[JP News] 9/26/2023 Live Stream Recap!

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We are 2/3 through 2023, and we have 4 more live streams for Touhou LostWord JP this year, and here is the September 2023 one! We are falling well and truly into the autumn vibes...

As usual, it's Spoiler Warning time! Despite the JP and Global versions of Touhou LostWord being only 2 weeks apart when it comes to new Friends being announced, maybe there are still some Global players that want that additional surprise, and if those people are reading this, make sure not to scroll down any further! If you're ready to take in all the news however, let's get ra-ra-rai-ght into everything this live stream had to offer!

Tutorial Yukari shows us a little preview of what the live stream will cover, such as MV Project, a new Friend, VS Divergent Spirits, Fantasy Rebirth, Campaigns, Events and some updates regarding next month's Live Stream!

MV Project News

Holy Myouren Temple, Byakuren Hijiri's MV that was unveiled last month blessed the ears of many! Here is a reminder of this MV titled "Holy Again" by Touhou LostWord feat Teresa × Hatsunetsumiko's!

(Let's go to the holy river, fly away on the starship far away)

Even if we get separated

(Let's go to the land of vows far away, before to drown in your tears)

We're fated to meet again

And it seems ever so fitting that Toyosatomimi no Miko would end up being straight after Byakuren when it comes to being next in line in terms of getting her own MV! More info on that next month.

Toyosatomimi no Miko will follow Byakuren's footsteps when it comes to getting her own MV!

The main theme "LostWord Chronicle" now has 8 Million Views on YouTube!

Moonlit Festival Part 2

The Moonlit Festival continues! Last month was Kaguya Houraisan's time to shine, but this time her MV counterpart, Reisen Udongein Inaba now has a Relic of her own! This time, we have her being an Attack-Class Friend. While it doesn't seem to appear to be that we see any elemental inflict weaknesses, we do see her with Ra-Ra-Rank II buffs like an ordinary Relic that came before!

Reisen has Rank II Yin ATK, a 33% increase in damage with resisted/effective elements, inflicts and breaks Burn anomalies, gains offensive buffs when inflicted with Burn and Paralyze, and has 100% Scaling in both Hard and Slice!

The three Voice Actors for this new Reisen:

Voice 1: Akiko Nakagawa

Voice 2: Yuko Ono

Voice 3: Megumi Toda

VS Divergent Spirits

Just like last month, we have a VS Divergent Spirits Stage dedicated to our new Relic Friend which is Junko (L1), but on top of that, we also have a dedicated Story Card, this time being Reisen's Moonlit Festival! Why have one festival when you can have two?

And as usual, we have a roadmap of all the stages to look forward to in the spooky month of October 2023.

New VS Divergent Spirits Stage: Junko (L1)

(Rerun) October 6th: Koishi Komeiji (F1) + Choose an Animal Spirit

(Rerun) October 13th: Hong Meiling (E1) + Summer Rocket

(Rerun) October 20th: Remilia Scarlet (L1) + Divergent Spirits EX

Fantasy Rebirth

With all the followers of Myouren Temple now eligible for Fantasy Rebirth now that Nazrin, Shou Toramaru, Ichirin Kumoi and Minamitsu Murasa are coming at the end of this month, who could be next?

Well, once the 3.5 Anniversary is here in October next month, we will be meeting the Four Temples of Peace, Plentiful, Truth and Love in the form of Watatsuki no Yorihime (B3), Watatsuki no Toyohime (B3), Sagume Kishin (B3) and Kaguya Houraisan (B3), also known as Kannagi, Otohime, Azusa and Nayotake respectively! Of the Hifuu: Code Bm3 cast, we have 4/7 of them all, which means that it's expected to see Reisen (B3), Reisen Udongein Inaba (B5) and Junko (B2) at some point in the future. When exactly? Who knows...

Well in terms of newcomers getting access to Fantasy Rebirth, that's it, but as for costumes, it's time to unmask 2 more of them, as Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoro now have their own costumes! Miko looks majestic, Kokoro's costume with her mix of white and pink is pretty cool, but following their footsteps are a trio consisting of a Goddess of Hell, a sagacious spirit and a fairy of Hell, being Hecatia Lapislazuli, Junko and Clownpiece preparing for their costumes on the 3.5 Anniversary!

And finally, for Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Upgrades, this month sees Nemuno Sakata and Momiji Inubashiri for more upgrades, while Kaguya Houraisan, Tewi Inaba and Kasen Ibaraki are the newcomers for these kinds of upgrades!

Followers of Myouren Temple, Nazrin, Shou, Ichirin and Murasa are now eligible for Fantasy Rebirth!
From Hifuu Bm3, the Four Temples of Peace (Yorihime), Plentiful (Toyohime), Truth (Sagume) and Love (Kaguya) are all preparing for their Mirror stages next month!
Toyosatomimi no Miko and Hata no Kokoro's costumes are unmasked!
Hecatia, Junko and Clownpiece are getting Fantasy Rebirth costumes next month. Hell yeah!

Here are the Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 buffs below, with a different looking image that showcases the characters' icons where they are getting upgrades in what:

Skill Enhancements: Kaguya, Kasen, Tewi, Momiji and Nemuno

Passive Enhancements: Kaguya, Kasen, Tewi, Momiji and Nemuno

Spell Card Enhancements: Kaguya, Kasen, Tewi, Momiji and Nemuno

Last Word Enhancements: Kaguya, Kasen and Nemuno


It's time to paws for a moment to quickly go over the current event in JP, as we have another Phantom Thief/Detective Themed event, but with newcomers clawing their way into the mix are Chen, Rin Kaenbyou and Mike Goutokuji with their new costumes! Here is a reminder below of what this nyanted event is all about!

Not only do the Fantasy Rebirth 2.0 Upgrades have some new awesome images detailing content, but we see that again with October 2023's event reruns! First up is Remilia and Rumia's Trick or Bullet, the original Halloween event with that awesome Sakuya costume...and the spooky Remilia, Rumia and Koakuma ones too! Would you like pumpkin tea?

We also have Prince Shoutoku Chronicles: An Oh-So-Cheesy Affair, breaking a leg with Saki Kurokoma and Toyosatomimi no Miko who are dressed for the occasion!

Reruns for Remilia and Rumia's Trick or Bullet and Prince Shoutoku Chronicles: An Oh-So-Cheesy Affair (With a new look to the presentation)!

However, once we are finished up with those older events, we have Tsukasa Kudamaki and Megumu Iizunamaru with some brand new costumes! They don't look too different from their default looks, but it works pretty well, with Megumu having a coat surprisingly reminiscent of the ones that the Hifuu E9 cast usually wear, with Tsukasa dressed for serious business!

That's also everyone from the Unconnected Marketeers cast with a costume now!

Detective Mike

Fast Food Takane

Bunny Sannyo

Christmas Misumaru

Tsukasa's Upcoming Costume

Megumu's Upcoming Costume

Chimata Claus

And Sports Festival Momoyo!

Tsukasa and Megumu with their future costumes to look forward to!

Miscellaneous News

The JP version have been getting campaigns related to challenge content, such as VS Divergent Spirits and Hakugyoku Arena, but these campaigns and rewards aren't done yet, as it looks like we will be getting rewards for Hakugyoku Arena on Phantasm (Seal Crystals and a Paper Doll) as well as a Scarlet Devil Tower Campaign to look forward to!

Hakugyoku Arena: Phantasm Reward Campaign that will feature Seal Crystals and a Paper Doll!

A reminder of what Hakugyoku Arena is all about!

Scarlet Devil Tower Campaign Rewards will be available next month, including rewards like an Exchange Ema, Incense Burners, Seal Crystals and more!

A reminder of some of the early Floors in Scarlet Devil Tower, with rewards like God Crystals and Divine Paper Dolls!

However, we also have some new stuff to look forward to as we are getting close to that half-anniversary mark. Some people were probably hoping for this for a while, but we now have a Friend System in the works! As anticipated as this may be, we just need to wait a little longer now, but the wait will be worth it!

The 3.5 Anniversary is only a month away!

A Friend System to come on the 3.5 Anniversary Next Month! This looks like it could be similar to other games with a Friend System like this, and so far, it looks like the Friend limit will be 50.

How this looks when it comes to borrowing a Friend for a stage while on the Party Formation Screen.

We also have some other smaller news too! Remember when the Hifuu E9 Cast got access to Fantasy Rebirth? Well now they have their own dedicated Banner with a Step-UP where Step 5 guarantees one of the six Friends there. In addition, there will be a Fantasy Rebirth Pack with 2 Rings of Fate as well as God Crystals.

As usual, we have our monthly installment of Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy and a bit of quality of life improvements too!

Hifuu Code E9 Themed Banner!

Previous installments of Gensokyo Tales of Fantasy will be easier to catch up on thanks to x2 Manga Points!

A small handful of Quality of Life upgrades. Including slight improvements to going about Banners even when reaching a Friend/Story Card limit, UI improvements on materials and an improvement in the tutorial in terms of the Name Input Field.

August’s Login Bonus rewards, including Rebirth Mirrors, Seal Crystals, Dolls and more!

Next Time... (3.5 Anniversary)

Usually we have merch at the tail end, but that doesn't look to be here this time. However, next month is shaping up to be an exciting live stream, but in the meantime, we have some 3.5 Anniversary Campaign related stuff to relish in, such as Login Bonuses (Monthly, Support, Countdown, etc), Story Clear, Friend System, Reimu's Great Exorcism, VS Divergent Spirits and Drop Rate Up!

In addition, there will be a questionnaire that will grant players 5 Seal Crystals and 1500 Coins and will be starting at the very end of this month, and ending at the end of next one!

There will also be a contest where artists can draw a Touhou-Themed piece of artwork, and next month will announce a winner for it that will also become a future Story Card in the game (expected in 2024)!

But last and certainly not least, we have the man, the myth, the legend, the beer drinking ZUN! It's been a while since we last saw him on one of these live streams, and it looks like he is returning on the 35th live stream, which looks to be on October 25th 19:00 JST!

Campaign related goods to look forward to in October!

A questionnaire that will give players 5 Seal Crystals and 1500 Coins!

What Fanmade Artwork will become a future Story Card for us to collect? We'll find out one day!

ZUN makes his return to the 3.5 Anniversary Edition of the JP Live Stream next month!

Thank you everyone who have read this article, hope you all enjoyed it as well as the livestream if you were able to tune in, and thank you for also supporting Touhou LostWord! Now to reprise our Moonlit Festival celebrations!

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