1.5th Anniversary: Daily Forever Prayer Returns!

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Prayer Overview

Upon logging in after daily reset for the first time that day, you are prompted to do a single Prayer which contains a random L1 Friend (all Friends have the same chance to be rolled regardless of General or Festival status). After you successfully roll the Friend you want, click "Welcome This Friend" on the Prayer screen to obtain them permanently. Note that this will prevent you from reusing the Forever Prayer for the rest of the event's runtime.

The 1.5th Anniversary Forever Prayer starts November 11th 7:00 UTC and runs until December 9th 23:59 UTC, giving you exactly 29 chances to get a highly sought after L1 Friend, so long as you log in daily.

You can only obtain 1 Friend from each Forever Prayer event, so make sure to choose wisely! If you do not claim a Friend before the event ends, the last one pulled will automatically be sent to your Mail.

For a total list of every potential L1 Friend obtainable, you can refer to the LostWord news post linked here

Risk and Strategy

There are a hefty 107 L1 Friends (and specifically 30 Festival Friends) obtainable from this Daily Forever Prayer, which is quite a jump from previous entries. As you only have at most 29 days to claim one that you desire, it is only natural to question the risks you take passing over other potential candidates. It may seem like the chance for one Friend over the runtime is 0.2616, (or 1/107 times 28), or 26.16% when multiplied by 100. However, this is very far from the case, as any day after not pulling a certain Friend, it is possible to just pull the same Friend from a previous date, which this equation does not consider.

Instead, in order to calculate the chance of getting a certain amount of Friends out of the event’s runtime, you should use the equation (1-(1-x/y)^z). It may seem complicated, but knowing the meaning of the variables makes it a lot simpler:

  • x represents the amount of Friends you are looking for. For instance, this can be as low as one (gunning straight for Momiji Inubashiri) or a couple more (some players play it safe and try to get one out of six or seven Friends).
  • y is the total amount of characters released, which in this case is 107. The reason why this is kept as a variable is to keep it consistent with future Forever Prayers. You can try doing the math yourself when the number of total Friends changes in the future!
  • z is the number of days left in the Forever Prayer. For the purpose of this exercise, this will always be 29 (assuming I begin pulling and consistently pull more). However, you can easily reapply this variable if you accidentally pull for less days or start pulling later.

The main way to minimize your risk of ending up with a Friend you did not desire is to increase x. For a personal example, with so many available Festival Friends, I will likely attempt to go for some powerful ones such as Hecatia, Nue, Yachie, or maybe even Chimata. This gives me an x-variable of 4, which when inserted into the formula gives me 0.6687, or 66.87% for an expected good outcome! Of course, increase or decrease the amount of Friends that you are fine with obtaining, as long as you are aware of the risks of getting at least one or missing them all.

Reward and Choice

When it comes to who to specifically go for on normal Forever Prayers, the most common answer for many players would be Festival Friends, and there being 30 different Festival Friends to choose from this go-around helps makes that decision more favorable. There are some very powerful choices in this selection, especially when considering the likes of Keiki, Momoyo, and Hecatia.

For the meta-minded people out there, you can always refer to Gamepress’ official Tier List (linked below) in order to figure out who is stronger compared to the other options. Don't forget to poke around the character pages as well in order to find out if the chosen Friend fills out a role you need or already have. If you're still too indecisive, you can always try obtaining a character who you do not have yet. It's another reason why Festival Friends are more favored, as they will not appear in normal Prayers until future reruns.

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