[JP News] 3/26/2024 Live Stream Recap ft. Ichigo from KISHIDA KYOUDAN & THE AKEBOSHI ROCKETS!

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Welcome one and all to the recap of the 40th Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream as well as the last one before the 4 Year Anniversary drops by! In addition, we are also accompanied by a special guest who is Ichigo from KISHIDA KYOUDAN & THE AKEBOSHI ROCKETS (they have also took part in the MV Project with their "The Moon and Izayoi" MV) so it was awesome to have Ichigo here!

But if you do not want to be spoiled for what may come in a few weeks time, here is the obligatory Spoiler Warning! If you don't want to take the bait of this recap, feel free to click off now, but to those who are fishing for Live Stream contents, prepare yourselves and make sure not to be in a state of reverie!

Tutorial Yukari, shows us a Preview of what to expect, such as MV Project news, new Friends, Fantasy Rebirth, VS Divergent Spirits, campaigns, a QnA section and...a Slot Feature?

The Moon and Ichigo

Of course, how could we not remind ourselves of the Perfect and Elegant Sakuya Izayoi MV "The Moon and Izayoi" with Ichigo in our midst! Before getting into all the MV news, let's remind ourselves of this very MV!


From Perfect and Elegant to Special! Let's also remind ourselves of the MV that came around last month for Nitori Kawashiro titled The Special-est Girl by Touhou LostWord feat.Tokui Sora × Alstroemeria Records (ALR)!

Well enough of that though, let's finally unmask the face of the 25th addition to the MV Project that will be completely unveiled next month, but what we do know is that is MV will be centred around Hata no Kokoro!

Up next in the MV Project Queue (as well as the Future Relic queue) will be Hata no Kokoro!

The first twelve MVs of this Project that are available on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, YouTube Music and more!

Story, Slots and Satisfaction

The Kourindou residence in LostWord is not only home to the Reimu's Great Exorcism Minigame but will also be slotting in a Kourindou Slots Login Bonus from March 30th to April 29th of this year! From Coins, Seal Crystals, to Nameless Mirrors, to Friend Rituals, to Lucky Mirrors, to the exciting Lucky Seven that can win a player 777 Seal Crystals, how lucky will the JP Playerbase be?

The Introduction of Kourindou Slots!

A First Look at this new feature!

How likely will it be to win 777 Seal Crystals?

As well as the return of the beloved Daily EXP Quest, we also have more Quality of Life updates that will make life easier when it comes to both Errands and Upgrading your Friends!

The return of the Daily EXP Quest!

Now it will be easier to collect Errand Rewards, as there will be a button allowing you to collect them all at once!

Upgrading your Friends' Rank Level using these materials will be a lot easier now!

But wait, there's more!

Yes, number 6 is on its way! More specifically, Chapter 4 Act 3 EX 6 is surfing our way! What will be coming our way this time around in the Islands of 8, and who will be next swimsuit-wearing Friend to appear?

Kogasa, a Witch of Scarlet Dreams, Youmu, Yuyuko, Sekibanki, Tenshi and a despicable and disastrous sister have all appeared in 5 of these EX Stories, but one of them hasn't been released as a Friend yet. Or rather, one of them wasn't released as a Friend yet...

For the sixth time, we have another Chapter 4 Act 3 EX instalment!

Subconscious Fish out of Water

Continuing the Epic Swimsuit Train and in luck this month is the Supportive Shion Yorigami (The Elder Yorigami Sister with a Certain Amount)! Can you call her lucky? Maybe with a certain Celestial by her side, but it sounds...fishy. Either way, she may very well have something in common with the Half-Human Half-Phantom Sushi Swordswoman with her Cooldown Reduction she brings with her. And yes, she also comes with her own original theme too, all to look forward to on March 29th!

Following C3 Tenshi Hinanawi comes another Epic Friend which is Shion Yorigami! She comes as a Support-Class Friend with Cooldown Reduction to help her Friends as well as gaining more Spirit Power when inflicted with Freeze/Paralyze anomalies. She can also inflict and break Burn anomalies and increases the Yin ATK of her allies!

Shion has reeled in 3 Voice Actors!

Voice 1: Kakumoto Asuka

Voice 2: Nomura Kanako

Voice 3: Tomomi Tanaka


Original Work: Touhou Project (Team Shanghai Alice)

Original Music: Tonight Stars an Easygoing Egoist (Live ver.)


Arrangenent: MasKaleido x GUCCI

Lyrics: Nana Takahashi

Vocals: Nana Takahashi

Another Epic Friend, another Trial Quest with our new Shion!

Hm, is there somebody behind me? Could it be a subconscious feeling?

It would appear so! Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie) is our next Relic Friend who will be released on April 8th which will be when after our new Shion's departure!

And here is the next Koishi to look forward to! Being the 5th variant of her, here are the voice actors below for Koishi Komeiji (Moon Reverie):

Voice 1: Miyamura Yuko

Voice 2: Oki Saeko

Voice 3: Momoi Haruko

It would also turn out that her VS Divergent Spirits stage is against that very same Celestial, and yes, it's also the return of that Luck Story Card: It's Just Like I Heard as well as a new card suited for our new Shion!

Shion's VS Divergent Spirits stage will be up against her fellow C3 Tenshi HInanawi! And of course, this comes with that special Luck Card "It's Just Like I Heard" as well as a few card dedicated to Shion!

Fantasy Rebirth

Fantasy Rebirth time! Last month, the trio that was Yuuka Kazami, Eternity Larva and Narumi Yatadera was confirmed to be next up for Mirrors of Rebirth, and they will be arriving on March 29th! However, in preparation for the upcoming Anniversary, Satori Komeiji (S2), Rin Kaenbyou (S5) and Utsuho Reiuji (S5) will become the next Ultra Festival Friends to gain access to Fantasy Rebirth! It's actually not been that long since the L1 versions of Orin and Okuu got her Rebirths, has it?

Either way, we have another pair of costumes revealed, and the Yorigami Train is continuing too! Both Shion and Joon, the Yorigami sisters now have their own Fantasy Rebirth costumes! They may be known as the Despicable and Disastrous Sisters, but those are the last two words to describe these awesome costumes! But who will follow their lead next month? Well by then, consider the whole cast of Imperishable Night complete with their own costumes as Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei and Keine Kamishirasawa will be next!

Unfortunately, no Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 News this time. Maybe we'll get some cool updates on that next month since it's the big one!

L1 versions of Yuuka Kazami, Eternity Larva and Narumi Yatadera are next for Fantasy Rebirth! But come next month will be S2 Satori Komeiji, S5 Rin Kaenbyou and S5 Utsuho Reiuji!

Joon and Shion Origami come with the most Despicable and Disastrous Fantasy Rebirth Costumes...NOT! They are some awesome ones, both with their own bouquets!

But how will the costumes for Wriggle Nightbug, Mystia Lorelei and Keine Kamishirasawa look? The answers will come next month!

Events, Present and Pre-Anniversary!

During the Easter Season, it's been a boatload of fun so far with Flandre Scarlet, Komachi Onozuka and Minamitsu Murasa taking the spotlight with their new costumes! Let's remind ourselves of all of that below!

While March is the time for the JP version to enjoy Easter events, it would seem like we have some unfinished business when it comes to one of the returning events, which is The Legendary Mokele-mbembe, featuring Hong Meiling, Urumi Ushizaki and Sannyo Komakusa! However, the Perfect and Elegant event known as Hakurei Shrine Academy Adventure: Remilienteering! with Sakuya Izayoi, Youmu Konpaku and a Quadrupedal Beast Box!

In April, it will be the return of both events: The Legendary Mokele-mbembe and Hakurei Shrine Academy Adventure: Remilienteering!

But will Remilia Scarlet be taking part in some Remilienteering alongside Satori Komeiji? Because we are introduced to a pair of new school-themed costumes! Come to think of it, how many costumes does Remilia have?

Default, Hostess, Halloween, Maid, Nurse, New Year, Hot Spring, Fantasy Rebirth and now School! That is 9 different outfits for L1 Remilia Scarlet!

Remilia Scarlet and Satori Komeiji are back with School-Themed Costumes! Another costume to the Scarlet Devil's collection...

Merch and More

Of course, with the Touhou LostWord Live concert coming up on June 22nd, we are a month further to that, and as well as some reminders of information from the last live stream, we have some slight bits of extra details about it too!

This event will be held in the Kawasaki City's Club CITTA Venue and features the following Circles: A-One, Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets, ShinRa-Bansho, Sekken'ya, Tokyo Active NEETs and Butaotome!

Ito Kanako, konoco and Otsuki Kenji will be the vocalists here, with Voice Actor Maria Noda also taking part!

The Tickets are all sold out now, with months to go!

Concert Participants will be given their own sample sticker on the day of the live concert!

Before we cross the finish line of this recap, we have to say, a very happy early birthday to Ichigo! In June 9th of this year, there will be an event featuring Ichigo, Comp from Butaotome, KAGI (JUDGEMENT) and Okubo!

There will also be a Solo event with Kishida Kyoudan himself on May the 4th!

Kishida Kyoudan will also have a Solo Live Event on May the 4th (be with you)!

Butaotome have their Tour dates for 2024 above, ranging from February to April of this year!

And finally, there is a Twitter / X Campaign again, this one being available starting March 27th 12:00 JST and it finishes up on March 28th 17:59 JST! Participants are eligible by following the Touhou LostWord JP account in question, as well as repost the campaign post on March 27th!

Outro and Next Live Stream

And that is our March 2024 edition of the Touhou LostWord Live Stream Saga, making it our 40th one to date! For now, it's the calm before the storm because with Touhou LostWord's JP Anniversary on April 30th, there will be a special edition of this on April 29th 18:00 JST, and I have a feeling this is going to be a huge one! What special reveals will come our way by then? It's going to be a long month of warm waiting, but we will make it!

Our Special 4 Year Anniversary Stream will be coming our way on April 29th 18:00 JST! This one could be a biggie...

Thank you as always for supporting Touhou LostWord, and hopefully you enjoyed the live stream and/or this recap, and will be looking forward to next month!

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