[JP News] 11/28/2023 Live Stream Recap!

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Hello everyone, and welcome to the recap of the penultimate Touhou LostWord JP Live Stream of 2023! This November edition comes straight after the massive 3.5 Anniversary edition with the one and only ZUN which was a rather huge moment for the game. This month's live stream was a more low-key one compared to the predecessor, but it is still an awesome one regardless!

Once again, obligatory Spoiler Warning! If there are any kinds of content such as Character reveal(s), Fantasy Rebirth, future Costumes, etc that you want to be surprised for their Global releases for, feel free to click away and avoid scrolling down. However, for those who want to jump right into the contents, it's time to go over the miraculous bunch of news!

Tutorial Yukari presents to us a little preview of some live stream details (MV Project, Friends and Prayers, VS Divergent Spirits, Fantasy Rebirth, Campaigns, development plans and a date for next live stream)!

MV Project News

Of course, just like usual comes our monthly dose of MV Project News, but first, let's remind ourselves of Toyosatomimi no Miko's MV called Sentimental Signals by Touhou LostWord feat. Yumiri Hanamori × Touhou Jihen! Of course, we can probably remember how it ironically came after Byakuren Hijiri's MV.

Don't wound me too badly

Don't you know who I am?

Inside my head, ding-dong

Sentimental signals echo

But as for who we can look forward to being next in line, it is Shion Yorigami who will be getting her own MV next! But where is her sister Joon? Who knows...

Next in line for her MV is Shion Yorigami! Look forward to its release at the end of the year!

Miraculous Turn of Events

Hopefully those who have faith in Sanae Kochiya have some Relic Paper Disks to spare from last month's Genic Genesis, because our next Relic Friend has arrived in the form of the Miraculous Sanae Kochiya (Hand in Hand with a Miracle)! The 5th variant of Sanae here is an Attack-Class Friend and just like L80 Kaguya, comes with a new mechanic of her own to set her apart from the competition!

Sanae gains offensive buffs from Burn and Freeze anomalies, inflicts and breaks Paralyze anomalies, has a Last Word with 100% of both Hard and Slice scaling, heals her HP by 20% every turn, and has a new mechanic!
Speaking of the new mechanic, how it works is when Sanae's HP is at 100%, the Party's damage increases by 20%!

Relic Sanae's Voice Actors:

Voice 1: Honnizumi Rina

Voice 2: Nakajima Megumi

Voice 3: Toda Megumi

VS Divergent Spirits

CAUTION! We have a new VS Divergent Spirits stage alongside our faithful Relic's arrival, and it is against Utsuho Reiuji (L1) which naturally comes with the Hand in Hand With a Miracle Story Card! And of course, we have a few slides that go over what we can expect for VS Divergent Spirits Reruns.

New VS Divergent Spirits Stage: Utsuho Reiuji (L1)

VS Divergent Spirits Stages rerunning on November 30th:

Hong Meiling (E1) + Summer Rocket

Remilia Scarlet (L1) + Divergent Spirits EX

VS Divergent Spirits Stages rerunning on December 7th:

Satori Komeiji (S2) + Little Sister and Sweets

Hecatia Lapislazuli (C3) + Beach Sanshoku Geidontei

Yukari Yakumo (C3) + Lunar Capital Stasis Plan

VS Divergent Spirits Stages rerunning on December 13th:

Reimu Hakurei (L1) + Tropico-Fantasia

Reimu Hakurei (C3) + Summer God, Fantasy Sea

Reimu Hakurei (A7B) + Night-Splitting Light

Is the Reimu-Verse real?

Campaigns and Rerun Prayers

We have been blessed with campaigns and returning Friends on the way now, from Chapter 4 themed goods, to beginner perks, to Login Rituals that will give a free A-Series Friend and a free Ultra Festival Friend, there are a bunch to go over in the following slides!

Chapter 4 Campaign! Clear Stages on Lunatic Difficulty to get rewards like Materials, Burners, a Paper Doll and a Divine Paper Doll!

We have some Chapter 4 Themed Ultra Festival Rerun Prayers with a Descending Step-UP coming up in December!
December 13th: Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu (B3) + Komachi Onozuka (B3) + Kutaka Niwatari (B3)
December 20th: Lunasa Prismriver (B5) + Merlin Prismriver (B5) + Lyrica Prismriver (B5)
December 27th: Alice Margatroid (B5) + Medicine Melancholy (B5)

A Special Login Bonus for JP that Global Players may be familiar with:

Days 1-10 will give a free A-Series Ritual to roll for an A-Series Friend.
Days 11-20 will give a free Ultra Festival Ritual to roll for an Ultra Festival Friend.

Only 2 Friends will be possible to pick up during this time.

An Epic-Themed rotation Prayer including:

Reimu Hakurei (F1), Yukari Yakumo (C3), Hecatia Lapislazuli (C3), Koishi Komeiji (F1), Reimu Hakurei (C3), Marisa Kirisame (C3), Satori Komeiji (C3), Koishi Komeiji (C3), Miyoi Okunoda (C3), Remilia Scarlet (C3), Flandre Scarlet (C3), Sanae Kochiya (F1)

Currently ongoing is the Buddy System Commemorative Campaign that gives 100 Rituals and a chance to win Ultra Festival Friends.

For players who have not logged in for 27 days, they will have access to a Comeback Login Bonus where they can get an Ultra Festival Friend.

For Beginners whose account was created within 30 days, they will have the chance to pick up characters from these Epic and Relic Prayers!

Limited to just beginners with their account being 30 days old or less: An A-Series Festival Exchange Ema is available for one of these Friends of your choice!

Limited to just beginners with their account being 30 days old or less: A Beginner's Pack that includes God Crystals, Paper Dolls, Divine Paper Dolls, a Relic Paper Disk and an Epic Paper Doll!

Ongoing from before, but with the goods being given out as a New Year's Present, it is still possible to Log in for 30 Days from now, and as usual, rewards include 50 Seal Crystals, 600 God Crystals and 1 Exchange Ema! In addition, some lucky individuals may win an extra prize via Lottery.

Fantasy Rebirth

Last month, we had the Grassroots Youkai Network revealed to be next up for access to Fantasy Rebirth, and here they are, ready for their moment very soon: Wakasagihime, Sekibanki, and Kagerou Imaizumi (L1)! However, following those are more of those Hifuu: Code Bm3 inhabitants: Reisen Udongein Inaba (B5), Junko (B2), Seiran (B3), Ringo (B3) and Reisen (B3). Now the Four Temples that came before have additional company, but what other Ultra Festival Friends could be next for Fantasy Rebirth? Only time will tell...

However, as for those who are at the front of the Fantasy Rebirth costume queue, we have Lady Taishi's loyal servants that are Mononobe no Futo and Soga no Tojiko! Both of these costumes look rather similar to Miko's costume (with some subtle color palette differences for each), but the theming is a nice touch. It could be a Divine Spirit Mausoleum theme, unless Seiga and Yoshika's inevitable future costumes are different. However, we won't be finding that out next month, because that space is reserved for Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu, Komachi Onozuka and Kutaka Niwatari! Who knows how their costumes will look, but hopefully they will be awesome!

And of course, Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 time! The following Friends are returning for more upgrades, in the form of Eirin Yagokoro, Kanako Yasaka, Satori Komeiji, Benben Tsukumo and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo!

Side note, I like how the images below combine who is getting Fantasy Rebirth soon as well as who is getting it next month, and a similar situation with the Fantasy Rebirth costumes!

The Grassroots Youkai Network trio that is Wakasagihime, Sekibanki and Kagerou now have access to Mirrors of Rebirth!

Meanwhile, even more Hifuu: Code Bm3 cast members are planning their turn for Mirrors of Rebirth! Including Reisen Udongein Inaba (B5), Junko (B2), Seiran (B3), Ringo (B3) and Reisen (B3)!

Mononobe no Futo and Soga no Tojiko's Fantasy Rebirth costumes are revealed!

However, next month is judgement day for Kutaka Niwatari, Komachi Onozuka and Shiki EIki, Yamaxanadu! How will their costumes look when we end off 2023?

Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Upgrades:

Skill Enhancements: Eirin, Kanako and Satori

Passive Enhancements: Eirin, Satori, Benben and Yatsuhashi

Spell Card Enhancements: Eirin

Events, Manga and Buddies

We are reaching the tail end of this recap, and speaking of tails, we are currently in the middle of an event with Ran Yakumo and Mamizou Futatsuiwa and their new awesome costumes in the spotlight! It's time to quickly remind ourselves about this event below:

Of course, it's that time for Christmas again! The following event reruns and new costume teasers are going to be reflecting that, so prepare yourselves for a Christmassy Gensokyo season!

First up will be the return of 'Tis the Season for Adventure, featuring Okina Matara, Iku Nagae and Reisen in their festive outfits, and following that will be a currently JP exclusive Christmas themed event (maybe not for much longer?) where we saw new costumes for Kanako Yasaka, Suwako Moriya, Aunn Komano, Shizuha Aki, Misumaru Tamatsukuri and Chimata Tenkyuu!

The Season of Giving has blessed us with 2 Christmas-Themed Event Reruns!

But who is going to be in the spotlight for Christmas themed costumes this year? Well taking the role of Santa Claus this time will be Seiga Kaku! Does Seiga Claus have a ring to it? Anyways, joining her will be her trusty Yoshika Miyako, whose costume looks a like like Iku's Christmas costume. However, it looks like Keiki Haniyasushin and Mayumi Joutouguu look to be dressed for a little Christmas cooking. Looking forward to this one!

Christmas Costumes for Seiga, Yoshika, Mayumi and Keiki will be arriving in December!

Now for a few final tidbits, such as the monthly tradition of Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy! This time, we have one that looks to be themed around Byakuren Hijiri and Toyosatomimi no Miko!

And for a small Quality of Life update, the Buddy System will show off costumes on any Helpers (will apply to L1 Friends).

The Buddy System showing off Costumes on Helpers!

Next Time...

And here we are at the end of the recap! Of course, this wasn't going to be as monumental as last month's 3.5 Anniversary Stream since that was a rather high bar, but that didn't stop this one from being awesome in its own right, and we can also be optimistic about next month's edition as the last Live Stream of 2023! Hopefully we get some special content and news that day, but let's wait and see what happens.

So when will the last live stream of 2023 take place? Well set your calendars for December 28th 19:00 JST, and despite this being 3 days after Christmas Day, it should still be a welcome present regardless!

Next Live Stream in a month's time!

And with that said, thank you as always for supporting Touhou LostWord, and hopefully you enjoyed this livestream and/or this recap!

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