Should You Pull? Prayer “Froggy God of Steel and Stones Ultra Festival”

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Article by Alex 393
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Should You Pull?

Only if you’re a fan of froggy faith, otherwise, feel free to skip this one. It’s been a while since we had two Friends releasing on the same day instead of the usual one, and this time, these two have something in common, a very tiny thing in fact. One of these Friends are W2 Suwako Moriya (Moriya’s Unofficial Tiny God) from the Prayer “Froggy God of Steel and Stone Ultra Festival”, which comes with a returning 5 Story Card and a Descending Step-UP (600GC, Free, 400GC, Free, 200GC)! So are we able to maintain our faith in the froggy god?

Well at first, it doesn’t look like it but W2 Suwako is in fact a Debuff-Class Friend. There are a few ways she can pull this off, most notably Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffing which appear in her Skills. Aside from that, she does come with some slight Accuracy and CRIT Evasion debuffing, the latter having use for fellow Destroy-Class Friends and the former…not so beneficial in comparison. Aside from some bullet line debuffs, that is in fact all that W2 Suwako has to offer in terms of debuffing.

It could also be argued that W2 Suwako is Moriya’s Unofficial Supportive God in contrast to W2 Kanako being the Official Supportive God, because this tiny frog comes with surprisingly handy support via Spirit Power and Accuracy most notably, as well as bits of Yang ATK, Yang DEF and CRIT Accuracy support. It is a bit confusing as to what Suwako wants to be here, but, the support and debuffs she can provide may be of use regardless.

When it comes to the anomaly breaking department, W2 Suwako is rather commendable at it, especially with Blind anomalies. Having a Passive effect that inflicts an enemy with a Blind anomaly every turn, a Skill inflicting all enemies with 3 layers of it and both Spell Card 2 and Last Word inflicting 2 and 3 layers of this respectively, given that those two attacks are also able to break Blind anomalies, there is rather great potential there when it comes to this kind of anomaly breaking.

As for the downsides that start to muddy the water for W2 Suwako, her elements, while promising at first with all the Water breaks she has, are a bit awkward with Metal only appearing in of her her Last Word, Wood and Earth sharing Spell Card 2 and the rest dominated by Water, it’s a little hard to work with (at least harder to do so than W2 Kanako’s Wood breaks). Additional difficulties also come with average Hard Scaling, a Last Word bullet type notable for having a VS Divergent Spirits rule lessen its damage on many occasions, and on top of the previous issues with W2 Suwako’s identity as a Debuff-Class Friend, doesn’t quite know how to get off all the right buffs/debuffs on her own.

Let’s take a break from W2 Suwako, and, well, dream big with a returning 5 Story Card we know as Our Dream! With a 25% boost in Metal elemental bullets and a 1.75 Spirit Power increase, it’s not a bad card all things considered.

Featured Story Card "Our Dream"!

But back to the small God! Unfortunately, this one is really only for the Suwako fans, as her kit just doesn’t quite hack it in the grand scheme of things. On top of it all, we have just over 1 month left for the 3 Year Anniversary for Touhou LostWord Global on May 11th which can only mean big things are coming our way! However, before that also comes our next Dev Letter coming on April 10th (1 week away!), so especially to those who are below the 1000s when it comes to Seal Crystal count as of now, it’s best to save up for whatever surprises may come our way and demand our Seal Crystals, especially if we have to fall back on our exchange points.

But yes, W2 Suwako doesn’t quite hold up in comparison to those that came before, even by Ultra Festival Standards. If you are extremely desperate for somebody to help with Water elemental breaking, this could be an option (albeit not for her Last Word) but again, preparing for the Anniversary Season is very crucial in case something, or rather, someone huge comes our way.

With that said though, for those who are still ready to put your faith into this Prayer in the hopes a Tiny Froggy God will appear, best of luck to you and hopefully you will receive that blessing!

Quick Overview

W2 Suwako Moriya is a Debuff-Class Friend who can curse her enemies with debuffs via Yang DEF and CRIT DEF, frog leaps in with a little support via Spirit Power, Accuracy, Yang DEF and CRIT ATK and can inflict and break Blind anomalies on her enemies.

Small Suwako’s Support

Moriya’s Unofficial Supportive God? Despite her role as a Debuffer, W2 Suwako wants a piece of W2 Kanako’s Supportive capabilities, as shown with her Spirit Power support for the team backed up by Accuracy, Yang DEF and even some bits of Yang ATK and CRIT Accuracy. If her debuffing counts as support, while not a lot, there are some helpful means of it, mainly in her Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs.

Steel, Stone and Smokescreen

Having a Friend who can be relied on for Blind anomaly inflicting and breaking on multiple enemies like W2 Suwako has its benefits. Thanks to a mix of factors such as Skill 1 (3 Layers), Spell Card 2 (2 Layers), Last Word (3 Layers) and a Passive anomaly infliction on an enemy every turn, W2 Suwako is capable of instantly anomaly breaking at least 5 Blind anomalies on multiple enemies. Could be 6 when combining her Last Word and Skill 1 or depending on her Passive, maybe the lucky 7 on a specific enemy.

Can’t Frog Leap Over Elemental Awkwardness

W2 Suwako has a large amount of Water breaks in her kit, both her Spread Shot and Solo Spell Card 1 having 6 lines of Water, as well as some extra Water breaks in her Focus Shot and Last Word. It’s a lot of water to say the least, but not only does she greatly lack in other elements, but her Last Word being more Metal-Focused (with Metal only appearing here) is very strange unfortunately. Overall, her awkwardness with her large amounts of Water, Spell Card 2’s mix of Wood and Earth and limited Metal is hard to get one’s head around. At least her Blind anomaly breaking is rather solid all things considered.

Not-So-Faithful Froggy Debuffer

While her Supportive and Debuffing capabilities were mentioned above, W2 Suwako doesn’t do a whole lot of debuffing oddly enough. She can help with Yang DEF and CRIT DEF debuffs as well as a few extras located in her kit, but ones like Accuracy debuffs won’t see much use. This is a bit of an issue considering W2 Suwako’s very limited debuffs in her kit, and while Story Cards like Lunar Capital Stasis Plan can remedy this in some aspects, it doesn’t change the fact that this Tiny God has a bit of an identity crisis…

Cursed Damage Drawbacks

W2 Suwako’s damage potential in her attacks aren’t the worst in the world, but unfortunately it can be held back in a few ways. Her pool of Killers including Human, Beast, Youkai Mountain and more are somewhat serviceable in the grand scheme of things, but having poor Hard Scaling (her Last Word only has 2 lines of it), only a 15% boost in damage on resisted/effective bullets which doesn’t feel as impressive as with previous Ultra Festival Friends, and a Last Word Bullet Type being Normal that very commonly has to come to terms with a rule in VS Divergent Spirits weakening its power…let’s just say that our faith in W2 Suwako has really been tested, to say the least.

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