The Little Sister Contest! Best Stages to Farm (Lite Ver.)

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If you want all the rewards from The Little Sister Contest, you'll need to do a bit more sisterly bonding. Daily points and clear bonuses are all well and good, but if you want the full 545,600 Points to clear out the shop and lottery or heck, even go for a full 999k, you're gonna need to strategize a bit to get it done quickly. This guide's here to help with that! 

All four of the following stages are chosen because they are one wave battles - which means that you can end them immediately with a powerful enough Last Word, and thus get Event Points way faster. This time around, the Story Card stage is also one wave! Every stage will have its drops listed, so pick the stage which drops what you need!

Make sure you're farming these stages on the highest difficulty you can clear with as few units as possible in a single turn, on Full Auto if possible. Ideally, you'll be farming them with 1 unit in 1 turn, so if it'd take you 2 units to farm Lunatic, or multiple turns, it'd be better to farm with 1 unit on Hard, and so on. The goal is to minimize time and Spirit P spent, but it's perfectly okay to bring other units along to level them up, just try to keep it to only one or maybe two so you don't run out of Spirit P too quickly. 

Drops are unchanged from the last run.

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Triple Sister Sandwich

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Yukari Yakumo 38400 Moon, Wood Fire, Star 5 2 Recieve 20% less damage from Weak damage
Ran Yakumo 37200 Fire, Star Sun, Earth 5 2 None
Chen 35130 Sun, Water Moon, Wood 5 1 Own Evasion UP and all allies Agility UP

Drops: Attack & Defense Books, Plum & Orchid Tiles, Heaven & Wind Scrolls

A easy enough one wave stage, though Chen's self Evasion UP might give you some consistency issues. Just try to avoid bringing Fire or Star damage - Yukari's both bulky and takes less damage than normal from damage that she resists. 

Declaration of Love

EnemyHPWeak ToResistsBarriersSpell GaugeSkills
Sanae Kochiya41250Sun, MetalMoon, Water52Passive: Recieve 20% less damage from Weak damage. Active: Restore 1 Barrier to all Allies
Suwako Moriya42375Wood, StarSun, Fire52None

Drops: Attack & Support Books, Plum & Chrysanthemum Tiles, Heaven & Serpent Scrolls

Nothing too fancy, just watch out from the fact that Suwako takes less damage from anything she resists, so don't bring Sun or Fire if you can help it. 

Bonds Thicker Than Blood

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Sakuya Izayoi 43050 Fire, Star Sun, Earth 5 1 None
Youmu Konpaku 44100 Sun, Fire Moon, Earth 5 2 None
Hong Meiling 47400 Sun, Metal Moon, Water 5 1 All allies gain 3 Levels of Yin DEF UP

Drops: Defense & Support Books, Plum & Bamboo Tiles, Cloud & Serpent Scrolls

Due to Meiling providing the entire enemy team with a large amount of Yin DEF UP, it's advised that you bring a Yang attacker to farm this stage.

Eternal Little Sister

Enemy HP Weak To Resists Barriers Spell Gauge Skills
Fujiwara no Mokou 67200 Moon, Water Wood, Star 5 1 Immunity to Fire & Freeze Barriers
Keine Kamishirasawa 69750 Moon, Wood Fire, Star 5 2 All allies Accuracy & CRIT Evasion UP

Drops: 4* Story Card "Napping is Part of the Job", 5* Story Card "Heavenly Backup Dancers"

The last stage isn't really anything special, just note that they're both weak to Moon and resist Star, and that you may wish to avoid bringing any CRIT heavy units due to Keine's skill. 

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