Anime Expo Recap

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Welcome to the Anime Expo recap! As NextNinja has announced some exciting content during this event, we are here to bring you a recap of all the things that were mentioned.


As the 2nd anniversary of the GLB iteration of Touhou Lostword comes to a close, we get a look at some statistics of how many people have helped shaped Lostword into what it is today. With over 203 Story Card artists, 134 Voice Actors, and multiple circles contributing to the content of the game, there's certainly a lot of buzz to be excited about.

Yuuma makes her appearance in Touhou Lostword, alongside the opposing faction leaders in the Animal Realm.

Alongside the banner are some cool costumes that you can get for them!


The 'Three Nights in Hell' event has been announced! With some cute costumes to boot, here's a sneak peak of them all!

Additionally, there will be story cards farmable in the event!


A rerun of E9 Remilia and her sister E1 Flandre

Banners of the 3 B5 Prismriver Sisters have now been announced, with B5 Lunasa coming in first.

Anime Expo Rewards

As celebration for being in AX, Touhou Lostword is doing multiple campaigns to celebrate it! With 75 Seal Crystals (150 for new players), a free Divine Paper Doll, and more rewards, these can give players either a great head start or help progress your account further.

L80 Marisa

L80 Marisa Kirisame has arrived to the scene! With the loss of a close friend, she has come to resolve the lost word incident as a Speed friend with powerful scalings and killers. Alongside this, she introduces a brand new mechanic called the Shared Exchange Points

Updates and QnA

Future story update coming soon

Major content updates have been planned for the future of Lostword. In the future, there are plans to introduce social elements into the game, so look forward to that!

Questions and Answers

It depends on the character, but on average about 4 months. If it’s a Relic Character, it’ll take more time because we need to prepare the music and Ruins of Memory story, so about half a year.

We discuss with the team, including our Music Producer Comp of Butaotome.

We decide on the character first, then pick which original song we should use, the vocals, and then the music circle.


Lostword Fumos!

Pre-order your fumos now! Deadline to pre-order is on August 28, 2023 11:59 PM (JST)

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