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Hi Friends! A new update has come to LostWord - and this time, it’s much bigger than normal! We’ve got huge QoL reworks, a change of how the Focus mechanic works, and even a spiffy new BGM CD - read on for more details!

AUTO Replay

This is a new feature that allows you to save a set of commands, which are automatically redone - so for example, you could Boost once with a friend, use a basic shot, then use a Last Word the next turn, and every time you refought the stage with AUTO Replay that friend would always Boost once, basic shot, and then use a Last Word on the next turn. In order to use this feature, you must first clear a stage with three stars. Make sure your setup is consistent - the AUTO Replay function will repeat your commands, but it won’t copy your RNG!

AUTO Rematch

Effectively, this is a feature that simply lets you refight a stage, over and over. You can set a number of times to fight (or even until you simply run out of Spirit Points), and the game will automatically replay the stage for you - with an option to even push your friends past the point of exhaustion, if you’re okay with purple heart friendships. This can be combined with AUTO Replay, if you wish - make your own hyper-efficient farming tactics! Or just be like me, set it to Full AUTO and AUTO Rematch, and let those sweet, sweet rewards come rolling in.

Focus Rework

A rework for all tanks has been implemented with this update! The way that Focus works now is that, in addition to its current effects of increasing the chances a Solo targeting attack will connect, it now also redistributes damage based on the Focus levels of all party members for All targeting attacks. Whilst usually this will mean a tank will take more damage and their party members will take less, as their Focus level will be higher than their teammates, this also has the additional wrinkle that Focus DOWN skills will mean a unit’s other party members will take more damage.

Other caveats to include are that the redistributed damage is based off of the target’s DEF (and as such, is redistributed before damage calculations check how much a unit will take), and that Focus will still persist for the turn a unit is put into a Full Break state - unlike other buffs, the effect does not end immediately upon Full Break (and as such, a unit with Focus Up and in a Full Break state is likely super dead!). Additionally, as damage is redistributed, and not negated, it effectively does nothing if a unit is by themselves. How can you take a hit for your Friends if you're the last one left standing?

Part Ways 100 Times at Once

The Part Ways feature has been expanded - you can now sell up to 100 Story Cards at a time. That sure is convenient, especially when your inventory is clogged after a spark!

NAЯAKA BGM CD Login Campaign

Finally, as previously mentioned, the NAЯAKA BGM CD is being given away in a new login bonus. Don’t know what the deal is? Click here for more info!

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