Should You Pull? Epic Prayer “God Gone Fishing”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you like Shion or the Prayer’s learned Story Card, otherwise, skip and avoid being reeled in by misfortune. Announced in the last Dev Letter a month before that 3 Year Anniversary Milestone, and both on a Fishing Frenzy, Following the Footsteps of her Faithful Celestial is the newest Epic Friend that is C3 Shion Yorigami (Somewhat Successful Big Sister) from the Epic Prayer “God Gone Fishing”, with a new Limited Story Card full of cool effects when Max Limit Broken. So will this despicable and disastrous god gone fishing find success, or does her reputation of misfortune extend to this version of Shion?

So let's get reel when it comes to C3 Shion! She is a Support-Class Friend who at first glance, we see she takes a page out of a certain sushi-loving swordswoman when it comes to her Cooldown Reduction Support on one of her Skills. She also has some solid support when it comes to Spirit Power, Barriers, Yin ATK, Yin DEF and even CRIT Accuracy. She also brings out her inner L1 Shion by applying debuffs like Evasion, as well as CRIT-based ones like CRIT Evasion and CRIT DEF that could remind one of a certain Celestial. Sadly she doesn’t provide all the buffs like Accuracy, but it can be a helpful set for some!

She is also rather decent when it comes to breaking, especially on the anomaly side. As for elements, she will come with either Metal, Wood, Water or Moon elements, with there being an emphasis on Metal and Wood. To back this up, C3 Shion is also able to inflict and break Burn anomalies, with inflictions on her enemies demonstrated by Skill 2, Spell Card 2 and Last Word, all inflicting 3 Layers of Burn on all targets. These are also broken with the same Spell Card 2 (2P) and Last Word (3P) meaning that there is a strong way of breaking these anomalies, up to 6 right from the get-go all by herself!

If our god gone fishing was in a state of sink or swim, the above was probably the swimming section, with the following landing more in the sinking territory. It is rather unfortunate that some of C3 Shion’s potential as a Support-Class Friend is somewhat obstructed by her debuffs slightly taking over, as shown with the aforementioned Evasion/CRIT DEF/CRIT Evasion debuffs. Useful, sure, but the supportive skills as a whole don’t cover everything there is sadly, especially with no Accuracy.

However, we then have to cover her despicable and disastrous offensive damage output. There are many factors to this, and if it’s any consolation, it’s very fitting for C3 Shion to be cursed with this after all. Not even self-inflicted Burn anomalies or a 30% increase on effective bullet line damage can make up for the fact she is simply doomed in terms of damage output. The most glaring issue of them all lies in her Last Word…whether it be the fact she doesn’t have any Killers on her first bullet line or the fact her designated Story Card faces a similar (possibly worse) fate with L80 Meiling, being that it doesn’t grant her that full damage output potential she needs to thrive. An ideal card for her when it comes to maxing out her damage output would probably lie in a Metal + Sharp + Body boosting card, but even then, the lack of Killers on Line 1 to begin with, let alone a moderate range of Killers (Beast Youkai, Oni, Lunar Capital, Monk, Hermit, Celestial, God, Magician, Shrine Maiden, Sage, Satori, Yama, Swimsuit, Summer, Aquatic, Treasure, Heaven and Person of Hourai) is beyond unfortunate. Some of those Killers would be decent, all things considered so it’s a shame to see how diabolically low her damage potential is on her Last Word.

The cooldown reduction, the support and debuffing she has, the Burn anomalies. Sadly, they cannot cover up the fact that C3 Shion is arguably one of the most, if not, the most flawed Epic Friend we have in the game, and is on the lower end in terms of quality for sure. In the context of this Prayer though, all is not lost…

…Because in a not so despicable and disastrous fashion, in comes a new Story Card that when fully Limit Broken, will massively benefit your Yin Friends, being Scholars of Ikaruga! With effects such as 0.80 Spirit Power for the user, a 25% increase in Star Elemental Bullets and a massive Yin DEF debuff on all enemies, by 4 Stages (2T)! The best part about this is that anyone can take advantage of these effects, even the Yin DEF debuff, but for those who don’t plan to Max Limit Break this card, do note that the effects before then are 0.50 Spirit Power, 15% Star and 1 Yin DEF Debuff. Maybe it’s more incentive to go for 5 copies, but it does definitely save this Prayer, although then again, you could always be fortunate enough to pick up more copies of this card in future Epic Prayers if you are thinking long term!

C3 Shion's Designated Story Card: Fishing Without a Net!

Featured Story Card "Scholars of Ikaruga"!

But with that aside, yes. Some players will understandably look at our fishy Friend and be extremely disappointed. In fact, it is reminiscent of a previous Perfect Possession Incident where Shion’s dear younger sister, Joon would call her “totally useless” as well as a “gloomy, poor, smelly miser who can’t do anything on her own”. Would a Joon Yorigami from the world of Eternal Summer agree when it comes to her older sister’s kit? Would be fitting…

But yes, there are about 2 simple reasons to possibly consider this Prayer. Reason 1 is for the Shion supporters…who may be sharing that misfortune. Reason 2 is for that Story Card which could be of use. If neither of the above apply to you, it’s highly recommended to just outright skip and avoid the misfortune. It could also be a sense of irony that the god gone fishing is trying to reel in and bait some edible fish, but what if this very Prayer was the blatant bait all along? We do have an Anniversary to look forward to after all, and if the 2.5 Year Anniversary back in November 2023 is anything to go off of when they released a pair of Genics, it would be wise to use the next month to save up your Seal Crystals. On top of that…

…Subconsciously in a state of Reverie, and will be from April 19th to May 10th (yes, 3 weeks!) will be Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie)! Not only is she sticking around for a very long time, but she may fill that ideal niche when it comes to Earth breaking! If you really like Koishi, probably best to completely avoid the Epic Misfortune altogether!

Still to come in April 19th: Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie)!

Now if after all of that, you are going to do a little fishing…or praying for either C3 Shion or the Story Card, best of luck and hopefully you can avoid the most despicable and disastrous outcome! Now for some images and more below!

Quick Overview

C3 Shion Yorigami is a Support-Class Friend looking to reel in some help for the team, such as cooldown reduction, Spirit Power, Barriers and Yin ATK as well as focus on her Burn anomaly breaking.

Fired Up and Fishing For Breaks

C3 Shion’s break potential is solid all things considered, especially on her anomaly breaking. Having a Skill, Spell Card and Last Word able to inflict multiple anomalies on her enemies, and be able to break them with Spell Card 2 (2P) and Last Word (3P) is no small feat, especially when able to potentially break 6 Burn anomalies off the jump on her own! Should she need to rely on another way to anomaly break, her best bets are her Wood and Metal breaks, which are rather handy for the most part.

Shion’s Somewhat Successful Support

Mainly carried by that Cooldown Reduction Skill which can always be a help, especially for Friends that may need that help using a Skill again, C3 Shion also backs this up with handy team buffs being Spirit Power, Barriers, CRIT Accuracy and Yin ATK.

Clash Between Support and Debuff

While C3 Shion does have some handy ways to help the team like with the Cooldown Reduction, there are a few gaps in support, such as missing Accuracy buffs for example. Some of the debuffs in question include Evasion, CRIT Evasion, CRIT DEF and Yin DEF. These aren’t bad debuffs, but with the gaps in C3 Shion’s support despite being handy, what if one of those were able to be replaced with some form of Accuracy support, or something else for the team to benefit from even after an enemy is fully broken? The clash of being a Supporter and being a Debuffer like her L1 variant is vexing, but it’s not as bad as the downside below…

A Despicable and Disastrous Damage Output

Where do we start with this? Her Story Card, Fishing with a Net boosts both Wood and Body Bullets by 45% and 50% respectively, backed up by a Yin DEF debuff of 4 Stages for Supporters like C3 Shion, but there is an issue…her first 2 lines in her Last Word are neither! Being Metal + Sharp, it is a very perplexing predicament for our god gone fishing. To make matters worse, her Last Word’s first bullet line has no Killers, meaning no method of securing a guaranteed Critical Hit on specific enemies, which on a Last Word, hasn’t happened to a new Friend in what feels like a long, long time. The amount of Killer that our poverty god has, it’s not the worst overall, but she won’t be taking much advantage of them either way. Needless to say her damage output on her Last Word is very poor, even with factors like a 30% boost in effective bullet lines.

Where is Tenshi’s good luck when you need it? At least it’s appropriate for Shion…

On a final note, you may have noticed by now, but while we are on the topic of misfortune, regretfully we currently do not have the data for C3 Shion Yorigami’s Character Page, meaning that this article was handled a tad differently to navigate this predicament. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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