
Attack 5 Attack!
Attack 6 Fly away!
Extra Attack 1 Did you read the manual?
Firing the rocket launcher!
Extra Attack 2 Rocket ready!
Noble Phantasm 1 Comms down!
Right then. All units, charge! Give them everything you've got! This is my Thousand Origami of Hakuro, Milli-Mili Night Fever!
Noble Phantasm 2 Ahhh, we're done for!
Our backs to the wall, nothing left but a last charge! Oh, the bombing squad's here? Yay! All's well that ends well! Thousand Origami of Hakuro, Milli-Mili Night Fever! We're the champions!
Damage 1 Ow ow ow ow! I'm getting wrecked here!
Damage 2 Ouch!
Incapacitated 1 Diet...weight coming back...ugh...
Incapacitated 2 At least...maybe I'll lose some weight...gah...
Victory 1 I won! I won! I'm a champion!
Victory 2 This war will be legendary!
Level up Food's delicious! But all in moderation!
Ascension 1 O-okay...I'll take off my jacket...but don't look too much at my waist!
Don't look...don't you dare look! I'm not joking, Ma-chan, you dummy!
Ascension 2 Okay, no changes this time!
Look forward to the next Osakabehime!
Ascension 3 Time for a form change! The design concept is a bold Japanese style.
This is still so embarrassing, but I guess I can't be too picky since you're the one who made me strong. Heehee.
Ascension 4 Yahoo, Ma-chan.
Hehe...I never imagined a hikki like me would end up so active. This is probably all thanks to you for summoning me. At this point, I'm going to keep on following you around until death parts us. You'd better ready up.
Bond Level 1 Hey, how are you?
Ma-chan, what's going on? Wanna party up?
Bond Level 2 Oh? Wanna party up, Ma-chan?
Okay. I'll show you how active Archer Okki is!
Bond Level 3 U-um...
This thing we're this a date? No? Of course not, huh! Ahahahahaha!
Bond Level 4 No matter what you say, this is definitely a date!
Ugh...I know humanity's having a crisis here, but it's a first...!
Bond Level 5 Fine! I'll admit it! Osakabehime loves you, Ma-chan! Yep!
From the bottom of my heart! And I'm not the type who holds back. YOLO! Either way, you'd better be ready! Got that, Ma-chan!?
Conversation 1 Okay Ma-chan! Wanna get in a pairs match?
Conversation 2 Master and Servant?
Is that all we are?
Conversation 3 What's the relationship between me and Master?
Teehee. That's also a question I want to ask. What am I to you, Ma-chan? ...I feel like I'm one of those annoying princess tropes...
Conversation 4 (Kiyohime, Kiyohime (Lancer)) Oh, it's you, Kiyo-yo. Hellooo!
Huh? Manuscript? ...Yep, it's going well! Everything's going super smooth! Eh? You don't need to lick my sweat off to know I'm lying? I figured! Gyaaahhh!!!
Conversation 5 (Any Summer Servant) Ugh. There're so many other swimsuit Servants, aren't there?
Do I fall short? Do they beat me in attractiveness? I'm not inferior to them, am I? Am I!? AM I!? I don't fall short? Poggers!
Conversation 6 (Beni-Enma, EMIYA, Boudica, Tamamo Cat, Minamoto-no-Raikou) Um...
All you meal-makers... Does there exist a meal that's low in calories, filling, good for digestion, nutritious, lets you lose weight the more you eat, and delicious...?
Conversation 7 (Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)) Whoa! Even Musashi's in a swimsuit!?
And what the heck is with that dynamic bod of hers!? Not only is she in athletic swimwear, but she's also in some sort of Western getup? Honestly, the things naturally talented people do...! I bet she wasn't even thinking of something like that, but she's still so sly! ...But that's what makes her so cool...hehe.
Conversation 8 (Altria Pendragon (Ruler)) Kyaah! An important person! She's gotta be important!
Bunny! Gorgeous! Celeb! Ugh...she's so blinding...I better pray to her. Ask for her blessing... Uh-oh. She made a funny face. Waaah!!!
Likes Games are great. Battle royales are nice too.
The only thing that falls short is the fact that other than Ma-chan, all the other players are origami...
Dislikes What I dislike...
Hmmm...carbs... Why are all the foods served from Chaldea's kitchen so delicious...?
About the Holy Grail Yes, yes, yesss! Okki has a wish!
To get to an ideal weight! To maintain an ideal weight forever!
During an Event Come on, come on.
We're right smack in the middle of an event! Stand up straight and sharpen up!
Birthday Happy birthday, Ma-chan!
It's a special day that happens only once a year, so let's let loose with everyone! ...Well look at that. I think this is all thanks to you that a hikikomori like me's able to think of ideas like that.
Summon S-sorry for causing so much trouble...
I'm Archer Osakabehime... I tried my best to fit into a swimsuit... Wh-what do you think? Do I look good? I look good, right? I racked my brain picking it if you can tell me that I look good in it, it'll boost my confidence...!
All In! Las Vegas Championship Match - Seven Duels of Swordbeauties! Ring Announcement Las Vegas Seven Duels of Swordbeauties
Energetic Summer Girl, Katsushika Hokusai
Trying Out a Revealing Bikini, But Written Nary a Page, Osakabehime
Wait, chotto a minute! I'll make the deadline, I S-W-E-A-R!
Prepare yourselves!


Limited - Can only be summoned during certain events

Future Banners

Banner (Add 2 years for NA Date) JP Period

[JP] Evocation Festival 3 Pickup Summon (Daily)
[JP] Evocation Festival 3 Pickup Summon (Daily)

Banner Type:

Past Banners