Should You Pull? Prayer “Necromantic Desires Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Should one feel free to face the future without consequence, recommended. Otherwise, keep anniversary in mind. Opening up a portal into Touhou LostWord with her wicked Taoist powers just before the end of the month is the devious A13 Seiga Kaku (Desires) of the Necromantic Desires Festival! Coming with an Ascending Step-UP starting off at 60 God Crystals, this wicked hermit is hoping to make players go “Doki Doki Waku Waku” and spend their Seal Crystals for what might just be quite the desirable Friend we have here. But has she succeeded in that, or did she over prepare in that endeavor?

Seiga Kaku is a miraculous Taoist who managed to travel through her own world to ours without intervention from the player character. While that alone is worth praise, it does beg the question; is she worth Praying for? While a tricky question (similar to the Taoist of the hour) there are a few pointers before one should come to a reasonable answer. 

A13 Seiga is a Destroy-Class friend, a class who usually has glaring weaknesses and lacks both buffs and breaking ability. However, similar to some of the higher rarity friends, A13 Seiga doesn't seem to have such a hole in her kit. Instead having amazing and reliable debuffing in her Last Word in addition to incredible buffs for not just her, but her party as well. As she manages to dodge the massive pitfall most modern Destroy-Class Friends fall into. It's still impressive that she manages to keep the strengths as a Destroyer with as little flaws as one.

The massive issue with A13 Seiga that many may use to defame her Taoist artistry is her lack of both types of accuracy, especially normal accuracy which she doesn't have in the slightest. While an unfortunate hole for the master of holes, such a blemish to her ample self shouldn't hold her down if one plays their cards correctly!

With this Prayer also comes the returning Story Card you may have remembered from Metal EX, known as Rainbow Dragon Cave! It has some fitting effects such as +3 Stages of Yin ATK (2T), +20% Star and +15% Body! It could be one of few solid picks for this necromantic hermit!

Featured Story Card "Rainbow Dragon Cave"!

So is this Festival Friend really as desirable as she is devious? On her own, yes, especially with her Ascending Step-UP that is worth at least a 60 God Crystal Prayer as well as a 2 week duration on her Prayer. However, there is one slight problem…we are 2 weeks away from the 3 Year Anniversary! This Prayer should really only be for those who are diehard Seiga loyalists (ok not literally die with Seiga around) and/or if you have way above 750 Seal Crystals. Other than that, despite her being a very strong Festival Friend, it’s better to prepare for the upcoming Anniversary on May 11th while you still can! Other factors to consider is the Sakuya O’Clock Prayer full of…you guessed it, all Sakuya Izayoi variants waiting for Sakuya supporters to pray for them, as well as the Ultra Festival Collection Part 2 full of some of the Festival Friends we met less than a year ago! Maybe one of these three Prayer could divert one’s attention from Anniversary’s presumed colossal news, but maybe it’s also a smarter option to just prepare your Seal Crystals if you don’t have a favorite among these three you are desperate for. Back to A13 Seiga though, if you don’t give in to any desires, there will be a next time for her, whether it be through a Forever Prayer, or by some other means!

But for those who truly desire this wicked hermit, best of luck in pursuing her, and hopefully you will live to tell the tale without any necromantic’s meddlings!


A13 Seiga Kaku is a Destroy-Class Friend, specializing in a mix of solid support and debuffs with additional breaking and above average damage on the side. Despite lacking in Accuracy, the blueprint of her kit is extremely good.

Powerful and Wicked Taoist Magic

A13 Seiga on the offensive side may not be the highest numbers ever (partly due to her Festival rarity), but they can certainly get the job done easily. Through being accompanied by her cute Jiang Shi, even her All-Targeting Spell Card 2 can land unexpectedly strong numbers. However, this alone isn't a particularly amazing thing. Instead, it combines with the other of her two massive pros.

Yin DEF debuffs and Yin ATK buffs go together like Jiang Shi and Nyan Nyan

What really pushes A13 Seiga over the edge is her incredible Yin DEF debuffing in addition to large damage and offensive buffs. Having a Last Word with -4 Yin DEF on all enemies and +4 Yin ATK for self (3 of which go to her team) is simply an amazing combo and this is a huge part of why characters such as C3 Youmu Konpaku and CZ1 Marisa Kirisame are so powerful.

Master of Holes’ Support Leaves no Gap in her Wake

Usually, a character with good Defense Debuff and good damage has a massive flaw in the form of Killers and/or lackluster buffs for herself. As stated earlier, A13 Seiga Nyan Nyan manages to pull off the impossible and houses plentiful and impactful buffs which are extremely helpful for herself as is for her team. Featuring buffs like Yin DEF, CRIT ATK, CRIT Accuracy and most importantly, Yin ATK, her overall contribution to the party, let alone Yoshika is almost more frightening than her!

Necromantic Killer

A13 Seiga’s Killers aren't bad as a whole, but unlikely to be the most effective on all targets. Given a closer inspection. They hit more than half of all targets in VS Divergent Spirits Stages. With that said, the lack of a lot of full Killers in these stages could hurt her a bit assuming her debuff + attack buffs combo isn't enough.

Accuracy Buffs are 6 Feet Under

Unfortunately, A13 Seiga lacks any Accuracy buffs in her entire kit, and as a Destroy-Class Friend, she also somewhat lacks CRIT Accuracy. This can be extremely hurtful for her as without that 100% CRIT rate on her last line, her damage falls off noticeably which is one of her big strengths. However, assuming on can patch up her Accuracy or CRIT Accuracy problems with Story Cards or support, she is beyond serviceable and desirable despite this massive hole in her kit.

A13 Seiga Kaku (Desires) was released on April 26th 2024 on Prayer “Necromantic Desires Festival”. For more up-to-date analysis, be sure to visit the Discord Official Discord Server.

Hailing from a world with spirits aplenty, our beloved (sometimes too much) Taoist spirit manipulator is back in her desirable variation, and she may or may not have found her way here through her ways of wall passing. Despite the...questionable choice of Taoist name, A13 Seiga Kaku (also known as Seiga Nyan Nyan) may or may not stand out among the crowd of recent units! To get a better understanding of the wicked Taoist's Desire and Drive, let's go over her kit highlights below!

A13 Seiga Kaku is a Destroy-Class Friend, specializing in a mix of solid support and debuffs with additional breaking and above average damage on the side. Despite lacking in Accuracy, the blueprint of her kit is extremely good. 

As an Attacker:

  • Large Yin Attack Stat at 1900
  • Decent Hard Scaling given rarity, 90% on multiple lines coming off a 1150 Yin DEF stat.
  • Skill 2 grants 3.00 Spirit Power with a 4T Cooldown, allowing A13 Seiga to reach 4.00 Spirit Power right away.
  • Killers appear on the first line of all attacks. Killers include Soul, Undead, Ghost, Magician, Divine Spirit, Human, Fairy, Spirit, Half-Human Half-Phantom and Shrine Maiden.
  • Great offensive buffs for herself and the team.
  • Above average damage, complimented by her kit and its quirks.

As a Debuffer/Supporter:

  • A substantial -4 Yin Defense on her Last Word (-3 from Pre-ATK, -1 from Bullet Line).
  • An additional -2 Yin Defense on both Spell Cards via their Bullet Lines..
  • Spell Cards and Skills come with useful buffs for the party and as well as A13 Seiga herself, including Yin ATK, Yin DEF, CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy 
  • CRIT Evasion debuff on Spell Card 1 Pre-ATK. 
  • CRIT DEF debuff on Skill 3.

As a Debuffer/Supporter:

  • Has only 2 elements in her kit which appear commonly, being Water and Star.
  • Very solid given her Festival Status and Poison anomaly breaks.
  • Poison anomaly breaks on all Spell Cards as well as Poison anomaly inflicting from Skill 1 and Spell Card 2 Pre-ATK.

Story Card Recommendations:

Spell Cards: 

A13 Seiga doesn't have any particular struggles that she wants fixed with cards, outside of the usual Spirit Power-related cards, CRIT Accuracy and of course, Accuracy. Examples of useful options below include:

Ability Cards?

Taking a Breather in Spring

Scholars of Ikaruga

Ancient River

Dancers Take the Stage!

Luck of the Celestial

Last Word: 

Hand in Hand with a Miracle

Scholars of Ikaruga


Night-Splitting Light

Infinity Garden

Secret Sealing Club Girls

Skill Level Recommendations:

The most desirable Skill to begin with is her Skill 2, which is Body Exercise, as the Spirit Power gained from it is extremely impactful, as well as the additional team Yin ATK. After that, we can then move to Skill 1 which is Bone Examination. This one boosts Yin-DEF for the team as well as inflicting more Poison anomalies. Finally, Skill 3 which is Spirit Supplement gives the least level-up benefit in comparison to the rest of A13 Seiga’s Skills.

For a more in-depth look at all of A13 Seiga Kaku's Kit (lore as well), you can click the video below, and you can use the timestamps to find what you are looking for:

Special thanks to _hibi_ on Discord for helping with this article!

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