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What are Shared Exchange Points?

With the introduction of L80 Marisa Kirisame comes the arrival of a new mechanic for Prayers: the Shared Exchange Points. Within a given timespan (called a season), new character releases will share the same exchange points as previous Prayers. For an example, if a person pulled 300 times for L80 Marisa, their exchange points will carry over to the next banner of the current exchange season, instead of converting into Spirit Points.

Prayers included in this season will also come with a 5Story Card with a higher than usual pick up rate, giving players a chance to collect more useful cards for their Friends! These Story Cards will be a mix of powerful old favourites as well as brand new cards that have yet to be revealed.

As of right now, there is one season incoming with the start of L80 Marisa Kirisame's Prayer. This will continue from July 14th, 2023 to August 10, 2023!

How does this affect me?

In essence, you will have more flexibility with the way you spend resources in the coming month! Maybe you were able to pick up L80 Marisa within 150 pulls of her Prayer. You also know that a new Friend is coming out in the next week, which requires 150 points to exchange for. Finally, you have decided that you either want to spend your excess Relic Disks to fully unlock your Night Splitting Light, or wouldn't mind waiting until you can accumulate enough resources for disks to unlock her. You now have the option of spending those exchange points for that upcoming Friend instead. Economics!

Alternatively, you may have your eye on a new, up-and-coming Story Card that you'd like to have for your team with no fuss. You may wish to pull a little bit more on the current Prayer for more copies of the Friend, before saving up the remainder just to exchange for your the card when it comes in. 250 Exchange Points would net you a total of 5 cards, enough for a Max Limit Break.

Will there be another season?

As of now, we do not have any confirmation as to whether Shared Exchange Points will become a staple in the game. Stay tuned for further announcements!

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