Dev Letter #32 Recap

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Welcome to the third Touhou LostWord Global Dev Letter of 2024, and the 32nd one in total! Last month was the turn of Live With Phantasma (and Michael) where we were met with news such as C3 Tenshi's ride into the fray, but for now, the Happy News in the form of a Dev Letter has arrived, and it's only one month away from the 3 Year Anniversary! As usual, there is a campaign post where 5 Seal Crystals and 1500 Coins will be given out for every 500 Reposts! The more, the merrier after all!

And now for those who don't have bigger fish to fry, hopefully you will enjoy going over this recap of Happy Dev Letter News!

The Moon, Ichigo and Last JP Stream

First and foremost, for those who may have missed, the last Live Stream on the JP side featured Ichigo from KISHIDA KYOUDAN & THE AKEBOSHI ROCKETS, a circle that worked on the Perfect and Elegant MV "The Moon and Izayoi"!

In addition, there will be a repost campaign with the chance to win merchandise autographed by Ichigo herself!

The previous JP Live Stream that featured Ichigo from KISHIDA KYOUDAN & THE AKEBOSHI ROCKETS!

A Repost Campaign where 2 lucky winners could get themselves merchandise autographed by Ichigo!

There was also a Questions and Advice Segment in the aforementioned Stream where some of your questions were answered!

Remember to turn the Subtitles/Closed Captions option on to English below:

Quality, Kourindou, Content, and Confines?

Now it's time to get into the nitty gritty! To start off, it must have been, well, forever since the last Forever Prayer. However, not one, but two Forever Prayers are coming our way, with a Lite Daily Forever Prayer from April 19th-26th, followed by an Ultra Festival Forever Prayer between April 26th-May 10th! Who will answer our Prayers? Who knows, but it could be somebody like A6 Yukari, A6 Youmu, A6 Yuyuko, B3 Eiki, B3 Komachi and B3 Kutaka

Two Forever Prayers to look forward to this month as we head closer to Anniversary Season!

As we will be realizing sooner or later, Kourindou is not only the home of Kourindou Roulette, but now Kourindou Slots! This is a new kind of Login Bonus that can grant the player rewards, from Seal Crystals, to Coins, to Lucky Mirrors, to Nameless Mirrors of Rebirth, to maybe even the grand prize, which is 777 Seal Crystals if you are fortunate enough to score 3 Lucky 7s in a row! More than enough to secure a Festival Friend!

Will you get your lucky day during your time with Kourindou Slots? Only time will tell!

And speaking of Festival Friends, are you a new player interested in Touhou LostWord and have never played it before? Well that's where the Start Dash Festivals come in, with three separate Prayers to jumpstart your journey! They include:

Reimu Hakurei (A7A) + Reimu Hakurei (A7B)

Marisa Kirisame (A7A) + Marisa Kirisame (A7B)

Remilia Scarlet (A6) + Flandre Scarlet (A6)

These Prayers will be available to new Players commencing after the maintenance on April 12th and will stick around for 2 weeks after the player's account is created!

2 Reimus, 2 Marisas, 2 Scarlet Sisters and 2 weeks of availability for new accounts starting from April 12th's maintenance!

There are more Prayers where that came from, and here is one available from April 19th-26th that is sure to break boundaries!

Enter the Yukari-Verse Festival! Featuring C3, A6 and A7 variants of the elusive Yukari Yakumo, which is sure to satisfy the Yukari adorers out there! However, from Sakuya-Verse to Yukari-Verse, who will be next?

Yukari Yakumo: Into The Yukari-Verse. Truly Boundary Breaking!

And to tie the knot on these rerunning Prayers, we also have an Ultra Festival Collection Part 1, featuring Friends from the Chapter 4 Story and/or Hifuu: Code E9! These will come in 4 pairs of 2 (or 3 in the case of a certain electronic ensemble), and there will be two occasions where they will be available for about 2 days, and this rotation process will be going on until April 27th.

The following will be available on certain specific times during Part 1 of this Ultra Festival Collection Prayer!

Satori Komeiji (S2) + Hecatia Lapislzuli (B3) [April 12th-13th + April 20th-21st]

Medicine Melancholy (B5) + Alice Margatroid (B5) [April 14th-15th + April 22nd-23rd]

Lunasa Prismriver (B5) + Merlin Prismriver (B5) + Lyrica Prismriver (B5) [April 16th-17th + April 24th-25th]

Remilia Scarlet (E9) + Flandre Scarlet (E1) [April 18th-19th + April 26th-27th]

With the Prayers of familiar faces out of the way, it's time to go over a new event titled The Dream Beast Salon! This one features our three menacing matriarchs, Saki Kurokoma, Yachie Kicchou and Yuuma Toutetsu in some snazzy costumes!

And of course, there also comes a new Event Trailer below for these three!

Yachie, Saki and Yuuma star in a new event with costumes that will help you get that bit further to those goods such as that Epic Paper Doll and Relic Paper Disk!

And now to go through some appreciated Quality of Life Upgrades, with both Errands and Friend Upgrading becoming a lot less of a hassle now!

Huh, what's that? Another Chapter 4 Act 3 EX installment is upon us? Sounds kind of...fishy?

It truly is A Perfect Day for Errand QoL!

Upgrading your Friends here is now a much shorter process. Rejoice!

A storm on the Islands of 8 is coming! Incoming Chapter 4 Act 3 EX 6, and a fishy fisher...

Somewhat Successful Moon Reverie

Based on Chapter 4 Act 3 EX 5, this may or may have been expected for some. You could say predicting this is like shooting fish in a barrel, but either way, in comes Shion Yorigami (Somewhat Successful Big Sister)! Despite her nature as a poverty god, she is a Support-Class Friend and she takes a page out of C3 Youmu Konpaku's book with her Cooldown Reduction for the team, as well as taking advantage of Burn, Freeze and Paralyze, has Yin ATK buffs and can inflict/break Burn anomalies!

Meanwhile, we have a new Limited Story Card to study, known as Scholars of Ikaruga!

On another note, she also comes with a pretty cool theme by SOUND HOLIC titled BILLION $ GIRL!

Available from April 12th-26th comes this new variant of Shion Yorigami! Who will take the bait?

In comes a new Seiga Kaku/Okina Matara card titled Scholars of Ikaruga!

The three Voice Actors for this version of Shion:
Voice 1: Kakumoto Asuka
Voice 2: Nomura Kanako
Voice 3: Tanaka Tomori

Remember how last month was the turn of Tenshi on her Universe Ring? Well she is back for the VS Divergent Spirits stage: Tenshi Hinanawi (C3) which may or may not include a Tenshi-Verse theme! The available cards in question include the new card titled Fishing Without a Net, as well as the returning Luck Story Card we know as It's Just Like I Heard!

Oh heavens, our next new VS Divergent Spirits Stage is against Tenshi Hinanawi (C3)!

Oh and one more thing! Maybe you're expecting a surprise Relic announcement at this point? Maybe that's just a reverie for you under the moon? Well she's already here subconsciously, enter Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie), arriving on April 19th and lasting until May 10th, just before the Anniversary point!

Also coming on April 19th will be her very own Ruins of Memory Story as well as her Story Card titled Moon Reverie!

Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie) is coming a week after Shion!

Designed for our new Koishi, this card has some handy effects, including a boost in Sharp bullets and Earth elements, as well as a Yin ATK buff for Debuff-Class Friends!

All three of these Voice Actors for this new Koishi:
Voice 1: Miyamura Yuko
Voice 2: Oki Saeko
Voice 3: Momoi Haruko
And yes, Voice 1 is the same vocalist for Koishi's "Moon Reverie" MV!

Penultimate Stretch

For some miscellaneous moments before the end, we will be prepping ourselves from April 26th to May 9th for some Anniversary Countdown Login Bonus rewards, including Seal Crystals, Fortune Dust and a Divine Paper Doll!

Speaking of Divine Paper Dolls, there will be some Special Divine Paper Doll Packs including both that and God Crystals during this month!

And of course, we will be looking forward to a new future MV from the MV Project centred around Hata no Kokoro! Alongside her L1 and Lr variants, a Relic of her is now waiting in the wings, but how will her MV sound? All will be unmasked near the end of April!

As the days to May 11th decrease, we will have these Login Bonus Rewards to look forward to!

More Packs full Divine Paper Dolls and God Crystals to look forward to!

Hata no Kokoro will join the list of MV Projects, as well as get her own Relic Friend in the future by extension!


And that is Dev Letter #32 done and dusted! This one was a bit of a smaller one, but you know what they say, the calm before the storm, and it's very likely the Anniversary Storm will hit hard with all kinds of Happy News! What will happen on May 11th? Well that is to be revealed, but with about 30 days of warm waiting, that day will come!

So with that said, hopefully you enjoyed this Dev Letter and/or this recap, and thank you as always for supporting Touhou LostWord!