Should You Pull? Relic Prayer “Subconscious Smile”

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Article by Alex 393 Kogasa
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Should You Pull?

Could be worth considering if you would like a down-to-Earth breaker or if you are a Koishi fan, otherwise, you have plenty of time to deliberate. On her way from her reveal in the last Dev Letter is L80 Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie) from the Relic Prayer “Subconscious Smile”. Funnily enough, this lasts 3 whole weeks, expiring just before the 3 Year Anniversary since it lasts from April 19th to May 10th! Has this Relic satori youkai subconsciously found her way to greatness or has she created a window for us to save resources as we inch closer to the 3 Year Anniversary mark?

Well this Debuff-Class Friend has most certainly proven herself to be respectable in terms of what she brings, although funnily enough her Yin ATK stat at 2300 is hilariously head and shoulders above all else. Of course, there is more to dealing high damage but stands out based on how we never had a non-HP Stat above 2000, and then L80 Koishi casually far exceeds that once never-achieved milestone. However, this alone can’t guarantee her damage stays strong since her Slice/Hard Scaling in her bullet lines is actually disappointingly low (50% Slice/Hard Scaling in her Last Word, as well as few of these lines) In addition, while she does have strong Killers that appear in her Last Word, her Spell Card damage can struggle a bit as a result of Killers there not being as up to standard. Non-Last Word Killers include Parallel Presence, Mastermind (LW), Beast, Underground, Undead, Soul, Hell and Former Hell…huh, sounds familiar. Anyways, the Killers appearing on her Last Word include Parallel Presence, Mastermind (LW), Youkai, Little Sister, Human and Older Sister…yep, just like her Relic Older Sister! Her Last Word is arguably more reliable when it comes to landing critical hits (as well as damage of course), but raw Spell Card damage isn’t as always set in stone, although a 20% boost in elements effective against said target(s) could help against enemies to Earth and/or Moon.

One thing L80 Koishi does very well is her breaking potential, both from the elemental and anomaly side of things. Alluded to earlier, the reason her Earth and Moon breaking against her enemies is so effective (in more ways than one) is because she is very consistent with her usage of both across the board, being very reliable for enemies weak to both Moon and Earth. Of course, it’s also a bonus that Earth is a somewhat underrepresented element compared to other elements so having someone like L80 Koishi fill this gap very well is very appreciated! However, it doesn’t end there, because her Poison anomaly breaking is also solid with backing this up! The inflicting side of things includes 3 layers to all enemies with a Skill, 2 layers to an enemy with Spell Card 1, 2 layers to all enemies with Spell Card 2 and 3 layers to them all with her Last Word, as well as Passive 2 always inflicting an enemy with this anomaly every turn! Poison breaking is achieved with Spread Shot (3P), Spell Card 2 (2P) and Last Word (3P). There are also some Burn anomalies to break as well as a bonus too, which could come in handy from time to time.

Remember how L80 Koishi is a Debuff-Class Friend? Well let’s go over just that, as best we can at least. Unless you count the aforementioned Poison anomalies, only 2 debuff effects are seen in her Skills, being CRIT DEF and Yin DEF debuffing on Skills 2 and 3 respectively. There is more to come however, including the Spell Card Pre-ATK effects and even some bullet lines which may or may not be guaranteed debuffs. The Pre-ATK effects include Yin DEF debuffing on Spell Card 1’s Pre-ATK, Spell Card 2 having the CRIT DEF debuffing, and of course, her Last Word’s Pre-ATK has CRIT DEF debuffing and a stage of Yin DEF II debuffing. That’s…not the most debuffs in the world, and sadly some of the debuffs in her bullet lines like CRIT ATK and CRIT Accuracy debuffing mainly appearing in Spell Card 1 can be difficult to make use of

But what does L80 Koishi have that does not qualify as debuffing? Let’s see, her Skills include support via Accuracy, Spirit Power, Yin ATK and Agility, as well as additional Spirit Power for herself, her Ability includes additional team CRIT Accuracy when Boosting, and can also increase the Yin DEF of her teammates with Spell Card 1’s Pre-ATK, more Agility for the team via Last Word’s Pre-ATK and more team Yin ATK via both Spell Card 2 and Last Word’s Pre-ATK. A surprising amount of support for a debuffer, with additional bullet line buffs scattered around her hit including CRIT ATK, CRIT Accuracy, Yin ATK and Accuracy. An additional Spirit Power buff for herself can be achieved via Spell Card 1’s Post-ATK, Burn anomalies inflicted on L80 Koishi result in 0.20 Spirit Power per layer and Poison/Blind anomalies inflicted on her can further her offensive buffs by 1 stage per layer, which unfortunately neither can be inflicted on her by her own means.

Speaking of Agility, this Prayer’s Story Card in the spotlight is the returning one that is Eat and Walk! Boosting a Speed-Class user’s Agility by 3 Stages (2T) as well as debuffing a target’s Agility by 2 Stages (3T), whereas all users can take 25% less damage from Sharp Bullets (2T). Admittedly, this card isn’t worth going out of your way for, even if we weren’t considering the Anniversary Season, but at least it doesn’t need to when a certain satori youkai is in the mix…

Moon Reverie, L80 Koishi Komeiji's special Story Card designed for her!

Featured Story Card "Eat and Walk"!

…Because all things considered, L80 Koishi Komeiji can become a very solid Friend to bring along in your future endeavors, especially if they require reliable Earth breaks which again, are underrepresented compared to others out there! Her mix of Earth and Moon, the Poison anomalies she lays on, the decent support for a non-supporter and a strong Last Word does make L80 Koishi worth considering…although yes, with Anniversary looming and a Yukari-Verse Prayer in our midst, it may be a case of thinking carefully about this one. That said, we do have 3 weeks to think about it, as this Prayer expires on May 10th, so instead of outright skipping this Prayer, one could definitely play the waiting game with this one, and wait till the last few days to see if whatever the Anniversary surprise(s) have in store for us will tempt you enough, or if you are still confident with going all in on L80 Koishi should it come to that. It’s also a lot of time to build up your Seal Crystal count, especially backed up by the current Kourindou Slots Login Bonus. Will you go all in on this Relic version of Koishi Komeiji, wait until the near-end of her Prayer duration in case anything else catches your interest, or will it be a Subconscious Saving Saga?

Whether it’s the beginning, end or somewhere in between of this Prayer’s duration, best of luck to those willing to play the Praying game with this Relic Friend under the moon!

Quick Overview

L80 Koishi Komeiji is a Debuff-Class Friend with a spontaneous set of strings to her bow by debuffing her enemies’ Yin DEF and CRIT DEF, as well as break her enemies’ conscience with her strong Earth and Moon breaks, as well as Poison anomaly breaking.

Moon, Earth and Poison Reverie

L80 Koishi comes with a strong duo of elements to work with, being Earth and Moon, backed up by the Poison anomaly inflictions she brings with all her Spell Cards, Last Word and a Skill, with these anomalies being broken rather well.

Sightless Sisterly Strength

Having a Last Word with strong Killers (including Parallel Presence, Youkai, Human, Older Sister, Little Sister and Mastermind (LW) and a Yin DEF II debuff, L80 Koishi is definitely capable of strong damage, especially to those weak to Earth and/or Moon with the help of her 20% damage increase to those elements effective against enemies. It also helps to have a 2300 Base Yin ATK stat.

Subconsciously Solid Support

In spite of her role, L80 Koishi is actually not too shabby in terms of her support. From Spirit Power, to Agility, to Accuracy, to Yin ATK, to Yin DEF, to even CRIT Accuracy, these kinds of buffs for the team can definitely come in handy for her allies, mainly the Yin ones but anyone can benefit from the Accuracy and Spirit Power buffs.

Dire Debuff Distribution

Unfortunately, L80 Koishi is unable to show those around her why the Debuff Class was bestowed upon her. From only 2 Skill effects that debuff either Yin DEF or CRIT DEF, to Spell Cards with occasional debuffs of the same kind, and while a Yin DEF II debuff in her Last Word Pre-ATK is helpful, it does feel very limited outside of any potential Story Cards, especially compared to other higher rarity Debuffers like L80 Sakuya, or even Ultra Festival Friends like B3 Eiki.

Spontaneous Spell Card Struggles

Contrary to her Last Word’s potential damage output, her Spell Cards are rather pitiful in terms of Scaling and Killers, as unlike her Last Word, the Killers here are Parallel Presence, Mastermind (LW), Beast, Underground, Undead, Soul, Hell and Former Hell. As for the Scaling, while this is actually an issue that bleeds into her Last Word to an extent, the single line of 50% Slice Scaling on Spell Card 2 and 30% Hard Scaling on a Spell Card 1 line, needless to say that the aforementioned 2300 Yin ATK isn’t going to be saving these Spell Cards…

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