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4 Years. 4 whole years of Touhou LostWord JP! And what a huge Live Stream to kick off the celebratory times! Welcome everybody to the 41st Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream, which the lead-up to it has especially been getting more and more exciting to witness! I guess you could say I have a spring in my step as I am saying all of this, but if you are wondering why exactly, well some potential JP spoilers may answer that, so here is your Spoiler Warning as well as your opportunity to click off and wait until the Global version's 3 Year Anniversary on May 11th!

So with that said, we have a lot, and I mean, a lot of stuff to go over from this special Live let's just get into it all right now!

Small Yukari teases us with what to expect, including news regarding: MV Project, New Friends, VS Divergent Spirits, Fantasy Rebirth, Events, Anniversary Campaigns, Touhou LiveWord and more!

MV Project Statistics!

Before we jump into our new MV news, we do have some cool numbers to go over (including MV Project, Illustrators, Voice Actors and as well as some credits and 25 LostWord Original Songs). We also get to go over all the LostWord Original music in this game, from the early stages such as Greenwich Debris, to the newest music like BILLION $ GIRL for example!

A Look back at some stats:

24 MV Songs from the MV Project.
227 Participating Illustrators
165 Participating Voice Actors
25 Newly Written Songs

A large list of the many illustrators associated with this game! (1/2)

A large list of the many illustrators associated with this game! (2/2)

A large list of all the Voice Actors associated with this game between 3rd and 4th Anniversary!

All Voice Actors that participated before the 3rd Anniversary!

Newly Written Music for LostWord:

Melody of Guidance (Title Theme)
A Porch in Sunbeams Filtered Through Trees (Defualt Home Screen Theme)
To the Gap in the Evening (Cutscene Theme)
α Decay (Battle Theme)
Miracle Object (Hifuu Battle Theme)
unseen yet (L80 Maribel Hearn + Mima Theme)
Dream of the Demon World (L80 Renko Usami + Shinki Theme)
Gravity Effect (Main Story Boss Theme)

Newly Written Music for LostWord:

Membrane (Mastermind Theme)
MARRY SUN (Game Size) (Cz1 Marisa Kirisame Theme)
emotional effusion (Lr Hata no Kokoro Theme)
Akaku Somarina (Lr Flandre Scarlet Theme)
Sing in the World of Madness (C3 Youmu Konpaku Theme)
Midsummer Cherry Blossoms (C3 Yuyuko Saigyouji Theme)
ONITRIBE (W5 Yuugi Hoshiguma Theme)
Gablebreak (W5 Kasen Ibaraki Theme)
Just on bust it up! (W2 Kanako Yasaka Theme)

Newly Written Music for LostWord:

SAKASAMA TRAVELLER (A14 Seija Kijin Theme)
Nanka Sugoi (C3 Tenshi Hinanawi Theme)
The playful spirit of an indigenous god (W2 Suwako Moriya Theme)
EINE KLEINE NADEL MUSIK (A14 Shinmyoumaru Sukuna Theme)
BILLION $ GIRL (C3 Shion Yorigami Theme)
Distant Paradise (A13 Seiga Kaku Theme)
With Sake and Incense (W1 Suika Ibuki Theme)

A little reminder of what the MV Project is all about: It is a collaboration between Touhou LostWord, a Touhou arrangement Circle and a vocalist!

We also get to enjoy all the existing MVs on streaming services of our choices now, whether they are old or new, although the first dozen were available for a longer amount of time!

Let's also remind ourselves of the people who took part in even one of these MVs in some way, whether they be vocalists, circles or overseas artists!

Participating vocalists on the left, participating circles on the right, and overseas artists on the bottom right!

MVs availabel on streaming services!

MV Project Credits of the above!

The Lucky Seven MVs available and distributed from DAM as part of a Music Karaoke!

MV Karaoke Credits for the above!

We also managed to get a special message from ZUN! Can you find it in the Live Stream?

A Roadmap briefly going over the following:

Hata no Kokoro's MV

Login Bonuses/Campaigns

New Friends and their Prayers

VS Divergent Spirits

EX Stages for the new Event!


Unmasking a New MV and Universe Lore!

And now as we enter the new content, here comes our 25th installment of the MV Project with an MV for Hata no Kokoro to unmask titled Spread Your Wings by Touhou LostWord feat. cluppo × TUMENECO!

Below, we have both the Video Letter by cluppo, this MV's vocalist as well as the emotional, yet found MV!

Song: Spread your Wings

Artist: Touhou LostWord feat. cluppo × TUMENECO

Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)

Original Song: The Lost Emotion

Lyrics: yukina

Arrangement: tomoya

Planning & Music Production: Comp (Butaotome)

Music Video Production: Nanagi

Before we move on though, obviously we are conditioned to expect a future Relic Friend like Hata no Kokoro (Spread your Wings) to have the L80 Universe Code. That's pretty much a given at the moment, but speaking of which, we have both some updates to the Universe Code Lore as well as a brief reminder of every single Universe Code!

As well as the more common L-Series (L1, L80, Lr) and A-Series (A6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14), we are reminded of all the Universe Group names, such as:

Binary (B2, B3, B5)

Colloquialism (C3, Cz1)

Englisce Spraec (E1, E9)

Formula (F1)

Hypercorrection (H5)

Recursive Acronym (R2, R8)

Synonym (S2, S5)

Transliteration (T5)

Whistle Signal (W1, W2, W5)

Yao (Y5)

Zodiac Sign (Z1, Z3)

We get some quality of life updates regarding Universe Code Lore!

How we can view these 'universal' developments!

All the universes we have in the game so far! We are quite literally halfway there with 13/26 letters too!

A reminder of all the Friends of said Universes!

Alright, now it's time to prepare yourselves for the Anniversary Friends who are already taking Touhou LostWord JP by storm!

Perfect White Blossom of Friends

If you have been paying very close attention to the JP side of things, you'll have probably seen these two coming, but here come the Partners in Pink who are ready to arrive on April 30th! Firstly, we have C5> Flandre Scarlet (Gorgeous Devil's Sister) first, then the other will subconsciously appear!

Just like her L1 self, she is a Destroy-Class Friend and she has the new highest Yang ATK stat at 1990, can provide herself 2 stages of CRIT ATK II, increases the team's Yang ATK, gains offensive buffs from Burn anomalies and gains Spirit Power from Poison/Blind anomalies. As for anomaly inflictions, she is very capable of inflicting and breaking Burn anomalies as well as able to gain a 30% increase in effective elements!

C5> Flandre is going to 'Destroy' the competition with her CRIT ATK II, Burn anomalies, Yang ATK buffs and much more!

All Voice Actors for C5> Flandre:
Voice 1: Kokubun Yukari
Voice 2: Shitaya Norikoi
Voice 3: Tomizawa Eri

Song: Touch of Spring
Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)
Original Music: U.N. Owen Was Her?
Circle: Girls Logic Observatory
Arrangenent: Tera
Lyrics: nanase
Vocals: sakiko

And now for the other Pink Spring Destroyer...yes, another one! That would be none other than C5> Koishi Komeiji (Blooming Eyes of Love)

Also like her L1 self, she is a Destroy-Class Friend with access to CRIT Accuracy II that extends to the whole team, 120% Slice Scaling on her Last Word, the capability to inflict and break Poison anomalies while turning any Freeze/Poison/Blind anomalies inflicted on her into Spirit Power boosts!

Oh yeah there was also one more thing...remember that Stored Power Mechanic that our Relic Friends Sanae Kochiya and Kasen Ibaraki took advantage of through HP and Spirit Power respectively? Well let's just say a little Stored Power trifecta is complete as this new Koishi increases the team's damage output the more Barriers/Grazes they have available to them!

Also 'Destroying' the competition is C5> Koishi through means such as CRIT Accuracy II, Slice Scaling, Poison Anomalies and her Stored Power with Barriers!

All Voice Actors for C5> Koishi:

Voice 1: Tomizawa Eri

Voice 2: Airu Matsuda

Voice 3: Matsuda Toshinori

Song: Innocent Malice
Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)
Original Music: Hartmann's Youkai Girl
Arrangenent: GHCM
Lyrics: Jell
Vocals: mie

As tradition for new Epic Friends, we get to try out these two in their Trial Quests!

And now for our pair of VS Divergent Spirits Stages (as well as the reason we know their universe codes)! The first one will be against Koishi Komeiji (C5>) and the second one is against Flandre Scarlet (C5>)! They both have their own new Story Cards that are suited for their respective C5> Friend. In the case of C5> Flandre, her best card lies in VS Koishi Komeiji (C5>) and vice versa! if it's a little confusing, think of it like when our Genic Friends came along and their enemies were each other!

And as usual when a Divergent Spirits Stage centred around an Epic Friend comes, so does the opportunity for the It's Just Like I Heard Story Card, as it appears as a potential Luck drop in both of the above!

VS Divergent Spirits: Koishi Komeiji (C5>), a new Story Card in the Scarlet Devil Mansion Library and a returning Luck Story Card!
VS Divergent Spirits: Flandre Scarlet (C5>), a new Story Card celebrating the occasion by Lily White and a returning Luck Story Card!

And those are our new Epic Friends! Just like last year when C3 Remilia Scarlet and C3 Flandre Scarlet arrived, it's a pair of Epic Friends, this time, taking the season from summer to spring! Surely that's all there is we have for new Friends right? Right? RIGHT!?

Well let's take a breather for now, and appreciate a Free Epic Paper Doll gifted to all Touhou LostWord JP Players during this stream!

Still don't believe me when I said that was it for new Friends? I'm sorry, no Suwako Moriya (TataeLost) this time, hopefully she will be TataeFound soon, but not today!

Huh, that's not it? You know what, I don't believe me either, as Caroline would say, THERE IS MORE! YES, MORE! But first, yes, another instalment of Hifuu LostWord: Code 'L?' is coming, and so is a miracle...

How will the Story of Hifuu: Code L? unfold even further?

Pray like you've never prayed before, because here comes L0g Sanae Kochiya (Ritual of the Lost Inheritance Ruin)! I guess we'll start at that stat total of 8700! WHAT IS GOING ON? Well it would appear that this version of Sanae Kochiya is part of a new rarity, which is the White Festival (maybe the dress gave it away?) and she has an absurd Yang ATK stat at 2500! C5 Flandre may have had the shortest reign of highest Yang ATK stat ever, talk about destroyed!

To add to the already insanae reveal (no that wasn't a typo) she comes with a brand new Mechanic called the Great Barrier! What this does is increase the Yang ATK of allies while reducing the Yang ATK of her enemies. This is available on her Skill 1 and it lasts 3 turns, but it also changes the background as well as a nice extra detail!

So much is going on that we haven't even mentioned her Class yet, which is Heal. Just like her L1 variant (for the 3rd time this article!), she is all about HP, Barriers and Recovery! She is also able to heal her HP when inflicted with Burn/Blind/Freeze/Poison anomalies too!

L0g Sanae Kochiya is able to bring her miracles to Touhou LostWord, from the Great Barrier, to ridiculous Yang ATK, to keeping the team healthy and more!

A Further Look at the Great Barrier Skill. Has a 9T Cooldown Duration, and this Skill also heals 2 of the team's Barrier Statuses while providing 3 Barrier layers for the team!

A new icon will appear when this mechanic is in use, explaining the effects in play!

A faithful Moriya Shrine Background as a bonus detail!

All Voice Actors for L0g Sanae:
Voice 1: Honnizumi Rina
Voice 2: Nakajima Megumi
Voice 3: Toda Megumi

Song: In a Dream With You Again
Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)
Original Music: Faith is for the Transient People
Circle: Foxtail-Grass Studio
Arrangenent: Hamu

L0g Sanae's Trial Quest is also available

Inaugural White Festival Breakdown

So with this new White Festival rarity among a pair of Pink Partners, let's go over how their Prayers will work, especially with a White Festival Friend Like L0g Sanae.

In order to pick up our White Festival Friend, there are three ways to do so:

1) Using Seal Crystals on another Friend's Prayer, albeit no Rate-UP. For example, on C5> Flandre and C5> Koishi's Prayers.

2) God Crystal-Only Rate-UP Prayer.

3) Step-UP White Festival Ema Pack.

The three methods to get our newest White Festival Friend! Sadly not as simple as even Epic Friends.

Method 1 of getting L0g Sanae will be...let's just say in both C5> Flandre and C5> Koishis's Prayers, you'll have to hope for the miracle to beat all miracles! This applies since there won't be a Rate-UP for L0g Sanae. Side note, these Prayers also come with a new Story Card for each Prayer!

Will the luck of the gods be on your side? Hopefully if you are taking the risk of resorting to her Special God Crystal-only Prayer.

And the last resort option if you are determined for this Friend. However, should one opt to spend here, only do so if you are financially able to.

You might also be wondering something else, what will we be using to Limit Break these White Festival Friends? We have Paper Dolls, Divine Paper Dolls, Relic Paper Disks and Epic Paper Dolls, so added onto that list is...nothing actually! In other words, the only way to Limit Break these kinds of Friends is by duplicates, so L0g Sanae will need duplicates of herself when it comes to Limit Breaking.

It also turns out our Genic Friends from 6 months ago won't be the only ones who will require 1 Star Story Cards from Hifuu LostWord stages, as when it comes to Rank 4 Upgrades, 2 new Story Cards will arrive that will be necessary for L0g Sanae's Upgrading process!

L0g Sanae duplicates and new 1 Star Story Cards will be crucial in making your White Festival version of Sanae as strong as possible!

With these Report-Themed Story Cards from our new Hifuu Story instalment, they can also be obtained via the White Festival Ema Pack as well as via Drops in these new Hifuu: Code L? stages!

We also thought the VS Divergent Spirits stages were the new Challenge Content, but lo and behold, an Ultra-Challenging piece of content is waiting for us on May 15th and will leave us on May 31st! This will also feature an Anniversary-Themed Story Card called Anniversary Scarlet Devil Tower which can be obtained drops.

There will also be a campaign planned on the LostWord JP Twitter account!

A new kind of challenging content is waiting for us...

Campaigns and Goods!

Whew, that was a lot, wasn't it? Well let's tone it down a little bit and enjoy the freebies, campaigns, goods and reruns coming our way, such as both an Epic and Relic Rerun Prayer with a Rate-UP change every day! 

For the Freebie side of things, we will be getting ourselves access to 300 Free Rituals to celebrate these times, and we will be able to use them on a Prayer featuring Festival and Ultra Festival Friends! These ones are fun in my opinion!

And to steamroll through some miscellaneous contents, we have:

- A Hifuu: Code L? Support Campaign.

- The return of the Daily EXP Quest.

- A Comeback Login Bonus for players who haven't logged in for the last 30 Days to pick an Ultra Festival Friend of their choice via the Ultra Festival Exchange Ema.

- Free Packs.

- The new 21st Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai Story Card.

- An Everyone Wins Campaign!

- An Anniversary Story Card up for grabs featuring the Komeiji Sisters.

- Two new Story Cards from a Kids Illustration Contest. In fact, they were covered here

...And that's all the goods to steamroll through, you can never go wrong with free stuff!

Relic Friends, assemble for a future Relic Rerun Prayer!

An 'Epic' Rerun Prayer full of, well, Epic Friends is also on the way!
Hifuu: Code L? Campaign Time!

A Free Ultra Festival Ema for Players who haven't Logged in for 30 Days!

May 2024's collective Login Bonus Rewards to look forward to!

300 Free Rituals, as well as potential Festival and Ultra Festival Friends are up for grabs!

Daily EXP Quest is back again!

A Free Upgrade Pack for Players!

Our newest Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai Card, and yes, you can see Son Biten, Enoko Mitsugashira and Chiyari Tenkajin!

That cute Alice Illustration that has now been turned into a Story Card!

That funny Divine Spirit Mausoleum crew (and Saki) as part of an awesome illustration, now also a Story Card!

Everyone may be a winner, but when where is fumos for Yuyuko as well as E1 Sakuya and F1 Koishi, who will be the most Perfect, Elegant and Spontaneous winners?

Anniversary Campaign, featuring Satori and Koishi Komeiji as part of a new Anniversary-Themed Story Card!

Fantasy Rebirth

It's a special edition of Fantasy Rebirth updates, and the newest Friends to have access to this are some more Ultra Festivals, these ones being Satori Komeiji (S2), Rin Kaenbyou (S5) and Utsuho Reiuji (S5)! As for next time, are going back to what is now a relatively small L1 pool of Friends without this, and plucked from that shrinking pool are more members of the Wily Beast and Weakest Creature cast, being L1 variants of Keiki Haniyasushin, Mayumi Joutouguu, Urumi Ushizaki and Eika Ebisu!

And now for the next few costumes! Following the Yorigami Sisters last month is an Imperishable Trio of costumes for Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei and Keine Kamishirasawa! But who will follow their tracks into the Night? Well the doors are opening for Mai Teireida and Satono Nishida!

And now for the return of Fantasy Rebirth 2.0, and what a return because we have 6 Friends who now have access to it that we have been hoping for since a while ago now! Yes, B3 Variants of Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Sakuya Izayoi, Youmu Konpaku, Reisen Udongein Inaba and Sanae Kochiya! What kinds of upgrades will be coming our way? Well we get a better idea below!

No longer "buried" will be the S-Series Friends being S2 Satori Komeiji, S5 Rin Kaenbyou and S5 Utsuho Reiuji!

But it would seem the Wily Beast and Weakest Creature cast will be complete in terms of Fantasy Rebirth, with Keiki Haniyasushin, Mayumi Joutouguu, Urumi Ushizaki and Eika Ebisu all being next in line for their access to Rebirth!

Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei and Keine Kamishirasawa all arrive in their new costumes! Keine looks to have a new pet, Mystia looks very cool and Wriggle rules with her costume (thanks to her crown of course)!

Spell Card Enhancements: B3 Reimu, B3 Marisa, B3 Youmu, B3 Reisen Inaba, B3 Sanae

Skill Enhancements: B3 Reimu, B3 Marisa, B3 Sakuya, B3 Youmu

Last Word Enhancements: B3 Sakuya

Our Servant will be even more Perfect and Elegant!

Parallel Dimensions, Old Desires and Events

Event time! We are currently in the midst of a Parallel Dimension-Themed Event which has already proven to be like no other, and may or may not have provided some foreshadowing during these Spring times! Not only do we see Remilia Scarlet and Satori Komeiji in the Hakurei Shrine Academy, but also some Friends from Parallel Universes, including alternate variants of Sanae Kochiya and Suika Ibuki, and of course, two Partners in Pink! We get to see them all in the event trailer below!

It's also worth noting that the above new event actually lasts an additional week, making it stick around for 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks!

Because of this, we will most likely only be having 1 rerun event in May 2024, and that will be The Beast Dream Salon, featuring Yuuma Toutetsu, Yachie Kicchou and Saki Kurokoma!

The Beast Dream Salon is back for seconds!

Of course, with May being the time of the month where the JP versions get a new Old Desire-themed event as a new one, and following the Matriarch Trio Rerun will come a new one with Clownpiece, Koishi Komeiji and Sagume Kishin serving up as the stars with their new costumes!

Clownpiece, Koishi Komeiji and Sagume Kishin are here to make Old Desire more Desirable!

And guess what's back? Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy, with another instalment myon its way! Of course, this one seemed to be Youmu-Themed!

Final Tidbits

This Live Stream also decided to show off some packs on top of the above, and some of these include God Crystals, Ultra Festival Emas, Lucky Mirrors and more!

We also get another reminder of the upcoming Touhou LostWord Live Concert ready to go on June 22nd 2024, as well as some additional reminders of who will be joining in on the fun!

We also get to see those cute LostWord stickers you may or may not have seen on the official Discord Server, as well as more of those Posters as well as some Keyholders among more!

An Ultra Festival Ema/God Crystals Pack to celebrate the 4th Anniversary!

A Pack featuring God Crystals, Epic Paper Dolls, Relic Paper Disks, Divine Paper Dolls and Paper Dolls!

A Lucky Mirror Pack, also including God Crystals!

Another pack lasting for months and months, also containing, you guessed it, God Crystals!

Touhou LostWord Live 2024 with circles: A-One, Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, ShinRa-Bansho, Sekken'ya, Tokyo Active NEETs and Butaotome

Ito Kanako, konoco and Otsuki Kenji will be the vocalists here, with Voice Actor Maria Noda also taking part!

Touhou LiveWord Merch and Tickets!

Some cool posters for L80 Flandre, two versions of Rinnosuke, Tsukasa, Chimata, L80 Reimu, L1 Megumu, L1 Momoyo and L80 Marisa!

It's those cool stickers from a discord server. I wonder what it was called again?

Legendary E1 Sakuya Izayoi Fumo, Spontaneous F1 Koishi Komeiji Fumo, and a cute Yuyuko Saigyouji Fumo, all to be seen in Anime Expo 2024!

Keyholders with art for Marisa, Patchouli, Remilia, Flandre, Yukari, Yuyuko and Satori, all in their awesome costumes!

Pen Cases and Pen Stands, also featuring the same costumes as above, also including sprite art!

A Touhou LostWord Trading Card Game with all kinds of cards? Sounds pretty cool!

An Animate Fair is upon us!

The return of some Bags, Stickers, Car Cases, Cushions, Cups and more for a limited time!

4th Anniversary Repost Campaign! To enter, follow @Touhou_LW on Twitter and Repost the corresponding post regarding the Twitter campaign to be in with a chance of winning a smartphone wallpaper featuring art of THLW characters like Reimu, Marisa and Sanae!

Next Time + Outro

Just as I thought, that was so much to uncover in one stream, but it was a lot of fun! Hopefully you all enjoyed this one too! Personally, I am hoping that L0g Sanae Kochiya will be available in more future Prayers (most likely Epic ones if so), similar to how the Luck Story Card "It's Just Like I Heard" is available on various VS Divergent Spirits Stages via Luck Drops. I do see it being possible for something like that to happen in the future, but time will tell. I do have hope though, even hope for the new rarity of Friends, so let's see what lies ahead of us in the months to come!

I can't believe that Touhou LostWord in general has come so far in the past 3-4 years as well! A lot has happened, but maybe there is a lot more where that came from?

Anyways, next time, the 42nd Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream will be coming our way on May 29th 2024! It may not be as huge as this stream, but it should be a fun one regardless!

Our first Post-4th Anniversary Live Stream will be on May 29th 19:00 JST!

And that is the end of the recap! If you somehow managed to read everything here (because there is a lot here), thank you so much, and hopefully the lead-up to the next anniversary as well as the event itself will be a Perfect and Elegant one!

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