Touhou LostWord: Tier List

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Assumptions: Generally, a Friend being ranked low does not mean they are worthless - due to LostWord’s elemental system, even Friends who have otherwise lacking kits can still bring element attacks for a full break. A low ranking simply reflects that they lack damage, utility, or both compared to other Friends. Additionally, due to how ATK UP and DEF DOWN work, combined with easy access to the former on Story Cards, even most less damaging Friends can still work - it will take additional support, turns, or both, but even C or D Tier Friends can hit hard. Lower rated Friends are not irredeemable, they are simply worse than those rated above them.

For the purposes of farming, even for Friends with low damage, due to how level scaling works they can still farm Hard event stages if they have an All Last Word (Solo-possible event stages won’t come out for awhile). It’ll just take about roughly 15%~ more farming alongside obtaining fewer gold rarity material drops. This tier list simply only cares if they can farm Lunatic or not for the purposes of evaluating them.

Rating Notes

For the purposes of a baseline of comparison, all Friends are considered to be fully upgraded - this means skill level 10, max Rank, max Stats, max Limit Break, Level 100, with optimal Story Cards (with a warning if a Friend suffers dramatically for not having their optimal Story Cards). If the Friend in question has a Fantasy Rebirth, this will also affect their CQ rating. Fantasy Rebirth and Awakening are no longer considered in a unit's farm rating, for the most part - as such, many of the farm ratings skew a little lower than they would for fully upgraded units, and if you're willing to burn the extra SP, many units will perform better than listed. 

The "CQ" (short for Challenge Quest) rating refers to a character's ability to perform in harder content. This makes up the bulk of a unit's rating, as farming is rather easy and doable by many units.

Unit farm ratings are divided into four ranks:

EX represents units who can both farm all event stages and some more difficult Story Card farms by themselves, or simply have absurd turn 1 output giving them lasting value.

S represents units who can farm both All and Solo stages singlehandedly, and whilst a single turn is preferred, units who can comfortably farm both in 1-2 turns may also end up here.  

represents units who can farm either All or Solo stages in 1 turn, or can somewhat less comfortably farm both in 2+ turns. 

B represents units who require 2 or more turns to reliably farm either All or Solo stages, and can only farm one or the other reliably.

E is not a rank, but instead represents a complete inability to farm under any circumstances. It is for all intents and purposes a N/A.

Update Log

1/12: Due to Oracle's release overall considerably rising the S+ tier's ceiling, alongside some general housekeeping, numerous changes have been made to the tier list. A full changelog can be found at this pastebin.

Additionally, due to the large number of Friends now classified as A+, this rating is now grouped separately from A due to being a meaningful distinction.

1/8: Flandre A- --> B- CQ, B overall. Her average output just isn't that impressive anymore, she's inherently inconsistent at best, and you can generally do as well as her or better without setup requirements from damage alone, to say nothing of her lack of support.

Tenshi S --> EX Farm. She's been proven to be a good candidate to farm a currently notable Story Card (Chapter 3 Act 1), alongside others in the future. 

Yorihime S+ ---> S CQ. She can still hit pretty hard, but she doesn't bring too much else to the table and more pressingly, always needing setup time makes her less flexible than other options. Other, more potent options are also starting to outshine her on average.

Koakuma farm S --> A Her being left at S was an accidental oversight. She can still hit very hard, but she will need 2 or 3 turns very often. 

Youmu S --> S+ Fantasy Rebirth leaves her hitting as hard as her black-clad alternate self at the very worst, with the utility of DEF DOWN on top of that. 

Tier List

Note: Blue Borders denote UFES Friends, Gold Borders denote FES Friends, and Red Borders denote General Prayer Friends.

Obtained From
Ultra Fes
Marisa's simply among the strongest units in the game's history, Possessing superior firepower (in more ways than one), and a ton of support to boot (mainly for Yin and CRIT, and to a lesser extent Yang), she'll obliterate anything in her path, and singlehandedly farm every fight in the game to boot with some manual play (at least, as of time of writing up to Chapter 3 Act 2).
Marisa Kirisame, the Witch of Scarlet Dreams, is an incredibly powerful and versatile unit, and may well be the unit with the highest long-term value in the game. With a mixture of a devastatingly powerful All targeting Last Word that deals incredible damage for farming and harder fights alike, two All targeting Spell Cards, an abundance of team support, and Elemental Break access second to none, the Witch of Scarlet Dreams does it all.
Reimu’s a bit of everything - solid All targeting damage, good Spell Cards for Arena, Accuracy support, and good Breaks. She lags a bit behind the highest tier of attackers, especially as her best Story Card isn’t out yet and means she has a considerable hit to damage, but she’s definitely great all the same.

Reimu is an incredibly good tank, nuker, and breaker for harder fights, having a strong argument for being the best Friend in the game for them. Between her Focus UP, high firepower, P0 access to Wood and Sun on basic shots, and incredible self-sustain, she'll stay alive for a long while and blast away your foes. She's merely great instead in shorter fights and for farming purposes, but being merely 'great' at your worst areas isn't a bad deal. 

The Lunar War version of Youmu simply does utterly unreal damage in short and hard fights alike, thanks to her dual scaling combined with a 1-2-2 All targeting Last Word and Spirit Power UP on turn 1. She also packs solid teamwide buffs for Yang ATK, Yang DEF, Agility, and Accuracy, and can do some Paralyze infliction for further accuracy support (though it’s not quite enough to use for Breaking purposes). About the only thing she can't do is farm Story Cards by herself, being relegated to just Chapter 3 Act 1.

Suika Ibuki is a remarkably powerful unit - so powerful, in fact, she was Global LostWord’s first S+ Tier Friend. She possesses a tremendous amount of team support - Yin & Yang DEF Down, Yin ATK Up, and Accuracy Up. If that’s not enough, her All Last Word deals fantastic damage at 1 Power, and scales very well with additional Spirit Power. She’s also got pretty solid Barrier Breaks, with a spammable Basic Shot that deals 1 Fire Break at 0 Power. Farming, hard fights, damage, team support - the oni simply does it all, and is one of the strongest units in the game.

The Mysterious Sword Master, Youmu Konpaku is a devastatingly powerful nuker, with outrageously high Slicing and a Last Word that's amongst the highest of damage dealers for both farming and harder fights. She has no team utility besides breaks, but she hits so hard it doesn't really matter, cutting down even time itself.
Shion's got two jobs: saddle your opponent with a ton of Yin & Yang DEF DOWN and some Burn Barriers, and delete one opponent from existence with a extremely potent Solo Last Word. She's good at hard fights, she's good for farming, the only thing she's not stellar at is that her Break ability is just kinda average. Still, she's so good at everything else it's hard to care, especially since DEF Down doesn't work with Full Breaks.
Whilst she may be tiny, Yuyuko brings big damage. For farming or harder fights alike, she's your girl, with some Water Breaks as well, and a tiiiny amount of Agility support for her teammates. But since she kind of suffers in longer fights due to how her character ability works, you're really just bringing her to do a bunch of damage when the time is right - which she'll do extremely well. And perhaps cook you up some delicious food while she's at it.

Iku Nagae transfers over to LostWord quite well. She is able to apply a multitude of buffs to herself using her skills quickly and deals a ton of AoE damage. In addition, she can also serve as a Water/Wood breaker with very little drawbacks.  She also has incredible farm ability. This makes her an overall S+ Tier friend.

A purrfect Friend, Orin may just well be the ultimate in Yin attacker support. Between her abundance of Burn barriers and Yin DEF DOWN, there's no defense she can't kasha off guard. She may be lacking in personal attack power, but you can sharpen her claws with some Story Cards or Friend support to help her cat-ch up to her allies.
Featuring very high damage, reasonably solid Breaks, and fantastic support for CRIT & Killer units, this scarlet mist fighting witch is a very potent Friend. About the worst you can say about her is that she can’t hit the highs that the most damaging Friends can, and that CRIT & Killer support is perhaps somewhat narrow. Note her rating is currently preliminary, due to being such a new Friend, and she has been rated a little bit on the conservative side as a result.
Sagume Kishin is the ultimate in Yang attacker support. Featuring an incredible 5 levels of Yang DEF DOWN against all targets in total, combined with some accuracy support, she gives Yang teams effectively half a Full Break - which is more than enough to take down any fight. Otherwise, she’s got great personal damage, and she’s a fine farmer to boot, if limited mostly to event stages and needing 2 or 3 turns to handle single-target stages.
Tenshi Hinanawi brings a lot of damage to the table, and quickly - she doesn't really do much in the way of utility, with only P0 Earth on a Basic Shot being notable, but she hits so hard it's hard to care too much.
The maid with a hint of scarlet mist has a wide variety of abilities to make herself stick out, primarily from lowering the Yin DEF and Evasion of every opponent or increasing the Yin ATK of herself as well as her allies. Even with a Solo-target Last Word, Sakuya makes up for that with an array of All-target spell cards that have a great amount of Fire and Moon breaks along with basic spread and focus shots that have 0P Metal breaks.
Under the name of Oracle, Sanae boasts great power from her amazing spread of Star and Wood breaks, plentiful debuffs on the enemies’ CRIT DEF and Evasion, and overall general support in the form of offensive buffs and healing. With a passive that heals 20% of her HP every turn, Oracle is a Friend who refuses to fall down until the job is done.

Flower Aya is very potent in terms of utility and breaking. To be more specific, she provides unseen accuracy support to her team and a solid array of debuffs in addition to 2 Darkness anomalies. In terms of breaking she excels due to her P0 break shot and a wide variety of breaks.


Eternal Reisen fixates herself on her ability that allows her to deal a lot of damage in a very short amount of time to enemies weak against the elements she applies. Because of this, she is very useful for farming and at the same time, harder fights that could make use of her breaks and high damage output.
A tank with an above-average All Last Word that also scales very well with Power, Reimu Hakurei is one of the best Def Friends in the game. Offensively, on top of her LW, she also has access to the Sun element on a basic shot and unusually high accuracy on all of her attacks. Defensively, her ability to buff her team’s evasion, Yang Def, and Yin Def combine to allow her to circumvent the usual weakness of a tank against All attacks. She isn’t perfect: her damage outside of her Last Word is lacking, and her access to Focus is rather low for a tank, meaning she won’t always intercept Solo attacks. Overall though, she’s a fantastic tank, and a top-tier Friend especially as all players get her for free.
Youmu Konpaku has one job - hit very hard with her All Last Word. Her access to elemental attacks is average at best, but she hits super hard and she has access to the potent DEF DOWN in both Yin and Yang flavors. Unfortunately she does have some RNG so it may take a few attempts to make the most of it, but at a 80% chance for a bonus level of each type of DEF DOWN, it's easy to fish for and well worth the effort - and for many fights, even 1 level of each alone will suffice to massively amplify your team's output.
The closest thing this game has to a wild card, Medicine Melancholy excels in two areas: boss farming, and difficult fights. Due to her abundance of Poison barriers, and a Last Word with a lot of Toxic on it, she can easily Full Break any enemy who isn’t immune to Poison - of which barely any exist. Whilst this is the only thing she can do due to her otherwise low damage and lack of any other utility, it’s such a valuable niche that she’s unquestionably an extremely powerful asset.
Once, Meiling was the weakest friend in the game. Now, she has been buffed to the point of being one of the strongest. For event farming, she's among the strongest candidates, she is also capable of farming chapter 3 act 1 in conjunction with Tewi. For harder fights, she packs amazing damage, good team support, and above average element access, including P0 Earth on her Focus Shot. You can't go wrong with this gatekeeper, and she's absolutely deserving of being called one of LostWord's strongest Friends
A tank with an All Last Word that starts off weak but scales well with Power and unparalleled access to Barrier recovery, Yukari Yakumo is better at keeping a team alive than any other Friend in the game. She’s not very well suited to farming, due to the lack of punch on her Last Word at 1 Power, and for shorter fights her defensive utility is mostly meaningless. But for any harder fight that goes on for multiple turns, between her team-wide Barrier recovery, Yang DEF Up, and her own personal exceptional access to Focus, Yukari is a tank who can babysit just about any team, buying you valuable turns to ensure victory. She’s no slouch offensively either, packing an All Last Word that deals tremendous damage at 3 Power, as well as slightly above average access to Barrier Breaks.
Tewi Inaba is an extremely powerful DEF Down support, with a powerful nuke of a last word to boot. She requires a bit of a careful hand to get the maximum value out of her though, as a lot of her utility comes from skills, which must be carefully used for maximum value. Additionally, whilst she excels at one boss event farms, as well as enabling some main story boss farms, she can struggle with two or three boss stages. Still, those are minor flaws, and any player would be more than happy to have her.
As expected of Lunarian nobility, Toyohime is extremely powerful. She hits incredibly hard in shorter, scales well in longer fights, serves as a useful farmer in both Events and for Chapter 1, 2 Act 2, and 3 Act 1's Story Cards, and completely invalidates any fight that relies on Evasion to provide a challenge. She's entirely a selfish damage dealer and her Barrier Break abilities are unusually abysmal, but those don't really undermine her overwhelming strengths.
Watatsuki no Yorihime is here to do one job - hit extremely, extremely hard with her 1-1-3 All targeting Last Word. She has no team utility, her Element access isn't great, she needs time to set up, and she hits so hard none of that matters. Just make sure she has time to set up, both for hard fights and farming.
Doremy is a selfish attacker with a powerful All targeting Last Word that does good damage both in short fights, and scales immensely in harder fights. She also provides some Earth and Star breaks, alongside Yang DEF DOWN support. With that said, she's very reliant on landing a Killer in order to do her damage - whilst very wide ranging, there are some targets she doesn't have a Killer against, so watch out for those, as her damage will suffer immensely when she cannot get the automatic critical hits that a Killer provides.
Okina combines a abundance of Barrier Breaks (especially fire!), CRIT heavy damage, and support for CRIT attackers and units with relevant Killers into one godly package. Do keep in mind her rating is particularly reliant on the farmable 5* Story Card from Chapter 3 Act 2, and she takes a larger than average hit for having to use a different Story Card.

Minamitsu Murasa is an extremely powerful unit - so powerful in fact that she is one of the best units in the game, fittingly belonging as an S Friend. Her ability to ramp up damage and speed as quickly as she does using her skills combined with her good Slicing values makes her a force to be reckoned with. She also has very good Barrier breaks and can provide the rest of her allies the same speeds she gives herself using her skills.

Packing fire power on the level of an atomic bomb, Utsuho Reiuji is an incredibly powerful All targeting Last Word nuker useful both for farming and harder fights, with some party-wide Agility support to boot alongside 0P Sun on a Basic Shot. Her Breaks are otherwise fairly average, but when that's the worst you can say about a Friend, they're unquestionably top tier.
Packing Yin & CRIT DEF DOWN support, a ton of damage herself, and some solid Break potential, Koakuma's name may mean Little Devil, but she's actually extremely strong. A competent farmer and a great unit for harder fights, her only real failings are not being quite as good as the top shelf farmers, not quite doing as much damage as the top shelf attackers, and not being able to support Yang attackers who don't CRIT - but she's still very good.
A solid Solo targeting frontloaded nuker with strong Yang DEF DOWN & Accuracy support, Merlin's only real flaws are mixed damage (leaving her with a lower ceiling than other Solo nukers), as well as merely average Breaks.
Yuuka Kazami does two things for you - she hits extremely hard with her All targeting Last Word, and she comes packed with a suite of All targeting Spell Cards for Arena, farming, and mashing through events for Seal Crystal first time clear bonuses. She has no utility to speak of, and her Breaks are rather poor, but she hits hard enough to be valuable all the same.
Yuyuko Saigyouji is a great farmer, and is no slouch for difficult fights either. Her All Last Word’s damage output is very high, starting off strong at P1 and becoming notably powerful at P3. She also has a great 3 turn accuracy buff, freeing up her Story Card choices, alongside access to the powerful Charge, letting her synergize well with any source of Yang Def down for powerful LW burst turns. Her major flaws are lackluster access to elements, no secondary scaling which leaves her lagging behind the top tiers, and no team support.
Ran Yakumo is a fairly powerful farmer, due to her rather powerful All Last Word. When it comes to harder fights, her access to elements is sorely lacking. However, she's still good - her damage is on the higher end of things, albeit with a low ceiling, she has Charge to make her synergize well with debuffers, and she brings powerful team Accuracy support, if somewhat let down by it being on a Spell Card and not a Skill.
A damage dealer with good Yin DEF Down support and a powerful All Last Word that hits hard at both 1 Power and scales higher at 3 Power, Remilia Scarlet is good at both farming and challenge quests. Her Breaking ability is somewhat below average, but her damage and offensive utility both more than make up for it.
Kasen Ibaraki is a selfish damage dealer with a Solo Last Word designed around doing one thing: hitting hard. Either hitting pretty hard turn 1, making her a good farmer (if limited to Solo friendly stages), or hitting extremely hard if given prep time. She has no team utility otherwise, and her access to Barrier Breaks is merely average, but if you need a single enemy knocked cold out, there aren’t many who do it better than Kasen.

Due to her sheer amount of Hard, Kaguya Houraisan punches harder than you might expect from a princess. As a selfish attacker, she’s a rather above average farmer, and a solid candidate for harder fights, thanks to her ability to generate a ton of Spirit P on demand combined with average access to Metal and Fire on top of her highly damaging All targeting Last Word. She’s got no utility on account of being a selfish princess, but what more can you ask for?


Koishi hits extremely hard in fights she's given a chance to set up with her Solo targeting Last Word, and that's about it. Her team utility is very lacking, and she's an average farmer for Solo friendly stages. Still, if you ever need a single, beefy target dead, or just need Water Breaks, Koishi's your girl.
Shou's a selfish attacker with P0 Sun and a Pagoda Tank here to blast at your enemies. She's not a super great All farmer, though she can be a good Solo farmer on some one- boss stages due to her Human killer. Where she shines is harder fights, bringing a powerful backloaded Last Word to the table.
A strong Solo targeting burst nuker, the Crown Prince also brings a solid amount of Breaks to the table, alongside All targeting P0 Sun on a Basic Shot, and some Accuracy support. Outside of that though her other primary team support, that being some Yin ATK UP on a Spell Card, is only really useful in the Arena (and does not benefit herself), and she can’t hit quite as hard as the top tier nukers.
Due to the extreme inconsistency in her kit, and a high theoretical damage output, one could be forgiven for assuming Chen is an attacker meant for difficult fights. However, with a 3 Stage Accuracy Story Card boosting her All Last Word accuracy to 100% 4/5ths of the time and 90% otherwise, she actually makes for a reasonably powerful event farmer, especially as she doesn’t have to worry about resistances. The main issue for her is difficult fights - all she brings to the table is damage, not even elements, and this combined with her lower stand-alone damage that’s difficult to practically scale leaves her somewhat lacking compared to the competition. If you are willing to pair her up with support such as Alice, her damage will skyrocket, but for most team compositions she will simply be an average All attacker with no elements.
Fujiwara no Mokou is a Solo Last Word damage dealer who can provide some decent team support and above average Break potential, as she can both generate and Break Burn Barriers on any opponent not immune to them. Additionally her Spell Cards provide her with a massive amount of Yang ATK Up, allowing Mokou to build up to a extremely potent nuke. However, she has some major flaws - her Spell Cards inflict a ton of self damage (that cannot kill her, but at 1 HP she probably won't survive for long), and are extremely Spirit Power hungry. Additionally, she has rather low turn 1 damage, meaning she can't solo many one wave one boss event stages. Overall though, her strengths are rather solid, and for most fights lasting longer than a single turn, Mokou is a valuable asset.
A powerful healer who packs a punch alongside some potent Poison Barriers, Eirin Yagokoro is a great candidate for harder fights. Her ability to farm is somewhat average, healing can be a bit niche, and her Barrier Break ability is rather poor, but she’s overall a powerful Friend anyone would be happy to have.
Suwako Moriya’s here to do three things: curse your enemies with Yin DEF Down, destroy them with a powerful Solo Last Word, and party. Both a capable farmer and a powerful challenge unit, with some Barrier Break potential on the side, she’s a Friend you just can’t go wrong with.
Minoriko brings plenty of healing, Barrier recovery, Barrier Breaks, and a kit of only All targeting Spell Cards (and Last Word). She's got rather low damage, no offensive team support, but her strengths certainly outweigh her flaws.
Keine is a very good Hard attack support, providing loads of Yang DEF team-wide. In addition, and as a result of her own scaling, Keine's overall damage without much external Yang ATK support matches that of some other S Tier contenders.
Rumia's a Solo targeting nuker with some support for teammates who benefit from Blind Barriers being applied to them. It's a bit narrow, but decent support when a unit benefits. Otherwise, she hits single targets hard, and brings some Breaks (including Blind Breaks) along the way.

Yuugi has two jobs - provide your Killer friends with CRIT ATK UP, and hit a single target hard. In addition, she also provides some decent breaks, including notably All targeting Star at P0 on a basic shot. She doesn't hit as hard as the friends rated above her, and she needs setup time which isn't ideal for Solo attackers, who want to take out a priority target ASAP, but she's solid and will do well in fights where you need one or more of what she brings to the table.

Featuring extremely high levels of Focus UP, Evasion UP, and Yin DEF UP, Mamizou is the premier anti-Yin tank. Combine this with some rather stellar Breaks, including a P0 solo targeting Earth Break on a spammable basic shot, and the tanuki has plenty of tricks up her (lack of) sleeves to keep those pesky Yin attackers at bay. However, her complete lack of Yang DEF UP as well as a lack of Barrier restorations means that not only is she fairly vulnerable to Yang attackers, but she is also on a harsher time limit against All targeting attacks (once the Focus rework is implemented) than other tanks with Barrier restoration. She also has rather lackluster damage, due to unimpressive Hard scaling, leaving her overall average. Note her farming ability is currently fairly awful, but will get considerably better with the December 17th update, albeit at the cost of her taking 2 turns to farm.

Hata no Kokoro is a solid, well-rounded healer who is able to dish out some surprisingly, strong damage. In addition, she has 12 Earth Breaks, one of which being a P0 Break on her Focus Shot. She’s an overall strong friend who covers a lot on the table.


Patchouli Knowledge’s main claim to fame is her extreme spread of elements - Having access to every element, including the very powerful Sun and Moon elements, means she can break at least two if not three barriers on virtually every enemy in the game. Unfortunately her Sun and Moon element attacks are both single target, and the somewhat awkward distribution of her elements means it may take her a few turns and/or heavy amounts of Power support to accomplish those breaks. Her damage output is also relatively lacking, with little team support outside of elements. Still, her sheer flexibility and elemental access means she's a Friend well worth having.

Satori Komeiji is essentially defined by her Solo targeting Last Word dealing respectably high damage without much setup. She also brings a slightly above average access to Fire Breaks. The rest of her kit is lacking, and she can't reach the heights that other Solo nukers can in extended fights, so she's essentially average on the whole.

Even though Hina Kagiyama could not avoid her own misfortune of only having Solo-targeting spell cards, she still has fairly situational use with a Yin-based Last Word and being able to lower the evasion of every opponent. Her second spell card serves as an anomaly breaker for any barriers inflicted with Poison, Paralyze, or Burn, meaning Hina can synergize with quite a good amount of other Friends and still break barriers, even without an impressive element spread.

Lunasa is simply average - she has an average amount of Break potential (with the noteworthy P0 Water on a basic shot), with a backloaded (and unfortunately mixed) Solo targeting Last Word and decent but not spectacular healing capabilities let down by a lack of Barrier restoration.
Clownpiece has two major jobs - hit hard with a backloaded Solo targeting Last Word, and inflict Blind Barriers on all your foes. She's not really capable of farming (not until December 10th's auto replay update at least), and she's nothing special, but she's a solid enough unit.

As a unit, Joon Yorigami is a mixed bag that shapes her up to a B Tier unit overall. Her damage output is just about average, even with her rather selfish buffing. In terms of utility Joon does have a supportive Spell Card that provides some nice buffs to the entire team. These tools, while useful, are outshined in almost every aspect by some other unit out there.


Nemuno's a simple youkai, with simple jobs. Applying 2 Paralyzed Barriers to all foes, and hitting one foe hard with a backloaded Solo targeting Last Word. She isn't a very fast farmer, and the backloaded nature of her kit makes her less desirable than the competition, but she'll get the job done.

Lyrica is a solid enough B Tier support, offering a wide array of supportive capabilities via her Skills and Ability -- however that’s about it. She has an overall poor performance when it comes to breaking and her solo-targeting Last Word is also nothing special.

The fastest in Gensokyo, Aya brings a fairly damaging Solo targeting Last Word that can scale well in longer fights to the table, alongside some Wood Breaks and teamwide Accuracy support. She's not particularly strong or weak - just simply average
Reisen Udongein Inaba stands out for having access to Moon element attacks, and she can take down the first main story boss at a lower level than anyone else. She also can apply two Electrified barriers to all enemies, which is nice Accuracy support and can synergize well with Discharge attackers. That’s about all she has going for her - both of her Spell Cards and her Last Word are Solo, her damage is overall rather low, and she brings no utility outside of that.
Shizuha's a pretty alright supporter. She brings a unique teamwide Spirit Power support, Accuracy support, can apply Electrified Barriers, and has solid access to Wood and Metal. Unfortunately she's saddled by low overall damage, which is a big detriment in LostWord, but she's overall solid and a boon to have on your side.
A somewhat situational unit, Akyuu is usually hard to fit on a team, as the buffs she provides only affect a somewhat small subset of units - crit attackers, and attackers with a fight-relevant Killer. However, when she is useful, Akyuu tends to be incredibly powerful, due to the strength of CRIT ATK combined with how hard it can be to get. Additionally, she can also serve as a Chapter 2-7 farmer when combined with Toyohime and Kosuzu, though don't expect her to farm any events.
Kosuzu’s main selling point is the Piercing (defense buff ignoring) damage on her Last Word. This makes her an attractive teammate to farm Chapter 2-7. Do keep in mind that her Farm rating is heavily affected by this - her damage is rather low and she’ll have problems farming Event stages on Lunatic by herself. The Piercing is also not as good as you’d think in most fights too, for reasons covered in her analysis. Outside of that, she packs an average amount of Water and Wood Breaks, alongside some Crit support, making her overall an above average Friend.
Flandre Scarlet is a Friend with a devastatingly powerful Solo Last Word, and some offensive utility as well, but with a lot of caveats. Her Last Word is exceptionally inaccurate and thus requires heavy Accuracy Up support, her Break potential is very lacking, and her support is only against a single target. Additionally, she’s completely unsuited to farming by herself, as even when Solo friendly stages show up again, Flandre’s extremely poor Accuracy means she’ll always have consistency issues. However, keep these caveats in mind, provide her with the support she needs, and she can do some devastating damage in harder fights.
Luna Child's primary job is to hit somewhat hard with a Solo Last Word, and her secondary job is to provide you with some okay but decidedly below average access to Moon Breaks. Unfortunately she falls somewhat shy of the real power houses, leaving her in a decidedly average position.
As a purely support-focused Friend, Alice Margatroid excels at bringing Accuracy and ATK Up support to her allies. Due to her rather low personal damage and complete lack of elemental attacks, and her necessity for turns to setup for farming purposes, she shines more in harder fights where, weaker allies are brought in - unfortunately, power creep means her worth is primarily with less potent friends, whom lack ATK UP in their kit There will be a Story Card in the future which helps her a lot, but for now Alice is decidedly average.
Cirno serves as something of a budget wild card barrier breaker. Whilst it’s impractical to use for farming bosses due to a 10% failure rate on the second barrier, 90% of the time Cirno will apply 2 Freeze barriers to all foes, which she can then break with her Thawing All Last Word. This generally won’t be enough to get the job done by itself however, and her kit otherwise is heavily lacking in both utility and damage. However, if you can give her additional Freeze barrier support, she can break up to 4 Freeze barriers on all enemies, which can make her situationally very powerful, but even breaking 2 Freeze barriers is enough to justify bringing her along. Just watch out for Freeze immune enemies.
Hatate Himekaidou arrives as quickly as she can on the scene with a great amount of Agility buffs to herself to compliment her Slicing bullets, along with an equally impressive amount of Accuracy buffs that can easily be shared with other Friends. She does not really provide much support outside of that, but can still unleash a rather damaging All-target Last Word if set up properly.
A selfish damage dealer with four All Spell Cards, Marisa Kirisame carries new players hard with her extremely powerful Spell Card, Master Spark. Unfortunately after the early game ends and players begin to Max Limit Break their Friends, Marisa falls off somewhat Her Solo Last Word deals average damage for a Solo LW, she has no utility, and her access to only Star element attacks is merely acceptable. However, still has some uses in a few 3-wave stages and harder fights due to having two rather strong All Spell Cards, and her All access to Star will still be relevant at times in difficult content.
Sakuya Izayoi is a Friend who excels in going as fast as possible. Unfortunately that’s a rather useless and actively detrimental niche in LostWord, as you want your debuffers to go first in difficult fights, and for farming you’ll always go first due to Last Word priority. Due to her low damage, mixed Yin & Yang scaling, and nonexistent utility otherwise, you’re pretty much only bringing Sakuya for her somewhat-lacking access to Metal element attacks.
Daiyousei is unfortunately perhaps the worst healer in the game. The most powerful form of healing is Barrier restoration, which she has no access to. Her second spell card is completely worthless, her Last Word is the weakest in the game and provides no barrier breaks, and her ability to restore HP is the worst of the healers as well. That said, it isn’t all bad - she gives the team some Yang ATK Up, her 3 Power Spread Shot gives 2 All Wood breaks, and at P3 her first spell card gives a whopping six Metal breaks to a single foe.
The best of the healers at launch, Sanae Kochiya’s main selling point is Barrier restoration on a skill. It’s only 1 barrier with a 50% chance of another 1, and on a 8 turn cooldown, but it being on a skill means it doesn’t eat a turn to use. Her healing is also simply better than the other healers, with access to two healing skills. She has simply okay element access otherwise, with a Last Word that would seem theoretically very good for element breaks, but in practice due to how weaknesses are assigned will typically only be 2 breaks on a single target at P3. Her low damage and lack of offensive utility otherwise keeps her firmly as a weaker Friend.
Packing a slightly below average Solo Last Word, Star Sapphire’s job is to smack one boss a bit shy of hard, and break some barriers along the way. Having one All Star 1 Break Spell Card and one Solo Star 1 Break Spell Card is a useful asset too, due to the general rarity of the Star element for a long time. Still, her damage is overall lackluster, and she brings no utility to the table outside of that, leaving her a still useful but somewhat lacking Friend.
Ringo has a pretty simple job: provide lots of Yang ATK, Yang DEF, and Agility UP for the party, which makes her excel with weaker teammates and falter with stronger ones. Outside of that, her Solo targeting Last Word doesn’t hit very hard, and her Break potential is rather lacking. She’s just here to provide buffs and dango.
Kanako’s main claim to fame is being able to take on the Chapter 3 Act 1 Story Card farming in 4 Turns with the right teammate. Other than that, she’s somewhat reliant on getting a Killer target to farm events, and her ability to tank is somewhat lackluster due to low access to Focus and a lack of team-wide damage mitigation. Her damage is also somewhat low in harder fights unless she hits a Killer target and she needs setup beforehand to match other Solo nukers.
Benben's a simple but kind of weak attacker with some decent Breaks and not much else going for her.
Yatsuhashi can do okay damage, brings some lackluster, team buffs, and brings some Wood and Sun Breaks. Thaaaat's about it. Her kit's very plain and ineffectual.

Komachi Onozuka’s primary goal is to buff herself to get the most out of her Solo-target Last Word with not much else going for her afterwards. Her elemental breaks are lacking or expensive in Spirit Power to access and the rest of her kit does little to impress in general.

As a Healer, Lily White provides the bare minimum required to be considered serviceable in the role, restoring 1 barrier to all allies upon using her Last Word, to help them go just the little extra mile to see a fight done. Her damage is otherwise low, she brings no offensive utility, her access to elements is merely acceptable, and her Focus DOWN actively gets her team killed.
With an overall lackluster kit, bringing no damage and minimal utility to the table, Nitori Kawashiro doesn’t have a lot going for her. She only brings Solo target Water and Metal element Spell Cards with only 1 break a piece at 0 Power, and only 1 more break at P2 and P3. However, she can apply 2 Electrified barriers to all foes, though the second barrier has a 10% failure rate. This grants her some small niche in providing team-wide Accuracy support that bypasses the normal 10 Stage Accuracy limit, which also goes well with Discharge attacks.
Sunny Milk is a Friend you bring if you need Sun element attacks, and not much else. Her access to them isn’t great, her Last Word is Solo and deals low damage to boot, her overall damage output is poor, and her gimmick of lowering enemy Accuracy isn’t very useful.
Byakuren Hijiri is a tank who provides an adequate amount of Sun Breaks at 3 for 3 Power on her first Spell Card, some defensive utility to the team, and she can cheese some earlier floors of the Scarlet Devil Tower. Outside of that, her damage is low, she provides no offensive team utility, and she's unfortunately lacking in defensive utility compared to the other tanks.
Reisen has some potent buffs, unfortunately let down by their 2 Turn durations. Combined with very low personal damage output and no Barrier Break potential, and Reisen just isnt great.
Seiran provides you with a below average amount of Moon and Earth breaks and that’s about it. Her debuffs aren’t very helpful, her damage is low, and she just doesn’t really do anything else.
Momiji Inubashiri is focused on increasing her own Focus while decreasing her allies’ so that she can defend everyone with her strong Yin DEF. Sadly she does not bring much else to fights, her defenses do not cover Yang attackers, and her damage output and breaks are pretty low.