x2 Errand Rewards are Coming to LostWord!

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x2 Errand Rewards!

For the first time in LostWord Global, players will obtain two times the rewards from completing Errands! This should not be confused with x2 Errand EXP, which only doubles the EXP Friends gain from completing errands. Instead, completing errands will yield double the fragrant wood, coins, Spirit P, scrolls, tiles, and (most importantly) Seal and God Crystals! These next 10 days will be an essential step for stockpiling crystals for securing even more prayer chances. But for newer players, what exactly are Errands? And how can you fully take advantage of this time to ensure the greatest amount of Crystals? Let’s go over that now.

Errand Review

Unlocking Errands

Errands are unlocked upon completing 1-4-2 of the Main Story, which shouldn’t take long for a newer player to reach. From the Errand screen, you are able to send out any of your Friends on any of the listed tasks for the time required, up to 6 unique Friends per task. Once the amount of time has been met, each Friend will return with at least one of the listed rewards of the errands.

Each errand lists the most valuable item first to the left, followed by extra goodies later. So in the example below, my Friends are currently mid-completion for a good amount of Spirit P as well as the chance for one Seal Crystal. Remember that in regards to Seal Crystals, you can only get the listed amount of Seal Crystals, meaning in this case I can only walk away with one Seal Crystal, not up to six.

Clearing Chapter 1 of the Main Story will unlock a third errand slot, meaning that you can go out on three tasks at once for maximum efficiency!

More Details on Friends & Errands

Only one copy of a Friend can be sent on errands, hence the phrasing of “unique Friends” earlier. For the most part, any errand can be performed by any Friend, although at times there will be requirements of at least 2 Friends going on one errand or being a certain level. These levels are usually low, so they should never be a major concern.

Player Level and Errands

The “Lvl X” to the left of the errand’s description is directly tied to your Player Level. If your Player Level is high enough, you will be able to spawn these higher-leveled errands that will give out better rewards, so try to reach Level 60 as soon as possible!

Limited Errands

Potentially more important than normal errands are the errands found in the “Limited” tab of the Errand menu. You are able to spawn up to 20 of these a day. These Errands are time limited and offer superior rewards. It requires (23.8 + (0.2 * player lv)) Spirit P spent to spawn an Limited Errand, capping out at 43.8 at player level 100. The first Limited Errand of the day requires 2.5x that amount. Only Spirit P spent on battles will count for this.
Up to three Limited Errands will be displayed, with a fourth one being hidden and only appearing/counting down when the other three are removed. They can be removed from either completing the errand or leaving them untouched for 2 hours after they have spawned.

Limited Errands will also spawn freely between 10 PM to 2 AM UTC. These do not count towards your daily limit of the prior 20 Errands, and will be displayed separately from those, meaning up to six limited errands can be displayed at once! However, errands spawned between this time will also have a time limit of 1 hour to start up, either being swapped out with another errand if expiring between that timeframe or disappearing after 3 AM UTC.

There are more than 3 errands here due to the extra 3 errands given between 10 PM and 2 AM UTC.

Errand Types

Here is a quick list of all of the types of errands that can be found, along with their Spirit P costs if they have any.

  • 2-hour Normal Errands: These daily errands are the most generic, providing Books or Tiles with no Spirit P cost. Rarely, Training at the Myouren Temple will appear as a 2-hour errand that will provide a fair amount of Spirit P. Singular Seal Crystal errands can appear as well.
  • 1-hour Normal Errands: These daily errands are about the same as 2-hour ones, still providing Books or Tiles at times and have the chance of appearing with a Seal Crystal reward. At the start of the day, these will not cost any Spirit P but after doing enough they will begin to cost 10 Spirit P. However, they allow for you to complete errands at efficient times to allow for more errand clearing.
  • 6-hour Normal Errands: There is always one 6-hour errand at the top of the daily errands list. Sometimes they offer golden Books and Tiles, and even one or two Seal Crystals, but they take much longer than the ordinary errand. Any time spent on these can be used grinding for better errands instead. They cost 30 Spirit P to execute.
  • 30-minute Normal Errands: Basically the same as 1-hour errands, but half the time! This is especially good, as they have the chance of appearing with a seal crystal opportunity. These errands do not spawn until a good amount of normal errands have been completed, likewise meaning they cost 10 Spirit P to do.
  • Limited Errands: Limited errands can be 1-hour or 2-hour tasks that reward the player with fragrant woods, up to two God Crystals, or two to three Seal Crystals upon completion. These will be the most important source of Crystals…if you are lucky enough. Any of these errands cost 20 Spirit P to perform.

Errand Tips

Optimal usage of the Errands system will result in a good haul of Crystals daily, especially during this x2 Errand Drops runtime. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while sending your Friends off:

Evenly split your Friends on errands before you have 18 Friends.
The most ideal amount of Friends for completing errands is 18, as you can send 6 of them to go on each of the three errand slots. If you are a newer player and don’t have this amount of Friends yet, get up to 9 Friends ideally. That way, you can split up 3 Friends to go on errands evenly, with surplus Friends being able to go on the available Seal or God Crystal errands for better results.

Spawn those Limited Errands!
Remember, these are going to be the easiest source of Seal Crystals. You don’t need to be a math wiz to remember the errand calculation (23.8 + (0.2 * player lv) Spirit P; maxed at 43.8 at player lv 100), just use enough Spirit P to spawn them whenever you are able to. This way, you can get the bad luck fragrant wood errands out of the way and prioritize the better errands.

Complete Normal Errands too!
Somewhat strange after the last point, but hear me out. Completing enough normal errands in a day will spawn even more 1-hour and 30-minute errands, all of them having the chance to provide a Seal Crystal. Not only will you be completing these errands faster than 2-hour limited ones, but they will help you profit! Normal errands are the perfect tasks to perform if the limited section is being stingy.

Remember to check Limited Errands at 10 PM to 2 AM UTC.
Self-explanatory. An extra set of three limited errands will appear every hour during this time period, providing even more opportunities to snag the correct errands. Compared to ordinary limited errands, you don’t even need to use Spirit P in battles, so just remember to check in every hour!

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